Mark Anthony's Italian Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian, Home Cooking, Pasta

Mark Anthony's Italian Restaurant is a Italian, Home Cooking, and Pasta restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped between 15% to 18%.

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    While Italian cuisine involves many meats, cheeses, seafood, and vegetables, most of us associate Italian cuisine first and foremost with pasta. Pasta comes in many shapes and sizes, and each more

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 Bluffdale, UT

Its getting better

I’m not a restaurant owner, or a relative or friend of the owner so I will give my honest opinion comparing to some of the comments left by friends or family of the restaurant owner. My wife & I had the same experience some of you had. My first experince I had was horrible service during the grand opening. I think thats to be expected at a grand opening but then I had good service in other restaurants during their grand opening. The food was ok. I just wish the service was better. We came in the second time last week and the service was much better and the food was better. You can’t really go wrong openning a restaurant in the area. The location is booming with new homes and they really need to open eating establishments in the area. They opened a couple of Chinese restaurants and a Mexican restaurant in the area and both are doing well. I wish Mark Anthony’s Restaurant well and really need to take comments in here as an experience on where you can improve rather than an insult. People are just expressing their experience and you need to learn from it to improve your service. Good luck and have a nice day. I’ll see you next time I dine.



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 San Jose, CA

Just OK

Just visiting relatives from California and took my neice to dinner. It was ok. Nothing fancy or special about the food but I did like the bread stick. It was a little slow that day so service wasn’t an issue.

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 Bluffdale, UT

Lousy Service

I have lived in Italy for many years so I was excited that an Itlian Restaurant opened near my neighborhood in Riverton/Bluffdale area so I decided to check it out. I have to say this was by far the worse Italian food I have ever had. Unfortunately the service was even worse. My wife and I sat down for 16 minutes before we finally had help. It took the waiter over 15 minutes to get us our drinks. At first maybe we figured it was just because it was the grand opening so we decided to come back the second time a month later and we experience the same thing. I have dined in a places in which the food was lousy but had good service so people would come back because of the great service. In Mark Anthony’s Restaurant you pay for both bad service and the lousy food. It is definitely not worth comming back. I have heard similar stories from others. What a shame, we need a good Italian Restaurant in the area. I give the restaurant half a star for service and food and I think I’m beeing too generous.

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 De Ronde Venen, UT

2nd time visit

Better but the service is still not that great. 2nd time is the last. Thanks anyway.

Spagetti with meat sauce

Just ok.

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 De Ronde Venen, UT

Fair Raiting

The food wasn’t too bad. The atmosphere wasn’t too bad. I would probably go back just because I have fun dining with friends in the area. There are other Italian Restaurants in Utah in which I have dined that are better so I give it a fair rating. Thanks

Chicken Parmesan


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 Bountiful, UT

Fair Rating

Living in San Diego most of my life dining in various Italian Restaurants, I give Mark Anthony a Fair Rating. The food was just plain for me and the sauce wasn’t that special but I did take my wife and 2 kids for dinner. The service was a bit slow so I cant say that the service was good. It seems like people that had good service their eighter knew someone that work at Mark Anthonys or friends with the owner so I’m sure they received better service. I didn’t get that but I will probably go back. I know how hard it is to start a restaurant but service is definitely important to me. No excuse for bad service so I also understand why some are dissapointed. The food wasn’t that bad but it could be better. Macaroni Grill definitely has better food. We definitely need more restaurants in Riverton & Heriman. People need to eat outside Utah & outsde the U.S. if you want to really compair to other restaurants. I might come back just to see if the service and food has gotten better. My brother is a food critic in L.A. I might take him out their for his opinion.

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

fair. The bread stick was different

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 Riverton, UT

Lousy service

I wish Riverton has a good Italian Restaurant close by because I have to agree with Paolo. The food is not that good for the price. Bread stick on a bread? Different but not that great. I guess the Restaurant uses this as a promotion to attract customers. I"m giving the SERVICE a 1/2 a star and the food a 1 star rating. And I’m being nice. I noticed the servers would service local customers that are friends better than regular customers.

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 Bluffdale, UT

I agree with Paolo

I have to agree with Paolo. I took my family to Mark Anthonys in Riverton. The service really sucks and I pretty much had the same experience. My advice is, if you really want good Italian food, pay a little bit more for quality and go somewhere else. I definitely will not go back.

