Kiki's Restaurant and the Gravity Tavern

Kiki's Restaurant and the Gravity Tavern is a restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid more than $50, and tipped more than 18%.

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  • 6/03/2017

    A dining patron from US tried it.

  • 5/14/2014

    A food lover from Ashburn, VA tried it.

  • 4/07/2013

    A diner from Manchester, NH tried it and liked it.

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 Milford, NH

New Boston Foodie

New Boston Foodie

I see you have only reviewed one restaurant on your profile and I see is it Kiki’s. Judging by that and your rudeness and detailed info I would say it’s safe to say you just have some animosity or a personally vendetta against the establishment or staff. I am not trying to make waves with any one I just also own a small family business and also frequent the restaurant so I am sympathetic to the accusation of rude ignorant people.

Son do young people not have a place in the business world and do you know them well enough to say they are inexperience further more do you know their jobs well enough to know they don’t poses the proper knowledge? The Chef isn’t in the kitchen? Yes he frequents the floor and guest but that shows top notch service, he is one of three bodies the run the kitchen of course he is on the line its not a corporate babysitting chain restaurant. O and real Chefs comment… He worked at THE BVI for Three Years as a Sous Chef.

As for a nice dining experience close to home. I also live in New Boston and I enjoy Damien’s on the River as well what you have a vendetta against then too, and just haven’t had time to publicly embarrass then and attack their lively hood?

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 Manchester, NH

Dont Go!

On a recent visit to KIKI’S in New Boston, NH which used to be the Goffstown Tavern. I’m not sure about other people here in NH. I guess sometimes I would just like a good restaurant locally. My friend and I ate out 3 times this month. And well. Where’s Hells Kitchen show when you need one!
Here goes. As we found KIKI’S, we said oh we’ve been here before, which was the Goffstown, Tavern which was slightly better than here. We parked, still dirt parking lot, went in, we were seated where the waitiresses hang out, with the water glasses and serving station, and the runway. They need to just get rid of the two tables that are there. Our waitiress Noelle, fineally came. Asked if we wanted anything to drink. I was cold since all the fans were on for the running waitresses… I asked for Coffee and Bailey’s. Big mug, but not filled to the top. Didnt ask if I wanted whip cream. So we proceeded to order. We asked for an apetizier of the Crab dip. Which that was flavorful with the wontons on the side. She didnt ask is to here the specials of the evening. However, we forgot as well. And we only heard them from the people behind us. Oh well.
So I asked for the beet salad, and my friend asked for the clam chowder. Both lacked salt or pepper. Seasoning makes a differeince. Not here. Very bland. And disappointing presentation on the salad. The Danburry Inn Makes excellent beet salad should ask for there recipe! Clam chowder also was bland. I ordered the lighter fare the mac n cheese. I make my own. Sometimes I like to see how other restaurants make theres. My friend ordered the meat loaf dinner. Noelle asked if I wanted everything out at once.I thought that was strange. Since it’s a table for two. Where would she put the dishes. And since ordering from the later fare. I would think that would be treated like a regular dinner. Apetizer first, Salad, than dish. She fineally got the hint. NO… Very quick in also removing all the dishes as well even if we were not finished with them. The mac n cheese came for$11.00. When I make it at home. mac always comes out nice and bubbly and brown. Not here. Dishes were hot, however, this is clearly pre-made pasta, bread crumbs pre-toasted. which is ok,if the dish came out of the oven. NO just sprinkiled on top with some parsley. No cheese, some white sauce, Lack of flavor. Had to use salt and pepper. Which I rarely use at home. Since cooking w/sea salt. I ate maybe a 1/4 of it. My friend said the same thing on her meat loaf. bland in taste. No flavor. Noelle never asked if we would like any bread, another waitiress actually brought our dinners and I asked her. If they had any. Bread was chewey and in pieces. So we thought we would try desert. SInce they said came from a local bakery. I think that if restaurants purchase bake goods outside, they should adveritse for them, that to me is poor relations. So we decided to go ahead and see what they had.Couldnt be any worse than our meal. I ordered the cheese cake with so called strawberries. and my friend ordered the peanut butter pie. She did like hers. I asked Noelle if there were actually strawberries. Seems to me that everywhere we go. The chefs or cooks slice one strawberry which willl make you think there is more than one strawberry. She really didnt know. however, she said maybe its more of a sauce. Still giving consumers less for there money. So the cheese cake came. was actually very good from this local bakery.However, the strawberries, were only slivers. 3 I might add. Very small. I left them there. Our dinner came to almost $70.00
We gave 15% tip. I"m sorry. Pretty mutch all our restaurants are trying to be the Boston area. However, they need to get going on presentation skills, and taste. I dont mind paying bucks for dinner… But since everying is $$ these days. Forget it… There lucky they got one star. My friend and I usually try the 3 times your out rule. But I dont think that this is worth the drive out to New Boston. We did pass Daniells on the way. We ate there a few months ago. That was almost a 4 star. The Danburry Inn up north. Which is a bit a ways from Manchester, I give him 4 stars. I think Hells Kitchen should come to New Hampshire, and see what he thinks. KIKI’s Doesnt send me to go back there.

