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Cuisine: Buffet, Chinese, Asian

Hope Buffet is a Buffet, Chinese, and Asian restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid less than $10, and tipped less than 15%.

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 Streamwood, IL

great chinese buffet restaurant

This restaurant is beautiful and nicely decorated. For a buffet style restaurant it is a nice seting. you feel you are in a classy restaurant, and would like your friends to experience the same thrill of enjoying dinning out, for lunch or dinner. There are so much to pick from on the buffet, Everything was great and tasted outstanding. The display of food was laid out very nice, and you wanted to try everything. I loved the steak and chicken dishes. The large rib steak excellent. The deserts were fantastic, so much to pick from. The manager was very friendly and personable. He did a fantastic job in making sure every one was enjoying their food and visit there. The staff was very good in making sure everything was ok. i would return to this restaurant again, and also recommend it to my friends . I read a review before this saying bad things about the restaurant and manager, I don;t think this was true. I think she had a bad day and wanted something for nothing. Great restaurant and great service. Everyone should try it and enjoy it.

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 Plainfield, IL


I waited anxiously for this buffet to open and was excited to take my family. I have been now 2 times to be fair. And now I have to say what I have found. The manager hands you over to an english speaking waitress who takes you to your table and asks what you want to drink. Mind you the rest of the ladies who bring your drinks and clear your plates don’t understand a word of english and will only respond with “Thank you” to whatever you say.

The main point is that this is a buffet and YOU the patron go and get your own plate and get your own food. You may be surprised that the drink station is right there near the food for your own convenience. In fact, I had to go to it to refill my drink as I did not get anyone to do so a second time until I was ready to leave. So to compare this Asian buffet to others I have eaten at, the price is rather high. The food seems okay, not as much variety as others, they want you to PAY extra for crablegs, and PAY a tip! I have been to others that have crablegs included in the menu price and there is no required tip as it is a self-serve buffet.

The only thing I can say different about Hope Buffet is that they have a grill, and they have some sushi. I was surprised that the patron seating area is small inside. The sushi is at room temp which is a real bacteria concern. Especially as the sushi is next to the raw meat area of the grill., scary. When I asked for fresh from the only english-speaking hostess, she went behind the sushi area and made the worst glop of sushi I ever seen in my life; just a roll of rice with 1 ingredient.

They have the standard buffet desserts. However there is no soft-serve or served ice cream so you see lots of kids digging into the ice cream barrels on their own. It is kind of disgusting. (I got sick from sushi and vomited most of the night the second time I went there.)

So yes, this is a buffet, it is self-serve, and the quality is not the best. However, you don’t expect to pay an exorbitant price in total when you leave a buffet. We ended up paying the per person price, then paying extra for crablegs, then paying a tip. When you add it all up, you could have eaten at a higher quality restaurant and actually have been served. Then you would feel better about paying your standard tip amount for it. At the end of the night these non-english speaking waitresses had huge stacks of tips piled in a box. Think about it: Have you ever paid the non-english speaking guy who brings you your water and cleared off your plates a tip? And were you required to? I asked the manager about this and he said tipping was indeed a requirement to those ladies. Wow, room temp sushi, added on costs for crablegs, serve your own food, and required to pay Hope Buffet a 15% tip on top of my dinner cost. What a rip off!

I was disappointed and personally don’t see this buffet being successful for long if they are requiring you to pay extras. You can’t nickle and dime people and require a tip for self-service. Not in this economy. Take a hint. Aldi Foods is near this place. Better to go and get $50 worth of food there and feed your family for a week. And NO tip required.

FYI- YES, the Hope Buffet manager did say tipping, even though it is a self-serve buffet, is a requirement. The table cleaners/waitresses even bring you fortune cookies on a tip plate at the end of your meal, like hint, hint, tip requested. What baloney when you check out the place. For a better night out, go to a better quality restaurant that is deserving of the price. Don’t pay a total that is top dollar for lower quality.



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 Streamwood, IL

Outstanding buffet

I have been to this restaurant 2 times and had excellent food and service. I would rate it a 4 or 5 star for sure. The people were nice , and manager extremely nice and helpful. the buffet was loaded with extremley good food. I liked it if you wanted something different you could have the chief fix it for you with would ever you wanted in the dish. I loved the chicken dishes. the desert bar was very good also. I have read a few negative reviews and I don’t think they are true. I think these people need to pay more their food and go to a more expensive restaurant, and they would probably still complain. I recommend if you want a good chinese buffet try it yourself. I think you would like it. Alot of food for the price, I think people should leave a little tip ,its not a drive thru.



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 Plainfield, IL


I love hope buffet, it is by far the best buffet i had ever been to. It is a very good restaurant for familys and partys. I went there with my family and thinking to try something new, so we pick the newly open buffet. The variety of foods amazed me and how good and tasty they were. Unlike the other buffets Hope buffet’s food was warm and freshly made. I have 4 kids and they are very pickey with there food but since there was such a variety they all had pickedout something they liked. After the meal there was spectacular dessert that were healthy and tasty. From fruits to cakes to icecream. Best of all the cost was defiently reasonable for such great food


everything is amazingly good with great mouth watering apitizers to desserts

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 Plainfield, IL

love this place!

this is one of the best chinese buffet restaurants i’ve ever been to. there is so many dishes to choose from. my favorite is the fried rice, lo mein noodles and sesame chicken. there is still so many i havent tried yet and im looking forward to it. cant wait to go back!