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 Riverton, UT

mark anthony's

I don’t know what you guys are thinking. I loved the restaraunt. I mean sure the service needs a little help but give them a brake they opened in May and are training all new waiters and waitresses that have never done it before. The owner himself comes out to check on the patrons and to make sure that you’re satisfied. so if you had a problem tell him… The prices are great for the food and only one item is priced over 12.00 and that is a rib eye. They have had a food critic come in and tell them that they had good food and that their prices need to be higher. It is a family oriented restaraunt and priced as such. My food has NEVER been cold nor has it been dry. Maybe it’s not exactly like the big food chains but that is their character, just because it’s not what you’re used to does not mean it isn’t good……

fetticcini alfredo

flavorful and different

seafood raviolis

this is my personal favorite.

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 South Jordan, UT

Manager/Owner needs Customer Service Training

My Wife and I ate there this evening spending 56 dollars plus Tip and I must say they left a Bad taste in my Mouth. It was not from the Food but the way that they mistreated their Customer. This mistreatment came from “you”, the Owner, Mrs Mark Anthony.

We accidentally left our leftover boxes at our Table (which as you stated happens often) but less than 10 minutes we came back as we live Local. You threw them out without setting them aside. This you stated was your common procedure and that no one comes back. Well Surprise Surprise, We Came Back!!! As a Local Suburban Restaurant you should think that people might come back. Did I mention that we had a Plentiful amount of Food Leftover; a 1/2 12oz Ribeye Steak and Cobb Salad. A Simple Sorry would have been Sufficient not a Smug Reply.

I was not expecting you to refund us our money nor give me a new plate, but your lacksidasical Attitude toward me was Just So Astounding, 30 yrs in Business???
Shame on you! As the Owner you should hold the highest standards for Customer Service and should set the example to your Staff.
Now it doesn’t surprise me to why your Restaurant did not have a wait line. Blue Fish, Wing Nuts, Red Robin all overflowing with Business.
As we enjoyed our Dinner at Mark Anthony’s in the Past we decided to patronize your restaurant again. No more and never again! I’d rather wait 2 hrs then see your Smug Face Again.

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 Herriman, UT

Deseret news critic Stacey Kratz gave 3 1/2 stars out of 4

Mark Anthony’s is an oasis of locally owned charm and quality amid the sea of chain eateries that dominate Riverton’s restaurant options.
This restaurant serves up lovingly made, high-quality Italian food with plenty of unique twists, at a price point that is significantly lower than I expected. Plus, the atmosphere is airy and pleasant, and the service is attentive and cheerful.

Our group of five adults and one noisy 2-year-old visited Mark Anthony’s for lunch on a recent weekday, after some other lunch plans fell through. Boy, were we glad they did, from the moment our appetizer platter arrived hot and toasty in the middle of our table.

We had the combination appetizer, an option that lets diners choose three appetizers from Mark Anthony’s menu. We had the sausage-stuffed mushrooms, the hot spinach and artichoke dip and the bruschetta, each in a little dish, surrounded by warm, buttery little toasts. The mushrooms and dip were beautifully browned, and the bruschetta topping ruby-red, fragrant and cool.

The dip, spread on toast, was creamy, musky and showed off the flavors of the vegetables, while each mushroom was a rich, not-at-all-greasy little bite of meaty heaven. But my favorite was the bruschetta topping, with perfectly ripe tomatoes and lots of garlic and herbs
We all had salad, a big bowl served family style with fresh greens, croutons and lots of veggies, including black olives. With mine I had a little cup of the house Italian vinaigrette, simple and deliciously sour. And we all enjoyed Mark Anthony’s breadsticks, crisp-crusted braided rolls served hot on actual wooden sticks, but they were a particular favorite with my 2-year-old son, who ate almost two of them in addition to his spaghetti with marinara sauce and a big, savory meatball.

My husband had a beautiful chicken Parmesan, a thinly breaded breast of juicy chicken with melted mozzarella and a mound of spaghetti with marinara on the side. My little brother, after some persuasion, had and loved his first calzone, a crisp and chewy crust rolled over sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and Italian beef with cheese and pesto, plus a bowl of marinara for dipping.

My dad had the classic fettuccine alfredo, which might be where Mark Anthony’s quality really shone. This was real alfredo sauce, simple and milky and rich, topped with sliced chicken and with several steamed spears of bright-green broccoli set on top.

