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Cuisine: Sushi, Asian fusion, Japanese

Sogo is a Sushi, Asian fusion, and Japanese restaurant where most Menuism users came for a meal on the go, paid between $25 and $50, and tipped less than 15%.

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  • 2/06/2014

    A diner from Newark, NJ tried it.

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 Bethlehem, PA

Very tasty cuisine

Sogo’s food is, without a doubt, very well prepared fusion cuisine biased towards seafood,sushi and sashimi. There are also offerings for the non-
seafood lover but these are somewhat limited and rather skimpy in proportion. As I stated, the food is prepared better than good but I think that Sogo is starting to take its press clippings a bit too seriously. Their prices are starting to peak out to the point where I seriously doubt that I will be back. What galled me the most at the last sitting was that they charged for every serving of iced tea – 9 glasses for a total of over $25! Their server also did NOT listen when we ordered dessert. Rather than inform us that certain desserts were unavailable and allowing us to choose again, she rudely sustituted desserts of her choosing. We found out only after partaking. She appeared to be dismissive of our comments. These desserts were higher priced than I had remembered the last time we dined there.

This place is on the leading edge of getting snooty with their offerings for price. It is becoming like a few other restaurants in the Lehigh Valley area who have totally blown their value for price ratios. Well prepared food also has its price limits! It is not an elastic concept. Do not get me wrong, the food is quite good. How much are you willing to pay though?

Again, beware the upcharges for each additional glass of beverage! I tipped down accordingly! What was supposed to be a carefree birthday celebration at a place we had all dined at before and had returned to for this occasion, had turned into a less than stellar experience with me, the bill payer, feeling ripped off… We will most likely not be back. with so many other great choices in the Valley of late!

I am amazed that a place like this will risk folks not returning by such pricing behaviors. Competition is fierce in this industry to risk ricky tick behavior in any way. BYO Beverages when you go!

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 Milford, NJ

Went back for more

The other day I wrote a review on past experiences at this place. It was in response to some of the reviews that I read. Again the service was great and the food was also.

We had the tempura appetizer and a mix of different sushi offerings that we shared at the table.

The Dragon, Phoenix and a dish that the waiter picked for us were all laid out in an appetizing manner and tasted as good as they looked. The dish the waiter picked had sliced hot pepper on top and eel as the fish. It wasn’t as hot as he led us to believe, but it was still excellent.

There was one choice that we made that was offered separately and it was called a volcano. It was especially good.

In addition, I spoke with a fellow worker and asked since he lived near this place if he ever went. He said that he and his wife (to my surprise) used to go every Friday when they lived right around the corner.

When I asked him why, his comment was that ‘there was something about this place’.

The price for our meal was $90.00 (with tip)
Three people, two drink and food. A little pricey, but more than happy to return again for more.


Served warm and sprinkled with some really great sauces. It was the one that all three of us at the table fought to have the last one.

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 Hellertown, PA

I'll be back

I had a very pleasnt meal and dining experiance at Sogo, I’ll defaintely be back for the Chinese noodles. The service was slow, and maybe not the best ever, but as I wasn’t in a hurry and I had good company I didn’t mind having a leasurely meal.

I had vegetable teriyaki (average), vegetable lo mein (fantastic), miso soup (fantastic), edamame (average) for around $20. My partner had Thai Coconut Prawns (average) and Thai Curry Noodles (good) for around $20.

The decor is very nice, it felt like a resturant in a major city rather than a little PA town. The location is right next to the circle in Easton.

Vegetable Teriyaki

(The $6 price is from the lunch menu) The vegetables were fresh and crisp, the sauce was tasty, but not quite what I expect of a teriyaki sauce. If it was called something else I’d rate it higher.

Vegetable Lo Mein

Fantastic! I will be ordering this on every visit. So many chinese food places serve greasy lo mein, I’d almost given up on the dish in the area, but this was perfect. Highly recomended.

Miso Soup

I know it’s a simple dish, but too many places have miso soup that is too salty. This was perfect, with crispy green onions and little bits of seaweed and tofu, a very pleasent combination of textures and flavor.

Thai Curry Noodles

Pleasently Spicey

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 Easton, PA

It's never a good thing when the bartender pushes you out

Restuarant closes when people are still imbibing and eating…the bartender actually told us he had to leave for his own plans that evening.

