151 Rue Bernard W
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Neighborhoods: Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie
Cuisine: Indonesian, Dutch, Fine Dining

Nonya is a Indonesian, Dutch, and Fine Dining restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $25 and $50, and tipped between 15% to 18%.

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 Montréal, QC

Our Nonya dinner

It seemed the day would never arrive over a month ago…but finally the set date of the sponsored Menuism dinner was on the calendar of the week. The 10 lucky members who took the challenge to write 10 reviews on Menuism earned a spot on the reservation for 10 at an Indonisian restautant at Nonya and each got $22 towards their bill. I had selected a traditional Rijsttafel menu at $36 per person. This menu must be reserved ahead of time and you have to be at least 10 people to reserve it.

This is a FANTASTIC restaurant which will definitely take your taste buds on an exotic journey. This is also definitely not a cheap place. For 2 drinks, the special menu, tx and tip my total was $65…so even with the $22 its a lot of money. For a special occasion it is totally worth it. Oh if you are fond of coconut milk you will be in heaven.

We all had a fantastic time and we had wonderful attentive service. There was a long silence when we started our meals…everyone was so concentrated on tasting the various flavors no one was talking. An odd moment but quite a compliment to the food too.

Again a wonderful place to go for a special occasion or a special treat since it would not be classified as a cheap eatz place.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


Here was our menu:

SOP LAKSA AYAM – yellow curry soup with rice vermicelli and chicken
LUMPIA GORENG – crispy roll with bamboo shoots, shrimps and chicken
PEPES IKAN – tilapia wrapped in banana leaves seasoned with yellow curry, lemongrass and basil leaves
UDANG BAKAR – grilled shrimps marinated in red curry and lime leaf
BAKMI GORENG SAYUR – stir fry egg noodles with vegetables
RENDANG – traditional Sumatra beef simmered in coconut milk and spices
SAYUR LODEH – braised vegetables in red curry
GULE TAHU – tofu simmered in yellow curry
KERUPUK UDANG – shrimp crackers
SAMBAL TERASI – home made chili sauce cooked with shrimp paste
NASI PUTIH – white jasmine rice
BUBUR KETAN HITAM – black sticky rice with coconut milk
TEH JAWA – hot Javanese tea enhanced with jasmine flowers

Dishes are served in small platters on the table and every serves themselves. Its a bit hard to hold yourself back and not take a bigger portion since you kind of have to make sure everyone gets their share lol. My favorite dishes of the meal were: the crispy rolls were really unusual, especially the sauce to dip. I have not idea what was the taste but it was unlike anything I knew; the grilled shrimp, the beef cury and braised veggies were all to die for. The rest was wonderful as well but those stood out for me. The black sticky rice for dessert is a very different and delicious dessert – no to sweet – to finish off this amazing meal. The Javanese tea is a smooth finish as well.

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 Montréal, QC

Loaded with flavour and variety

Nonya is a fine dining Indonesian experience. The decor is mostly white, clean and simple, with what I assume is a bit of traditional Indonesian thrown in for good measure. The way our table was set up I actually got to sit on a couch for the whole meal, which adds a nice relaxing touch.

The service is very friendly, and you can tell the owners are proud to share their traditional dishes with the rest of the world. Our glasses of lime-flavoured water were never empty, and a constant flow of full pitchers made sure of that.

The mood is quiet, so if you’re planning a wild party I’d choose another venue. But if you’re looking for a delicious, unique, fine dining experience, and you’re willing to shell out a few extra clams to get it, then don’t even hesitate to give Nonya a try.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


This is the ultimate tasters menu. After a round of vermicelli soup, small dishes of various Indonesian delicacies make their way to the table. Baskets of sticky rice and large shrimp crackers are also provided to accompany the main meal. Among the selections are grilled shrimp, stewed beef, fish in banana leaf, curried tofu, and a few other things. Make no mistake, every last one of them is delicious. The flavours vary, but the common ground is often coconut milk. And just when the last of the food was consumed, they came out with a black rice and coconut milk dessert! Warm and sweet, it rounded out the meal perfectly.