My mom and I went with seafood, she choosing the tender, saffron-colored ravioli stuffed with crab and ladled with alfredo, and me the “Italian style” shrimp scampi, tender and sweet shrimp sauteed with garlic, green peppers and squash, served over angel-hair pasta in a cream sauce with just a hint of lemon. Boy, was it delicious: light, filling, piquant and creamy, with every element done right

For dessert, we shared a square of tiramisu redolent of espresso and mascarpone and the delicately crusted mixed berry cobbler with deeply flavored berries and vanilla-bean ice cream on top.
Appetizers $1.99-$10.99, soup and salad $3.99-$8.99, lunch pastas $7.59-$9.79, lunch entrees $8.75-$19.99, sandwiches $6.99, pastas and entrees $9.89-$19.99, kids’ meals $4.99, desserts $5.59-$7.89.

Mark Anthony’s

Rating: 3 1/2 stars
Where: 3956 W. 13400 South, Riverton
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sunday, noon-8 p.m.
Payment: Major credit cards accepted
Phone: 253-1731
Wheelchair access: Easy
Also: Catering available
Stacey Kratz is a freelance writer who reviews restaurants for the Deseret News. E-mail: [email protected]



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 Herriman, UT


I was so excited to see new growth come out to the Riverton/ Herriman area! We havent had much selection out here. I have been now three seperate times. Once was after the opening, the second was about a month later and the third was about eight months later. I went every time in DIRE hopes that things would improve. The service is ALWAYS crap and the food is pretty dull. The calzone is the only thing that I have ever had thats OK. Im really disappointed because I have met the owner and I really like them. I think that they are a really nice family- its too bad that I wont be back.



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 Herriman, UT

Terrific Family Restaurant

We love this restaurant. We visit at least once a week for family dinners.

I have tried a lot of the different main dishes, and while the lasagna is still my favorite, I have not been disappointed by any of the others.

This restaurant is very kid freindly and caters to the family. My daughter loves the fun kids menu and the activities that are included.

Make sure to ask you server for the dessert specials that aren’t on the menu. We tried the peach cobbler and it was delecious!!!


So filling and delicious!!!

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 Salt Lake City, UT

Good Times

I first tried Mark Anthony’s on the opening day and I must admit my Calzone came out and was not quite done. I told my server and she brought me a new one and the owner came out and apologized and took the item off my bill. He also gave me free dessert! I decided to try the place again because of the great service and it was awesome the next go round! I have gone back several times and I recommend it to all of my family and friends!!!!



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 Riverton, UT

Great Food, Friendly Staff

I have been to Mark Anthony’s several times and we always look forward to coming back. From our first time going on their grand opening day to our last meal last Tuesday, the meals have been nothing but excellent. We love the choices on the menu. They are lighter and tastier than comparable fare at chains like Johnny Carino’s and Olive Garden.

The staff is always anxious to make sure your time with them is enjoyable and the manager always stops by to have a friendly word.

My favorite is the lasagne. I’ve never had better anywhere and I’ve learned that it is a guarded family recipe. If you haven’t tried it, you certainly should. It’s a gem when it comes to all the big chain restaurants.


I’ve never had better lasagne anywhere. This lasagne is light and very tasty. Not like the dense bricks of lasagne you find at other chains.

bread sticks

Bread sticks are actually light fluffy rolls served on sticks! They come warm from the oven, lightly topped with butter and are very good. Don’t fill up on them or you won’t be hungry for dinner!

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 Herriman, UT

Pretty good

I loved the atmosphere and thought they did a nice job with the decor. The food is good, Love the breadsticks served hot on sticks although the meat and marinara sauces could use some work. The meat sauce seperates and leaves a pile of meat on top of water that settles at the bottom of your plate. They have the desserts right. I have not had any issues with service and am impressed with the friendly, attractive employees. It is a fun family restaurant that could use a little work on some of its sauces. I never understand this because it is not more expensive to change a recipe and work it out. Go on a weeknight or for lunch and you will get right in.

Baked Apple Crisp

Loved it. Fresh apples and you can tell it was made in the restaurant.

Spagetti with meat sauce

Dissapointing sauce flavor and consistancy. This is a basic menu item that you have to get right.