Mac N Cheese

See above review no star rating. Poor, no flavor. Presented ok, but lacked any flavor. Maybe if we try a 2nd time around things might be different.

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 Weare, NH

Glad we finally stopped in...

My husband and I live in Weare and usually drive to Manchester to dine at establishments such as Cotton, CR Sparks or XO on Elm. We also really enjoy the Common Man Concord or Merrimack. We wish a decent place would open in Weare, but that is not likely. When we first moved to Weare, the New Boston Tavern had just closed and I thought it a shame. The place seemed a little run down and I assumed the menu was very meat and potatoes like the other restaurants in the Goffstown area – and being a vegetarian and having previously lived in Portsmouth, Portland Maine and NY, I am a food snob. However, I really dislike driving all the way to Manchester to grab a bite. When Kiki’s first opened I was very impressed by what they had done to the outside of the facility, however, there was no website where I could preview the menu. I like to make sure there is something for me to eat before I head to a restaurant. Well, the husband and I were getting ready to go to Firefly in Manchester, but it was a little later in the evening and I thought I would chek to see if Kikis had published a website – and they did so we headed there. I really loved the inside of the place, the table settings were nice. We ordered some red wine and the brie right off the bat. The wine glasses had a nice deep, wide bowl and the amount of wine poured was quite sufficient. The brie was served with toasted crackers, sugared pecans, honeycomb and preserves and it was topped with rosemary which had also been toasted – it was absolutey enjoyable. For our meals, I had the butternut squash ravioli, the small size, and husband had the rib eye. My portion for a small was quite satisfying and tasty and the husband’s meal was very hearty – he had to have half packed to go. My husband only enjoys about 1 out of 3 meals he has out and he liked the ribeye, which is strange, he usually orders fish. It was late on a Thursday so the place was quiet, some folks in the bar and only two other dining parties – both of whom were really enjoying there visit. One group asked the waitress to give there compliments to the chef – they were from Toronto. We finished our meal with apple crisp a la mode and hot toddies, the serving was generous and delicious. The hot toddies were excellent (I had a terrible one at XO on Elm not too long ago). Our server was great and we really enjoyed our visit. I am very excited to have this place 5 mins from my house – great place to stop in at the bar for a glass of wine with the brie! If you are a meatloaf and mac n cheese type of person, you may not have a pallette developed to appreciate a hint of rosemary here and there. Otherwise, you should really check this place out. I hope they do well and stickaround for a LONG TIME.

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Just as good as the Common Mans, but the Butternut Squash Ravioli at Cotton is a bit more creative.

Rib Eye

Husband does not usually eat red meat, but he said this was really good and he really enjoyed the brussels sprouts and sweet potatoe planks. Portion size was suprisingly large.

Crisped Brie

Loved it!!

Apple Crisp

Better than Moms makes – sorry Mom!

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 Henniker, NH

I had a great meal!

I ate at Kiki’s this evening on the way home. I was traveling alone just looking for a good meal and not out looking for a gourmet experience.
I travel quite a bit and have dined in a bunch of well known and highly rated restaurants. I can not remember a meal as good as the one I had at Kiki’s this evening.
Between the BLT salad, and the exotic pork chop with basmati rice and edamame main course, I enjoyed a wonderful combination of flavors. The ingredient quality was excellent, the presentation was excellent and the service was excellent. The waitress, Jessie, was pleasant, efficient, timely, and did a great job.
I have read some of the other poor reviews and wonder if we were at the same place!
I recommend Kiki’s for any foodee who wants to try really well prepared food served well and not priced out of sight. As far as I am concerned based on my one visit this is one of the best restaurants in New Hampshire!

Hibiscus Glazed Pork Chop

The combination of flavors was outstanding. The pork chop was very high quality to begin with, and pleasantly marinated, cooked to perfection and glazed with a sauce that was pleasant without being overpowering.
The rice with bits of scallion and the steamed edamame complimented it beautifully.

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 New Boston, NH

Had high hopes!!

Hoping for a local restaurant that could provide something for the whole family a few times per month or more. Well our hopes dwindled fast after the first visit. As the best way to judge a new restaurant is eating a simple menu item like a cheeseburger then try other items. The order for the family was the Cheeseburger, New England Bouillabaisse, Macaroni and Cheese. Out of the meal the only thing that was consumed was the Cheeseburger and the desserts. The Pork Bouillabaisse actually tasted like beef stew that had a very high salt content. The Mac and Cheese had no flavor. The cost of the meal if it was all edible was not bad, but throwing most of it out came to about $30 per person. The building is nice, but being a restaurant, what you really do need is good food. Without new chefs I expect them to be selling the restaurant off soon.