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 Montréal, QC

Savoury Speechlessness

When you get a group of dedicated foodies together at a resto and everyone becomes very quiet, you know one of two things has happened:

1. Something is very very wrong with their dining experience.


2. Something is very very right with their dining experience.

Dining at Nonya was OH so very very right.

Something really rare happened when I was sampling our diverse menu.

I found myself eating as slooooooowwwwwly as I could because it was so good that I wanted to sample each and every morsel as much as possible. Also, I wanted each and every taste sensation to last as long as possible.

And I found myself slowly savouring each and EVERY dish in this way.

This special Indonesian treat was my very first Indonesian dining experience. What a way to taste a new cuisine – a highly addictive first introduction.

Each dish appealed to so many of my senses.

To my eyes, with a delicate picture-perfect presentation. To my nose, with a light aromatic bouquet of spices wafting up from every dish. To my taste buds, instantly falling in love with each original and savoury tastacious morsel. Ha…just invented a new word – had to, to describe the heavenly level of tastiness.

In addition to our set menu, I also sampled a special drink made with an exotic fruit I had never even heard of: jus de corossol, or in English coursop/custard-apple, that a friend had recommended. This was no watery instant-mix beverage. This was chunks and chunks of tangy sweet fruit in a thick thirst-quenching melange. What a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful range of spicy foods.

From our starter of yellow curry soup with rice vermicelli and chicken, to the mix of meats, fish, seafood, veggies, all the way to our coconutty dessert and delightfully sublime hot Javanese tea enhanced with jasmine flowers, I wanted none of these taste sensations to end.

I was actually quite sad to have to put down my utensils, after our sumptuous feast was gone.

And all this fine five-star dining was set in an elegant, quiet little niche of Indonesian coziness. Service was attentive and exquisite.

Add wonderful conversation with an entertaining and knowledgeable group of foodies and you have the perfect recipe for a perfect dining experience.

Just lovely. Sigh.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya



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 Montréal, QC

Nonya - formidable

C’est la toute première fois que j’allais dans un restaurant typiquement indonésien et j’avoue ne pas avoir été déçu. Tout était délicieux: du riz collant au lait de coco à la soupe au curry jaune en passant par les crevettes black tiger finement épicées, c’était sublime. Le service était somme toute excellent et l’ambiance fameuse. Je recommande fortement ce restaurant car tout est bon !

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 Montréal, QC

Nonya, Spicy and Hot

Housed on a quiet corner of Bernard, Nonya offers a mixed bag of Indonesian cuisine. Nonya’s pleasant, subdued atmosphere (there’s a lovely terrace) and friendly, helpful service including great food – make this a very special place.

Nonya’s slow cooked meats absorb an intense amount of flavour from its spice paste and the coconut milk in which it is cooked. Each bite explodes with chilli heat, hints of ginger and coriander seed and the subtle sweetness of the coconut.

Nonya offers three ‘risjtaffels’ (Dutch meaning “rice table”). An ultimate tasters menu of increasing complexity. What you get when you order one is pretty much a table of food, with over a dozen dishes delivered to your table. Dishes such as;

Nasi Putih, glutinous white jasmine rice wrapped in palm leaves. Rendang, aSumatran specialty of beef is a revelation for the taste buds. Udang Bakar, grilled shrimps marinated in red curry and lime leaf are just a few of the delicious blends dishes. Last and of course not least the dessert, a black rice pudding in coconut milk would want to make you want to carve another notch in your belt.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


PEPES IKAN – tilapia wrapped in banana leaves seasoned with yellow curry, lemongrass and basil leaves was very different and is one of the many dishes

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 Montréal, QC

hidden treasure

This place is absolutely fantastic! I loved everything I tried. The food showcases unusual combinations of flavors and fragrant spices, but is not fiery at all. (Of course if you like to eat fire, chilies and chutney are available.)