Sogo was quite fabulous when they first opened…but now I am unimpressed. I do not frequent it any more.

Gorgeous tile work in the bathroom though!

Sushi rolls

Food is very good. I didn’t get sick!!!

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 Easton, PA

Good food in general

I moved to Easton a few years ago, and have previously lived in the DC area where the Asian affairs were outstanding, I was quite disappointed with the offers in the Lehigh Valley. I was pleasantly surprised when Sogo opened, and have been there semi regularly (3-4 times per month). I would consider myself a Chinese and Japanese food expert since I grew up in Asia and have Japanese relatives and visited Japan numerous times (and the fact that my family owned a restaurant until my dad retired).
I generally do takeouts at Sogo since I have small children (too much hassel to eat out), and we have had good quality food from them. I have only dined in a few times with my colleagues during lunch, and service then were good.

Their sushi is pretty decent (for Americanized sushi), but not good as my Mom’s (but again she had training with Japanese sushi chefs). I generally order a variety of sushi rolls, my daughters (7 & 4) likes the shrimp tempura rolls and the crab rolls. My husband and I generally rotate between several of their speciality rolls, my personal taste tend to lean towards those with salmon, tuna and/or eel.

I can’t say much about the non-Japanese dishes because we don’t usually order those. I did notice that their hot and sour soup had tasted different from their earlier days, I believe this is due to personnel changes in the kitchen.

All in all, I have been happy with their sushi, this does not guaranteed that you will since everyone’s taste buds is slightly different. For me, I enjoy their food because their sushi is probably the closest to my Mom’s flavoring (i.e. type of sushi rice used, and amount of vinegar and sugar added to their sushi rice).

Sushi rolls


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 Bethlehem, PA

Great Building. Dreadful Service.

Really not impressed by service. I don’t know if they’re getting lazy because they’ve had so many compliments but not good. The service to begin with was atrocious. Our server not only got us the wrong drinks but didn’t apologize when she corrected the situation. She took our licenses to be examined and then refused our friend because she was from out of state and they couldn’t prove it was a valid id. The manager backed up the server on this and said they’d been busted twice already for fake id’s and would have to close if they got a third. They didn’t apologize to us for their incompetence. They were slow to bring the order and even slower with refilling drinks. I would expect this in a low end setting but not where the decor is streamlined. Just check out the bathroom for luxury. I don’t know if it was just the horrible customer service or if the food was on a bad night as well. Will not be returning felt sick after eating. The sushi didn’t seem fresh nor the ‘fusion’ menu anymore exciting than giving a toddler a few ingredients to play with not caring if they didn’t compliment each other. Our server brought us the wrong order and forgot to bring us a dessert. It took 3 of us to flag her down. All I can say is Awful Customer Service. It may be new & stylish but ummm… No Thanks.

Don't know they brought the wrong thing.

Wasn’t all that good. Dredged in a soupy mess of sweet red stuff on the plate. Not what I wanted.