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 Naperville, IL


Even if the food is really dry, you can always ask the manager to tell the chefs to remake the dishes. I remember that I had to complain a couple times and the food was terrific. Plus there’s over 120 different flavors of dishes! (I counted) There’s veggies, chicken, beef, pork, lo mein, rice, noodles, other that I haven’t even try. I wasn’t even halfway through my food and I was nearly full! I think the price isn’t high at all.
Everything is included in the meal such as soda, tea, coffee, cappuccino, and hot chocolate. They serve 8 different kinds of ice cream flavors. A Mongolian grill and a sushi bar If the sushi is too warm, the chef will remake it with toppings that YOU want. Of course, they want you to pay a tip, I mean which restaurant doesn’t? But you only need to PAY a tip if you want to. I’ve met the manager before, Mike I believe, and he was a very cheerful person. I’ve seen someone found a hair in their food before but Mike was terribly sorry and immediately gave their money back or gave them a discount.

This restaurant is extremely friendly and they care about their customers the best. I can tell. The environment is comfortable and homey. I love the lights. They guarantee that they use 100% corn oil so it’s extremely healthy. I personally think that it’s a great buffet but needs some changes with the waitresses. I just love the homey environment, the great-tasting food, and the friendly people that are there!

Lunch Buffet

The food was a little dry but they especially remade it for me. It made me feel happy and special inside!

House Special Steak

It was included in the buffet, and it was my FAVORITE dish. I begged for the recipe but they just won’t trust me with a tiny secret. The steak was so chewy and their special sauce was AMAZING! I’d never forget the taste.

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 Plainfield, IL


I took time deciding if I was going to try out this new place. A few family members had mentioned driving by as it was opening.

Since I don’t really try new places on a whim, I decided to check out some of these online reviews. A lady wrote how great it was and how the manager is this, and like a gullible person, I believed it. Like someone mentioned to me, I should have not put it past someone who works there to write there own reviews to try to steer people to this place. Trust me, when I mentioned I read an online review to one of the young females who spoke english, she told me “oh no we don’t require extras.” She even went on to say she saw the reviews herself and had written a positive review herself. WRITTEN ONE HERSELF???!!

The place is small and recently built. The staff smiles, as I would too if I knew what they knew. The food is simple and varied. but I am afraid it stays out too long. Yes, they did charge extra for crablegs. The sushi looked flat. I passed on it. Something I rarely do.

The negative is that there were too many kids for my taste picking all over the buffet. I really can’t rate this place too highly because it was chaotic that night. People are walking everywhere to get their food. Kids are going back and forth unescorted. I had to be careful not to trip over one. The manager was all over the place as he is almost the only english speaking person there. I almost feel sorry for the guy. The other staff of non-english speaking Chinese ladies are smiling against the back wall and watching to see who is leavings, so they can bring a tray for a tip request. I did not like this one bit. The atmosphere is not reserved, you need to get your own food and drinks, pay extra, and deal with this obligatory tip, that mind you, they say you don’t have to pay as it is a self-serve. So now that I have been, I would not take my family here anytime soon.

And NO I did not tip when I already paid close to $20 just get up and serve myself. I never tipped at an Old Country Buffet where I got my own plate and drinks, so why would I tip at a China Buffet? Do they think we’re stupid? This is not some fancy restaurant downtown with a maitre’d and hostess. This is a buffet.

And to add one last thing, before I wrote this review now, I read the previous review again. What piqued my curiosity is the the one named LADY who wrote twice. And is it just me, or does LADY not seem objective? This LADY demands tip. Who is this LADY? That is where I smell the fish and it ain’t sushi. I will be taking the the advice of family and friends from now one who actually went someplace. Not some online LADY. And I will be telling my family and friends to avoid this one for now.

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 Hoffman Estates, IL

great food

the food was great and the service was fantastic. so much food to choose from I got full and wasnt even close to trying everythig! I tried the mongolian chicken, lo mein noodles,fried rice, and beef and chicken it was fantastic. my friend is a vegetarian there were so many dishes to choose from. all sorts of vege’s and stir fry dishes. it made it easy for everyone. manager was also helpful customizing a few dishes for us. I would definatly go back.

Lunch Buffet


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 Hinsdale, IL

Nice close-by buffet :)

I’m not going to over-praise this buffet, but it definitely does not deserve some of the horrible comments listed below. The people there are actually really nice, and the variety of food is good. The atmosphere is pretty loud, but you have to keep in mind you’re in a buffet and talking just as loudly as everyone else. Food is average and pretty expected for a chinese buffet, but there are a few dishes that stand out more than others. Vegetarian dishes are available (and taste pretty good in my opinion :) and meats are well cooked and flavorful.

