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Monsieur M

Cuisine: Thai, Casual dining

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 Montpelier, VT


It had been a rough couple of nights for Mike since that humiliating Friday night party had seen his brief, faint hopes brutally dashed. It had been bad enough listening to Olivia getting fucked by Anthony for close to an hour, his erection stifled by that humiliating pink cage all the while. But it had only continued to worsen, and promised to get much worse, after Anthony had left.

Mike had held out a dumb, faint hope that Olivia would let him out now that she had had her fun. But no such luck. Instead, she had put his number in her phone (but had not given him hers), and snapped a picture of him in chastity for insurance, she had called it. Great, now she was blackmailing him. He was so fucked.

The drive home hadn’t been much better either. He had tried to distract himself from the nightmare he now found himself in, but to little avail. His mind kept racing back to that pink cage, and how pathetic it was that he had actually let her lock it on him. And how pathetic he was. He had always felt self-conscious about his lack of romantic success, but it had never been anywhere near actual self-loathing until now. But he couldn’t help but go in that direction now. Olivia had utterly degraded and humiliated him in front of Anthony, and she even had a picture of him in chastity. How could he not hate himself? free 1080p porn

He desperately hoped that Anthony wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He hadn’t seemed too keen on mocking him about it, but it would still be mortifying for him the next time they had class together on Tuesday. Mike knew to be far more worried about the diva that now had his cock in a cage, and staying on her good side. He didn’t doubt that Olivia would spread that picture around if he pissed her off. Come to think of it, he didn’t doubt she’d spread it on an impulsive whim just for laughs. This was an incredibly dangerous situation in which he was by and large powerless.

Sleeping had proven to be rough as well. He had struggled to fall asleep, his dick straining in its confines and being painfully tugged on in most sleep positions. Even worse were the fierce erections he had woken up with throughout the night. It took a good long while to get soft enough to go back to sleep, knowing that it was just going to happen again the next time he woke up.

Normally he would have rubbed one out, but, as he was constantly reminded, he couldn’t. His dick was completely at the mercy of a girl an hour’s drive away that he had no means of contacting. On one hand, he hated it and her. But, loathe as he was to admit it, another part of him was aroused by it. By her. The feeling of being tightly locked was simultaneously tortuous and stimulating. As for the psychological aspects, they were a complex amalgamation he couldn’t quite describe. The mindfuckery and conflicting feelings just made everything harder as Saturday progressed.

There was Saturday morning’s humiliating revelation that he now had to pee sitting down. And there was the constant fear that the clicking of the cage’s lock would alert his parents of his embarrassing predicament. And, perhaps worst of all, there were the difficulties with studying and concentrating that came with the frustrations of being locked.

After a couple of hours vainly trying to study for Tuesday’s upcoming exam, he threw in the towel on Saturday night. The test probably wouldn’t be all that difficult anyway, and it’s not like he was in any imminent danger of losing his A average in the class. As long as he got a handle on himself, he’d be able to easily coast through the remainder of the semester.

He decided to pass the night playing video games, hoping it would keep his mind off of Olivia and the cage between his legs. But, predictably, it was of little use. He continued to be reminded of his inability to get hard, and his thoughts invariably drifted back to Olivia and what she was doing right now. It was a Saturday night, after all. She was almost certainly at a party, or getting plastered, or fucking another guy – free live cams.

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