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Sweetee Thai Cafe

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Cuisine: Thai, Asian, Lunch

Sweetee Thai Cafe is a Thai, Asian, and Lunch restaurant where most Menuism users came for a family meal, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped less than 15%.

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  • 4/01/2017

    A Thai chowhound from Los Angeles, CA tried it.

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    A dining patron from Torrance, CA tried it and liked it.

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    A Thai chowhound from Los Angeles, CA tried it.

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    A diner from Los Angeles, CA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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    A Thai chowhound from San Jose, CA tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They liked the food, didn't like the service, and liked the ambiance.

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    A Thai food lover from Baldwin Park, CA tried it and liked it. They liked the food and liked the service.

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 Cerritos, CA

New Plaza New Thai Restaurant

i’m not too big on thai Take-out. (or take-out in general) so i’ll be comparing this place to other dine-in Thai restaurants… therefore… Uncomparable!

loungey decor with trendy furniture (nelson pendants, tulip chairs), stencil walls, cute signs (“ice ice baby” on their ice machine… etc), & of course… the salt water tank. all dimly/ artfully lit and vibrating to lounge music.

the food is (to my limited knowledge of thai cuisine) authentic. i liked everything i’ve tried, it’s a great late night eat. and actually become a favorite of my mom & her friends. so if you drop by during lunch, you’ll be hanging out with the cool mommas.

Papaya Salad

spicy, fresh, addicting

noodles - Pad See Ew at Sweetee Thai Cafe

Pad See Ew

Chinese Broccoli (yay, instead of gross American Broccoli) is used here. choice of beef, chicken, or pork.

Thai Pasta

spaghetti with basil and pepper. spicy!! & again… choice of beef, chicken, or pork

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 Cerritos, CA

Service that's not so sweet! (Warning: worst service around)

This restaurant has been through a lot of drama with public health inspectors. I remember eating there for the first time when they had a B. Then things started to go downhill when they got a C. After what seemed like an incredibly long time of sporting a C, they somehow managed to get an A. And to be honest with you, I’m proud of them for working hard enough to obtain an A. (I guess it makes me feel a little less gross for having dining inside a former C restaurant. I’m just kidding.)

In comparison to other Thai restaurants I’ve been to within the area, their restaurant is attractive. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that their restaurant is relatively new?) The chairs inside the restaurant are white and have an interesting look. Their walls are light brown/tan and carry an interesting design (the same design found on their website).

Their restaurant is always playing American music (pop or hip hop). They also have a T.V. and Thai puppets hung on a wall.

They have A LOT of waiters. You’re probably thinking that this is a good thing. However, it’s not. Their waiters are average when it comes to customer service. It’s hard to explain. Sure, they’ll seat you, take your order and ask how your meal is, but that’s basically almost it. Whatever happened to saying bye as you’re about to leave? There were two waiters standing next to the cashier (near the entrance/exit of the restaurant) and they didn’t even bother to say goodbye to me as I was leaving. Is it that hard to say bye or thank you? This happened to me more than once, so I know that it wasn’t because they didn’t see me leave the restaurant.

They can definitely improve in the area of customer service. Another area that they should try to work on is takeout. I’ve ordered food for to go before and every time I order a hot item (ex. some type of soup), it has always been placed in a plastic container. Plastic containers aren’t made for hot items! Styrofoam containers are made for hot items! It gets me upset because they should know better than to pour hot food into a plastic container. (If left in the plastic container long enough, the container will eventually start to bend. Try it as an experiment if you don’t believe me!)

Back to the waiters… I once waited for my to go order, while reading magazines that belonged to the restaurant. My order was done, however the waiter that took my order did not know. Another waiter took note that I was waiting too long and asked me what I had ordered for to go. A brown bag that was placed near the cook’s counter since who knows when happened to be mine. I’m glad this particular waiter took note of me, but upset that I had to wait longer than I had to for my food.

I guess this explains why I give them three stars instead of four stars. (I want to give them four stars, but their customer service isn’t at the level where I want it to be.) Also worth noting, the male waiters seem to be more friendly than the female waiters. They seem to smile more. Another thing worth noting is that their restaurant closes later than other nearby Thai restaurants.

UPDATE (AS OF 6/11/2010)
Despite maintaining their A, their food has gone downhill, taste wise. I’m rather surprised that so many people even bother to come to Sweetee Thai Cafe when their food has become so tasteless. Their food has become bland and greasy. (Not a good combination whatsoever, unless you like your food to be bland and super greasy!) I will, however say that their desserts are still good and their leek cakes are good (it’s only a little bit greasy).

UPDATE (AS OF 10/23/2011)
I once gave this restaurant a rating of four stars. Unfortunately, this restaurant no longer deserves four stars. If there were an option to give this restaurant 0 stars, I would definitely give them no stars whatsoever. This restaurant is bad and when I say bad, I mean bad. You should avoid it all costs.

I recently went to this restaurant and was superbly disappointed by their lack (practically nonexistent) of customer service. I was also disappointed in the presentation of their food as well as the amount of food that was given.