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 South Jordan, UT

I though the food was very good

I too have been to Italy and in fact have traveled around the world and have eaten in 5 star restaurants as well as at street side vendors. My husband had salad and soup and I had the combo which included the seafood ravioli, lasagna, and fettucine alfredo. The seafood ravioli with its rich sauce reminded me of the seafood ravioli that I ate at a five star restaurant in Phukett, Thailand. The food tasted very good. The service was prompt and friendly and very accomodating to my particular wants. The atmosphere wasn’t as charming as some places I’ve been but it is conveniently located. Overall it was a good experience. My husband and I plan on returning and trying other dishes sooner than later. I would recommend this restaurant to my friends and family.

seafood raviolis

Great taste, delicate flavor, delicious sauce


Very tasty and cheesy.

fetticcini alfredo

Very creamy with a nice taste. The pasta was perfectly cooked, not soggy

bread sticks

light and delicious homemade bread. Fun way to deliver on a skewer.

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 West Jordan, UT

Great Italian Food

My experience at Marks was great. The service was great (our waitress was so nice), and the food was truly fantastic. I had the Lazagna (which was about four inches tall), and my girlfriend had the seafood raviolis. She loved them. Not to mention the wonderful breadsticks that came out with the salad…yummmmmm. So good! They were honstly the best that I’ve had here in Salt Lake. I cant name one place that has better breadsticks. We had a great experience. And I’ve recommended Marks Anthony’s to all of my friends and family.
This is the place to go if you like good breadsticks.


Great Italian Food

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 Herriman, UT

It is all about your awareness and attitude

Okay, I relize that I am coming from my own personal perspective which is based on my own lifes experiance and attitude. Which with whoever you are is subjective. Your opinion is yours and trying so hard to make it someone elses can be so limiting and close minded. I am the designer for Mark Anthonys and have myself put and watched the owners put a years worth of hard work into this place. This restaurant was created to be cozy, family friendly and have that feeling of home cooked food that we have long since forgotten about. Do you people have any idea how hard it is to get a restaruant going? The training people is difficult and getting things to run smoothly when you have no idea how much response your grand opening is going to get is overwhleming! The first time you learned to walk did you do it without falling? Where in the world did we get this attitude that we live in a perfect world? We seem to expect perfection out of everyone and everything without us beign perfect ourselves. Put yourself in somone elses shoes if you want the same for you self. Do you like every dish that is served in every restaurant? I don’t! I have my the ones I love and the ones I dont’ care for. If you have trouble with the service speak up! Give people the chance to improve they can’t fix it if they don’t know you have a problem. As for the food! I have things I love and things I have never tried and things that are not for me just like any other place I eat. I am a white sauce girl more that a red sauce girl but I still like everything I have tried there. But I have also been honest with the owners about things I felt could be a bit better because I care about theirs and others successes and am not living my life looking for an chance to tear others down. They have been doing well and that should tell you somthing. Be fair be realistic and be kind. It is so easy to get online and bash someone with no thought to the circumstances. Life is short and we get so petty. I just lost a dear client to a terrible accident and can’t belive when someones life and lively hood is on the line people can be so critical. This is not a perfect world. Let us all give each other the chance to better our world and not stand behind closed doors beign negative and taking what and who has not been perfect so personal.

Brown butter, Mizithra

I love it! I also love the chicken alfredo

lovitt photo


 Riverton, UT

bestest ever

i have to admit, this is my fav place to eat! when i get a job (haha) i will be eatting here more often, that’s for sure. for just having opened for a few months I think MA’s has done very well! i have brought all my friends and family to MA’s and no one has ever complained. in fact, from what they have told me, they have started bringing their family to MA’s!!!!!
great job you guys!

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo


celestiallane photo


 Riverton, UT

Great Dining Experience

Mark Anthony’s is my kind of restaurant; family-owned, warm inviting service, fresh food, did I mention great service? We had a coupon that we didn’t read the fine print but they honored it anyway…love that!!! I enjoyed their incredible seafood ravioli, loved their bread twists and the creative way they served it on skewers. Also I have a preference for places that put REAL fruit in their flavored lemonades rather than just squirt some artifiicial color and flavor in them. My spouse had the sampler platter which included a deliciously cheesy lasagna and the delicatable seafood ravioli. We finished off our meal with a triple berry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream that was the perfect ending for our meal. Desserts that are big enough to share are a very romantic way to end an already great experience. The food was fantastic, but even more important than that, in my opinion, was the amazing service. Our server was friendly, the manager was accomodating and personable. We will definitely go back to have another relaxing enjoyable dining experience at Mark Anthony’s Italian Restaurant in Riverton.

Stuffed Mushrooms


seafood raviolis


bread sticks



I did not order this, however I did try a bite of it from my spouses plate. Personally I would have liked more flavor in this dish. It was good and cheesy the way it was, however.

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