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Red Ribbon Bakeshop

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Cuisine: Bakeries, Filipino, Pastries

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a Bakeries, Filipino, and Pastries restaurant where most Menuism users came for a meal on the go and paid less than $10.

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  • 6/30/2017

    A dining patron from CA tried it.

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 Cerritos, CA

Goldilocks is better!

Red Ribbon is known for their bakery. In addition to bakery, though, Red Ribbon sells Filipino food ranging from palabok to fresh lumpia. Their food selection is quite limited and if you’d rather be at a place that offers both food and bakery variety, you will probably be better off at Goldilocks.

Now that I’ve mentioned Goldilocks, I must fill you in on how some people are either loyal to Red Ribbon or loyal to Goldilocks. There’s probably a reason for this. In fact, there was once a time when I preferred Red Ribbon to Goldilocks, bakery-wise since Red Ribbon was never as busy as Goldilocks and their baked goods seemed more fresh. Starting since a couple of years ago however, I have come to not like Red Ribbon so much and as a result, have stopped going to Red Ribbon altogether.

Red Ribbon’s customer service isn’t good. Goldilocks’ customer service is better (a lot better).

I have ordered halo halo here before and it was a very bad experience. So bad that it wasn’t even halo halo. (Seriously, it wasn’t halo halo.) When I ordered halo halo, I asked the cashier if the halo halo could be put in a to go cup so that I wouldn’t have to stay inside Red Ribbon to eat it. I don’t think she really picked up on what I wanted but in the end of our conversation(s), I assumed that she understood that I wanted it for to go and not in a glass to be dined in inside Red Ribbon. Since it was my first time ordering a drink from Red Ribbon, I was kind of unsure as to whether they’d put it in a glass like they do at Goldilocks or put it in a plastic container like they do at boba shops. If it’s the usual for Red Ribbon to put drinks in plastic containers, then the cashier should have just told me so without looking at me as if I had some issue. Her English wasn’t good whatsoever. It’s one thing when you speak English with an accent and a totally different thing when you can’t speak English well and worse, can’t understand it well either. (Come to think of it, I kind of wonder if she was bored and simply just trying to get under my skin for asking the drink as take out.)

So, the “halo halo” comes and it is in plastic, ready to be consumed outside of the bakery, but that seems to be the only thing that was correct. Notice that I said “halo halo”. I didn’t get halo halo in my plastic cup/container. What I got was some purple (ube) colored smoothie like thing. I looked at the purple “smoothie” in my hand and thought to myself, “Really?” I then looked at the cashier and gave her a puzzled look. I then looked at my receipt. After noting that I had been billed for halo halo and not an ube smoothie/shake (something that wasn’t even on their drink menu, by the way), I asked the cashier, “This is my halo halo?” to which she replied back with a yes. Since when did halo halo start participating in Halloween by disguising as ube? At that point, I just took the ube smoothie that I did not order nor wanted and left the bakery. I figured it was pointless to get into another conversation with the cashier and didn’t even want to initiate a potentially disastrous conversation with the person who made my drink in the back of the bakery. How is it that someone (the cashier) can not speak/understand English well get the English portion of my request correct yet get the Tagalog portion of my request wrong when she’s supposedly fluent in Tagalog? The only thing I said in Tagalog was halo halo and no, I did not say it wrong. Even if I were to say halo halo wrong, there weren’t any other food or drinks on the menu that sounded near like the word halo halo. Never did I mention ube although ube is actually an ingredient of halo halo. It was an absurd experience to say the least. Ever since the “halo halo” event, I limited the amount of times I’d go to Red Ribbon and would never order anything from any employee. The only thing I’d do is grab a prepackaged baked good (ie. mamon), pay for it and leave. I have a feeling that particular cashier caused problems for other customers as well as I never saw her again during my aftermath visits.

Although I want to think it’s now safe enough to order food or drinks without having to worry about getting it messed up by the cashier, I never bothered to give it a try. This leads me to leaving a warning for those that can’t speak Tagalog and/or don’t look Filipino: if you feel that you absolutely must order food/drinks at Red Ribbon, be extra cautious that your order is correct because you might get the run around if they think they can pull of giving you a different order or not going the whole nine yards in making your order. In my case, I got an ube smoothie/shake which wasn’t even offered on the menu when I was suppose to get halo halo, a dessert that contains ube, but also contains nuts, beans, flan, coconut jelly and etcetera. Talk about a rip off! (I should have been charged half of what I paid for with just ube in my plastic cup.) Although I let the incident go because I didn’t want to get into a pointless conversation/argument with the cashier, I am not happy about what happened.

The last time I went here was some time in 2011. The cashier never uttered a hello to me upon entering the bakery but managed to greet everyone else entering the bakery. I bought a couple of mamons and sat in one of their seats while waiting for someone in my family to pick me up. I felt uncomfortable while I was waiting because there were two females (customers) there just continually giving me the eye. For what reason, I don’t know. The only thing I can manage to assume is that they probably were regulars of the bakery whereas I wasn’t a regular and they could tell I wasn’t a regular. Perhaps they had a thing against non-regulars? Like I said, I have no idea. Either way, they’re not included in my rating of the bakery. (I just thought I should add the experience into my review as a fyi.)

Bakery-wise, it’s small. It’s located near Subway, Jeepney Grill and Chase. The inside of the building seems relatively clean. Mamons and other breads can easily be found on a rack. They also have other baked goods on display where the cash register is. The bakery is never busy, although I would imagine it to be busy during holiday time (I have a feeling they wouldn’t be as busy as Goldilock’s though).

Parking can be a pain if you want to park in front of Red Ribbon. The first two rows of parking are almost always full due to people visiting Jeepney Grill, Subway, Pho or Red Ribbon, of course. If you don’t want to wait for parking, you’re best bet is to just settle for a parking space located three parking spaces away from the bakery. You’ll have to walk to the bakery but it’s not a far walk at all.

In regards to their prepackaged baked goods, it’s usually a hit or miss in that their racks aren’t well stocked with mamons and other goodies. The last time I was there, they weren’t carrying any ensaimadas and a limited amount of taisans. I want to make a note that you should check expiration dates carefully before you purchase any of these prepackaged baked goods.

Halo Halo

Like I mentioned in the main review, I did not receive halo halo for my order of halo halo. I instead received a purple (ube) smoothie/shake which wasn’t even a featured item on their menu. Halo halo contains more ingredients than just ube; it contains flan, beans, rice krispies and a bunch of other ingredients. I paid for halo halo, but instead got something that should have cost half the price of halo halo. If you want the details of what happened, please refer to my main review, above.

Mocha Mamon

Their mocha mamon is prepackaged. It can be found on a rack. I used to really like their mamons simply because at one time, they tasted more fresh than Goldilocks. However, their mamons as well as a bunch of other prepackaged goodies seem to taste less fresh and the ingredients used to making it seem to be of a worse quality as well.

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