Service was a bit slow to get going, but the staff are friendly, gracious, and thoughtful. Like checking your umbrella on a rainy day. Or choosing the “appropriate” time in the meal to offer wine.

All the platters were square and decorated with banana leaves (you don’t eat them apparently) and they took a tiny red bird chili pepper, cut it in 6 and peeled it back to look like a lily. So dainty.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


This is a tasting menu served family style. We started off with a curried chicken soup that had coconut milk, some vermicelli and a piece of hard boiled egg in it. Lovely lovely. With the soup, a well-stuffed spring roll with a dollop of sauce: not quite peanut, definitely not plum or cherry, had an earthy quality to it.

Then came the main dishes:
tilapia fish cooked quite dark and wrapped in banana leaves
beef not quite ground, more like shredded with coconut milk and spices
shrimps with red curry and lime
long slices of onion in a white sauce
squares of tofu with a yellow curry sauce (now don’t go gagging about tofu, this is the only time I actually liked the stuff)
fried noodles
plain white rice
humonguous shrimp crackers (size and shape of bread slices)

The food was FANTASTIC. Every everything. Lots of herbs and spices without being fiery. The fragrant kind of herbs like basil and lemongrass. But if you like fire you can have this hot chutney — well I tasted it, was more sour than hot to me. There was not a shred of food left: we polished it all off and could have eaten more.

Dessert was rice pudding like you’ve never seen it before: made with coconut milk, it was black and shiny and sticky, you could practically pick it up with fingers.

Javanese Coffee

The coffee has grainy sediment (this is considered normal) and is mixed with condensed milk. What I didn’t expect is that the coffee is not sweet! Even with a good sized lump of sugar, I found the coffee bitter.

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 Montréal, QC

Nonya yes!

Excellent indonesian place. I went there with a group of friends sponsored by Menuism. Evelyne had arranged for the Risjttafels to be served in a advance which was a full menu with enough of everything to try out.

The place is not your everyday restaurant, and although this means you’re going to be spending a little more than usual you will find the delicacies more than make up for it.

Most of the dishes are served in a banana leaf. We sampled coconut beef, fish, curry tofu, noodles, rice and more. Our hostess was very careful to warn us that most of the dishes are not spicy and which ones we should watch out for.

Sharing is hard since you’re tempted to take more than your share. Go there with a group of very good friends that won’t give in to just stealing the whole dish. We were all foodies and friends so we wanted everyone to taste everything as much as we did.

Great meal, good service, good for occasions but the place is not really big so keep it down to 10 or 12. Less than that is not as fun though.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


A full menu that starts with a chicken soup, then several dishes of rice, noodles, coconut beef, curry tofu and fish.

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 Montréal, QC

Blown away!

Thanks to MENUISM, a lucky group of people from Cheap Ethnic Eatz had the chance to enjoy this amazing place.

The décor is very cozy with clean lines and soft Indonesian music that contributes to the relaxed atmosphere.

As soon as I sat down, the waiter showed me the drinks menu and came with my drink seconds after. I was getting impatient as the food took a while to arrive, but the peanuts given as snacks kept me alive and I have to say, the wait time was definitely worth it!.

The first thing to be served was a tasty curry soup, accompanied with a perfectly crispy roll. Minutes after, our culinary experience kicked off once the Risjttafel Menu was brought to our table and the exotic aromas started floating around. Hmm!

We had no idea where to start, so many dishes to to choose from and we definetly wanted to try them all. Mostly all food presentation had a banana leaf, which gives it a nice touch.
Finally the javanese tea and the sticky brown rice dessert, were so delightful.

The waiter we had that night went the extra mile and blew me away.
After paying my bill, I asked her for some change as I needed to pay the bus fare, but she kindly offered me one of her own tickets without asking me to pay for anything extra. WOW! Wasn’t that great? I am totally grateful!

I would definetly recommend this amazing place to everyone I know.

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