  • Customer service here is nonexistent. If you’re big on customer service, avoid this restaurant like the plague. Don’t expect to be greeted warmly when you enter this restaurant. In fact, don’t even expect a smile. (You’d be lucky if you got a hello out of any of their workers.) Waiters/waitresses are like walking zombies. So, I get that you’re doing your job, but can you at least not act like customers are entering your domain, begging for food? What I’m trying to say is that none of the workers there are hospitable whatsoever.
  • The food took forever to come. When we ordered, there was practically no one at the restaurant. However, once the restaurant started to fill up, we noticed that the customers who had come after us had already received their order. Where were our orders at? It took about 45+ minutes before we even got our food and none of the workers seemed to notice or care. Once I finally got my order, the other person with me had to wait another 10+ minutes before she actually got her order. It was amazingly ridiculous!
  • I don’t know who hired or trained these waiters/waitresses but none of them have the basics of customer service down. That’s right, not even the basics! I recognized a couple of familiar faces (waiters/waitresses from the last time I had dined here) and even their level of customer service has gone down the drain. What happened? I have no idea, but all I know is that there’s something really wrong about this place and it makes the atmosphere stuffy and uninviting. I’m starting to wonder if this is their boss’ idea of customer service. If so, you’ve just lost a pretty loyal customer(s). (I consider myself loyal as I manage to order for to go on a monthly basis. Since I haven’t dined inside the restaurant in a while, I wonder exactly how long this poor customer service has been going on. Ugh! Either way, bye bye Sweetee Thai Cafe. Your food isn’t sweet and neither is your service.)
  • When we were about ready to leave the restaurant, we asked a waitress to get us a to go box for my tom yum goong noodles. It never came; we ended up having to ask another waitress for a to go box before we finally got one. Ridiculous.


  1. The rad na noodles that the other person that came with me had ordered was not what we would call a bang for your buck. It was a small amount of rad na noodles. I forgot exactly how much it cost, but for about $8, she definitely deserved more than what was served. To make matters worse, the noodles were put on a humongous plate, drenched in excess rad na gravy to give the dish a “bang for your buck” effect. The effect did not work as the person who ate this dish was still hungry after finishing the dish. (FYI: This is coming from a person who usually gets full after finishing half of a plate.)
  2. When the waitress brought the rad na noodles to our table, she brought a knife along with it. A knife with rad na noodles? Can somebody tell me who in the world eats noodles with knives? Perhaps, a five year old with a vivid imagination, but an adult eating noodles with a knife? What in the world is wrong with this restaurant? This was a first at a Thai restaurant and I found it to be strange. None of us had asked for a knife, so why the knife? We’ve eaten here in the past and they have never given a knife for noodle dishes. Awkward and strange, I tell you.
  3. The rad na noodles were very clumpy. If you have no other choice but to eat at this restaurant, avoid their noodle dishes. They have a very bad and lazy habit of not pulling apart clumped noodles before cooking them in a pan (fried noodles) or pot (soup). However, if clumpy noodles are your thing, you might be in for a treat at Sweetee Thai Cafe.
  4. They have a thing for effects at this restaurant. My tom yum goong noodles were placed in a big bowl, but only a small amount of tom yum goong noodles were given to me. They also did not give me an adequate amount of tom yum goong soup to go along with my noodles. I’ve had this dish enough times from this restaurant to know that what they gave me was definitely way less than the norm. I am definitely not too happy about that at all. I realize that the economy is bad, but I doubt that it’d burn a hole in the owner’s pocket by giving customers a more reasonable amount of food.

I can go on with a few more things here and there but this basically sums it all up. All I can say is that they’ve lost a pretty loyal customer. I don’t plan on going back here, especially when there are other Thai restaurants nearby. Why come here when you don’t get served well and get a mediocre amount of food?

noodles - Pad See Ew at Sweetee Thai Cafe

Pad See Ew

This was a noodle dish. It was good, however I was able to taste and see oil/grease.

dessert - Loumit at Sweetee Thai Cafe


Loumit is a dessert. If you aren’t afraid of getting fat, try loumit. It’s better for you to try it than to hear me explain what it is, since loumit has a bunch of things in it. Loumit contains “sweet coconut milk, jackfruits, water chestnuts, jellys, atap palms and coconut meat”.

Tom Yum Vegetables

It was almost good. There was just something lacking in the soup. There wasn’t as much flavor in the soup as I wanted it to have. If you’re wondering what Tom Yum Vegetables is, it’s basically the vegetarian version of Tom Yum Goong.

Tofu Soup

It’s a “clear broth soup with soft tofu mixed vegetables”. This soup is good if you’re in the mood for something plain and simple. It’s also a great soup to consume when you’re sick, cold or just feeling down.

Monsoon Noodles

This dish used to be my favorite dish at Sweetee Thai Cafe. However, it is no longer my favorite dish. I’m not sure what happened to Sweetee Thai Cafe. A lot of their dishes have become bland and so greasy. It makes me wonder if they hired a new chef or something along those lines. (Whoever this chef is, he/she is making the food taste horrible.) This dish used to be spicy, delicious and full of flavors. It’s now just a boring and inedible dish. As of 10/23/2011, their noodles have become clumpy. It’s obvious that their cook(s) doesn’t take the time to unwind packaged noodles prior to making this dish or any other noodle dish. Beware of any dish that contains noodles unless you like your noodles to be clumpy!

Vegetarian Friendly! - Leek Cakes at Sweetee Thai Cafe

Leek Cakes

Leek cakes are hard to find in restaurants. Fortunately, Sweetee Thai Cafe sells them. They’re fried “cakes” filled with leek and served with a black sauce. I like it. If you’re a vegetarian into fried foods, you’ll probably like Sweetee Thai Cafe’s leek cakes.

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