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 Allentown, PA


After a lovely day in NJ my cousin and I decided to go to Sogo for Sushi… now I only eat Sushi at Kome or Wegmans due to the lack of offerings of sushi in the Lehigh Valley. I lived in FL and DC and have lived away 13 years. This place SOGO takes themself way too serious! It was so busy on Saturday night that they wanted us to either eat at the bar or the sushi bar or outside or wait 15 minutes. Just the two of us, we decided to eat at the sushi bar. We ordered two Diet Cokes/Pepsis — they need to change the vat because the soda’s were flat… we then opted for Sierra Mist and that too was not tasty and crispy at all. So water it was. We ordered two rolls each. I ordered a veggie roll and a $13 roll can’t remember the name of it cuz it wasn’t that great. My cousin ordered shrimp tempura roll and a Volcano roll… why do I remember this because this was the disaster/bad experience. So we are sitting there around 25 minutes waiting for our food and once they brought us the rolls I got mine (both of them) and they hand her some spicy shrimp roll that she did not order! Not to mention her volcano roll was not ready either! so the Sushi Chef says this roll is “free/on the house” so she ate it and I ate my veggie roll. Moral of the story is this… the volcano roll came out 45 minutes AFTER the screwed up roll came out and we just stopped in after a nice day in NJ and I had a party to go to and needed to get out of there so we estimated an hour…. oh no … not at SOGO… you will sit there and wait and wait and wait… if they are that busy and they do not have enough staff people working there that is an operational issue wouldn’t you agree? We did not get refills on our drinks in a timely fashion and we basically felt like we didn’t matter. How do you screw up an order and you are directly SPEAKING TO THE SUSHI CHEF? I could see if the server gets it wrong!!! and then we get the bill and my cousin let the management staff know that she would not be paying for the volcano roll because it came out 45 minutes late and it fell apart when she was trying to eat it and it was over cooked! So the bill had a charge for the “on the house/free” sushi roll that was given to us. Here at SOGO the customer HAS TO PAY and it just really wasn’t a place I would ever eat at ever again in my life. I would love to see this place go. People love this place that haven’t been to quality sushi places through out the US. They like it cuz they are close by and getting a “foreign food” experience that is traditionally Japanese but now run and prepared by Vietnamese folks. No offense to anyone but I will not eat at a place where there is a language barrier. I dine at international restaurants all day long… but its unfortunate that at SOGO the people that are in charge aren’t running a better operation. She told us that everyone is waiting 45 minutes for a roll that is just too bad so sad. I promise you it just was an experience I had to write about because it was that miserable. I really didn’t like the fact that the sushi was being prepared with no gloves either. and I do not like the chopsticks. I read one of the other reviews and the best thing in that joint was the design work in the bathroom.

SOGO OHNO never again for me. This was a place that doesn’t deserve my money or anyone else’s because they can only understand that you pay for what you eat. They do not understand that there are some very experienced sushi enthusiasts that understand that this place sucks and is unprofessional and kind of gross actually. I just can’t get over sitting at the sushi bar ordering a roll and it coming out incorrectly then having an inedible roll ontop of it and still having to pay for one that was ordered and eaten.

I have to agree with the other review about Wegman’s. I lived in different places and being able to get a fresh and clean roll makes a huge difference when you eat it. I have never been disappointed with Wegman’s. I have dined at sushi places for 10 years and this was by far the worst experience I ever had.

If you have an urge for the ambiance of a sushi place just read this review and save your money or drive out to NY or Philly or your local Wegmans.

Kome had a bone in my sashimi but otherwise the ambiance there would have me return there.

LV has bad sushi restaurants. Can’t handle it. Horrible experience and if you like being abused and aggravated go to SOGO. They are not nice to their customers and they need to improve on their customer service satisfaction.

Sushi rolls


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 Easton, PA

are people smoking crack?

I have never been so disappointed in my life! I read multiple reviews on various sites. Almost unanimously people agreed that the service was beyond horrible, but the food was good. So, I ordered take out to skip the terrible service—if Pennsylvanians are saying the service is bad, it must really suck! Ordering take out was a bad idea! Are those of you who liked the food here smoking crack? Or have you just never had real sushi? I ordered the shrimp tempura roll. It was the smallest tempura roll I have ever seen, with the diameter being about the size of a quarter. There was no avocado or masago mayonnaise?!!!? How bland! I also ordered the avocado and cucumber roll—this was even smaller than a quarter and was very poorly rolled! My husband is just about as disappointed as I am. I am tired of going to restaurants in the Lehigh Valley that are written up as being so wonderful and compared to New York—they don’t even come close. Please someone who has experienced authentic, tasty and satisfying cuisine start writing reviews so I can stop being so upset after bad dining experiences. FYI-Wegmans has much better rolls for the money.

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 Bangor, PA

best sushi in the area

I just went to Sogo 3/21/08 and I was really impressed. I have been there several times in the past and although the food has always been excellent, I agree with the other reviews that the service used to be somewhat lacking. However, the owners must have read these reviews because this time the service was superb. They were very friendly, served us promptly (even poured our saki for us) and gave us good recccommendations on what sushi to order since I can never make up my mind. The seaweed salad and hot and sour soup were delicious and the sushi had a beautiful presentation (I reccommend the spicy phoenix roll). The atmosphere is asian chic-very nice. It was a great evening for a place so close to home.

Sushi Asian fusion Japanese
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