360 Rue St-Antoine
Montreal Metro Area, QC H8S 4L6

Osco! Restaurant – InterContinental Montreal

(Between 4e Avenue and 3e Avenue)

Neighborhoods: Ville-Marie
Cuisine: Provencal, Fine Dining, French

Osco! Restaurant – InterContinental Montreal is a Provencal, Fine Dining, and French restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends.

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 Laval, QC

Disrespectful treatment by Duty Manager Julie

I had a truly disrespectful and appalling experience at Osco last Saturday. Truly insulting.
We made reservations for 10:00 pm as part of the MTLATable event. My friends arrived from Ottawa and I came from Laval. I confirmed with the restaurant our reservations the night before, and even tried to push it to 10:30, but the person on the phone said the latest reservations they can accommodate for MTLATable is at 10:00 pm.
We arrived and were seated, and for some strange reason the waiter decided to fill 2 of our cups with water, then go to another table and fill their cups, before returning to our table and filling my friend’s cup. Who does that? So already we were getting a bad vibe from the place. Then the waiter shows up and gives is the snacks menu. We told him we’re here for the MTLATable and would like to see that menu. He tells us the kitchen closes at 10 and they can only serve us the snack menu. We explain that we were here for 10, our reservations are for 10, but he said the kitchen is closed. We asked to speak to whoever is in charge of the restaurant.
20 minutes later, the waiter shows up with the person who’s supposedly in charge of the restaurant. Her name was Julie. We explained to her that we had a 10:00 pm reservations, and that we were her for MTLATable not to have snacks. She said in a very cold manner that the kitchen is closed and there’s nothing she can do about it. I was shocked. We showed her our reservation confirmation, and she said she’s not sure how that happened and that we should not have been able to make a 10:00 pm reservation because the kitchen closes at 10. I mean is it my job to explain why their system allows for this? What kind of an answer is that? I told her that I called the night before to confirm, and the person said the latest reservation is 10, she says she doesn’t know who I spoke to and that they were mistaken. Apparently, according to her, since the kitchen closes at 10, the latest reservations they can take is 9. It’s as if we’ve never been to restaurants before! Then she just abruptly says she will speak with someone to see why we had a 10pm reservation, and that we can order off the snack menu, or go have dinner somewhere else. She will not open the kitchen for us. EXCUSE ME?
We then ask her how can she not take responsibility for her own staff, and how can she not know who answers the phone and responds to customers. She says she’s not in charge of the restaurant, she’s just the “Duty Manager”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? And why should I care? And why was I speaking to someone who’s not in charge? We ask her to get us someone who’s actually in charge of the restaurant, and she says there’s no one there. I ask for a contact name because this unprofessional and disrespectful treatment cannot go unanswered, she gives us a generic card for the Intercontinental number and writes the name of the manager on the back. We asked her for the name of the waiter who was serving us, and she says “I don’t know”. I literally tell her you don’t know who went to get you so you can speak to us? She pauses, flashes a truly smug smile, and simply writes a name at the back of the same card again. Truly truly shameful and appalling behaviour.
I of course call the number and leave a message for the manager (Mr. Jacky Bruchez) to call me back. He did call me back, and I explained our Godawful experience to him, and the repulsive and unprofessional behaviour of Julie the Duty Manager. He was apologetic, says their must be some confusion because the Kitchen is supposed to serve those who arrive for a 10:00 pm reservation, and on top of that they can always make exceptions and provide the full menu to customers. I was flabbergasted and livid! I told him straight up Julie the Duty Manager has lied to us, told us the latest reservations they can honor are those made at 9pm, and that she cannot open the kitchen. He again says she was mistaken and doesn’t fully know how the system, works. Clearly this establishment thinks it’s ok for some customers to be treated with disrespect and doesn’t think honoring their reservations is something they must do. I must say that Mr. Jacky did invited us back and said he would prepare something special for us, but I explained to him that none of us would ever return to this restaurant, which he understood. I then told him for his sake and the sake of the restaurant I hope he has a talk with that Julie person and explain to her that lying to and deceiving customers just because you’re lazy or don’t know how to manage is unacceptable and shameful.
So here are my 2 cents. If you don’t want to risk disrespect, dishonesty, unprofessionalism, and a ruined night, stay away from this place. We had a horrible, nasty experience and don’t wish for anyone to experience something similar to it. And if by some unfortunate change you find yourself there, I hope for your sake you never cross paths with the nasty, disrespectful Duty Manager Julie.



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Osco! Restaurant – InterContinental Montreal is located near the cities of St Colomban and Saint Colomban.
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