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 Concord, NH

Great new restaurant

Kiki’s and the gravity tavern is a wonderful addition to the NH restaurant scene. The restaurant is upscale enough to feel like a special indulgence (without being overpriced), while the tavern provides a laid back setting for a drink with friends. The decor in the restored barn is beautiful with tasteful settings and tables tucked into various corners and floors so that every table has some privacy and you never notice how big the restaurant actually is. The service was professional and fast.

The restaurant has a great new wine list, and between my friends and I we tried many great dishes. We started with an amazingly rich and flavorful crab dip and could have easily filled up on just that and the delicious wine and bread, but there was much more to come. The beet salad was fresh and flavorful. Main dishes ordered at the table were the thyme crusted scallops, prime rib, and New England Bouillabasse and they were all delicious. Desert is provided by a local baker and the key lime cheese cake was amazing. This restaurant is a great addition to New Boston and truly worth the trip.

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 New Boston, NH

Great food, Nice place to eat

Tonight we had the opportunity to eat at Kiki’s Restaurant in New Boston. The new owners have done a superb job renovating the old Molly Stark Tavern keeping much of what was good about the space and adding their own special touches. We were planning on just stopping by for a glass of wine but the nightly specials on the menu looked so enticing we decided to stay for dinner.

My husband and I shared two appetizers and an entrée. The first appetizer was Tuna Two Ways. Three strips of Tuna Tartar, served over a delicious curried Tuna Salad. Add dressed greens, and a creamy dill sauce; it was fabulous. We also had a Spring Roll, a light wrap filled with fresh vegetables, wonderfully prepared. The wrapper was a perfect, highlighting the crunchy vegetables.

For our main course, we split an Asian style barbequed pork chop served with bok choy and a very flavorful rice.

The service was fantastic. Kerry, our waitress was attentive and friendly. The other wait staff, Iris and Noelle were also very warm and nice as they passed by our table.

The wine by the glass was reasonably priced and very good.

Our experience at Kiki’s was just what we were looking for. Really good food, in a warm and inviting atmosphere, with nice aesthetics. Good job.

NewBostonfoodie photo


 New Boston, NH

Looks can be deceiving

Being a fairplay kinda guy the mrs and I gave Kiki’s three tries and sadly they struck out looking!

The place is very well done, the interior warm and homey, the folks are all freindly but the service is poor, if not outright incompetent.
The real villain here is the food, terrible from the microwaved “duck wings” with the ice cold bone to the mushy faux crab rangoon dip. Kudos though for the deep fried brie we saw someone enjoying at the table next to ours.
Our salads were bland, I might as well have bought a bag of dole spring mix at sams club and poured on the newmans balsamic vinagrette.
One evening we ordred the wasabi fish and chips, undercooked fish with a pasty batter. The wasabi sauce was tepid, fries were obviously frozen (really folks how hard is it to make your own fries?)
Did I mention my draft beer was flat? This speaks to the general inexperience of all working here.
We waited far too long for service, again for drinks, even longer for silverware and had to ask twice for glasses of water.
The place was busy but not that busy .
Third night out much the same as above skipped the bland appetizers, chowder was nothing special nor even very good but the entree, this is where the rubber meets the road.
A $22 pan seared cod about the size of a deck of cards, cooked to a rubbery consistency laying demoralized over a gleaming bed of plain old white rice?
White rice?
Did I just pay $22 for white fish on white rice? Plating was on par with high school cafeteria lunch lady standards, that is an ice cream scoop lump of white rice in the middle with protein on top.
No garnish, sauce,glaze, side of braised greens or anything else to indicate the chef has a creative bone in his body.
Bland and boring but priced in the interesting and innovative range.
Local breads and desserts were good. Drinks are pricey and the bar lacks any signature drinks.
If you want to spend 50-100 per couple for dinner (with drinks) drive to Manchester “Z”,Cotton, Hanover Chop House, Richard’s Bistro, real chefs making really good food.

2goldman photo


 Concord, NH

Kiki's Restaurant and Gravity Bar

Sorry to rain on your parade, NH Dude, but I have to agree with Dancer Lizzy on this one. Have been to this restaurant several times with the same result—the food is not bad, it is just plain bland. I think I’ve given it enough of a chance, and I will not be going there again either. I don’t think you have to worry about two bad reviews, though, because there were still plenty of customers the night I was there. Also to second her recommendation of the Inn at Danbury—this chef really knows how to cook!! I was served a carrot/beet salad in lieu of a typical garden salad, and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten hands down, even though no chocolate was involved! You just can’t be in a hurry if you go there because he personally makes everything to order, from scratch. I wish more restaurants would follow his lead.


I have made better meatloaf myself, and I’m no cook. They need to stop using that sauce that I’ve had before on one of their chicken dishes, and now on the meatloaf and referred to as “gravy”. Just not good.

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