As for the tips, what most people don’t understand is a lot of restaurants do not actually pay their waiters/waitresses, or pay minimum wage. Spare them some change and don’t complain because they work hard to keep the buffet clean and in order, and actually do serve you even if you don’t seem to notice.

**Referring to a previous review, I do actually tip at Old Country Buffet, because the waiters clear off your dishes and clean up etc.



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 Plainfield, IL

Food Poisoning Central

The first thing I tried was off the “Salad Bar”. I ate a bite of the crab salad and immediately knew it was spoiled. I informed the waitress, but all she could say was “so sorry about that”. I tried to get past that, but the rest of the food was greasy and really poor. It all had a sort of “off” taste to it. I just know I’m going to get sick off this place. STAY AWAY!


Spolied food.

joanie109 photo


 Bolingbrook, IL

Everything was Great!

$9.95 all you can eat. all drinks included and crab legs are an extra $3.99. They brought a huge plate of crablegs that were very good. All the food was very good and tons of choices to pick from. Also has Sushi and a grill that they will make you whatever you want. Servers remove plates quickly and kept our drinks full. Jalepeno Chicken was my favorite. Will go back again! Highly recommend this for the money!

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 Woodridge, IL


I’ve read the reviews and the only thing I can say is the negative ones weren’t eating at this Buffet! I’ve eaten at a lot of Chinese Buffets and this is by far one of the best! However, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would definitely recommend this. The manager was extremely courteous and the waitresses were lovely. They constantly refilled our drinks and we never had to look for them for service.

The food is wonderful and very hot and fresh. The restaurant was so clean and bright, I was amazed. I also thought it was extremely reasonable. The only thing that would prevent me from going more often is that I live in Woodridge. However, my best friend lives in Plainfield so we will definitely be going whenever I visit her!

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 Naperville, IL

Why be hatin?

I thought this place was awesome. I researched it a litlte bit before going, because just based on the sign outside, I couldn’t figure out what kind of restaurant it was. I was HOPING it would be a good place. There were some negative reviews, but that kind of made me want to try it out for myself. So, after much coaxing, (they read the reviews too) I got my fiance and a friend to come with me – and we all really liked it! We’ll be back for sure, as I’m always up for a good chinese buffet. We went at about 8:30pm on a Friday, and they close at 9:30, but all the food was still very fresh and hot. Everything tasted great – even some stuff that I don’t usually like, I found was pretty good here. And yeah, it’s a family place, so there were kids kicking the back of my seat, but for $10 on a weekend it’s a pretty good deal.

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 Plainfield, IL

NICE AND CLEAN, I definitely recommend friends to this place

I was there on Mother’s Day with my folks, 6 of us, we all love it.
I definitely recommend friends to this restaurant.
First, I walk into a nice and clean place, well, it is a brand new building, obviously, and it got to be clean.
They were BUSY!
You need to pay first, $10 per person and you will find out how much GOOD foods they have on their buffet table for $10 ONLY…. OMG!!! This is too good to be true. They have my favor sesame ck, sweet and sour ck, black pepper beef, Chinese soft noodles, ck and garlic sauce, beef broccoli, crab Rangoon, hot and sour soup, Mongolian stir fries and much more………….
Plus cappuccinos and ice cream….
The manager was absolutely friendly and professional like.
The service was outstanding, the waitress all has good smiling and spoke English.
OMG, spend $10 bucks only and you got all these!!!
And there are a lot more…..
C’mon dog, just for these already worth more than 4 STARS.
I think it is a little bit too personal to rate this place poor (I read some of the reviews).

Black Pepper BEEF, Sesame Chicken, Crab Rangoon.....


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 Naperville, IL

NOT GOOD, did not meet my expectations at all.

MY ADVICE: I only recommend it if you are really hungry, even then, don’t let them sit you near loud customers. Ask to be moved, and if the manager balks then threaten to leave. It is not worth it to be seated next to the kind of crowd I was seated near. And most importantly, tell them you’ll pass on them bringing you the drinks. This is a must: get the drink yourself like you do the food to save on the “tip game” they play on you at the end for a few dollars more. I wish I had read these reviews earlier. I could have saved myself the hassle and a few bucks.

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 Plainfield, IL


We found a HUGE hair in an egg roll. I presented the egg roll to the manager immediately. He REFUSED to refund our money and told us “that happens sometimes.” I was absolutely stunned that he thought that was an acceptable response or rationale. He then accused us of switching tables, I guess he thought we were trying to scam a free meal or something! I hadn’t even taken but 3 bites of my dinner and we had only been there about 20 minutes. VERY POOR customer service. I HOPE this restaurant goes out of business soon before someone gets something worse in their food than just a hair! Very disgusting! I definitely give this place a POOOORRR rating!



April 7, 2010

Great Buffet

Great asian buffet. The prices are reasonable and a lot better quality than most chinese restaurants in the area. The building looks new, and you can tell they care about cleanliness and maintaing good hygiene. My only gripe is that on…

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