5901 SW Huntoon St
Topeka, KS 66604

Texas Roadhouse

Neighborhoods: West Southwest 2
Cuisine: American, Tex-mex, Traditional

Texas Roadhouse is a American, Tex-mex, and Traditional restaurant where most Menuism users came for a meal on the go and paid between $25 and $50.

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  • 8/01/2020

    Lo tried it.

  • 8/01/2020

    An American food lover from Leavenworth, KS tried it.

  • 10/14/2014

    An American food lover from Dallas, TX tried it.

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 Lecompton, KS


THERE SHOULD BE NO “star rating” BUT THE REVIEW SITE WILL NOT LET ONE POST WITHOUT CLICKING ON A STAR AND DOES NOT GIVE A HALF STAR OPTION!!!!…… BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO PUTNEGATIVE STARS”…..SENIOR CITIZEN COUPLE who live out in the country supporting our local restaurants during COVID 19 (NO SENIOR DISCOUNT OFFERED/GIVEN)…..WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING TEXAS ROADHOUSE, TOPEKA, KS again after /- 13 years……We have been going to Texas Roadhouse in Topeka, KS since it first opened (13/- years now). We live out in the country East of Topeka so “dining out” is a treat & a trip! 41 miles! We have never had a bad experience with Texas Roadhouse until NOW!!! August 1, 2020 amid Covid 19! We decided amidst Covid 19 that we would support local restaurants & “order carry out 1-2 times a week (usually we eat out maybe once a month)” & decide on a different restaurant each time among the ones we like. 8/1/20, instead of going into Lawrence, KS to get “carry out/to go” dinner which is actually 10+ miles closer to us, we went to Topeka. BIG MISTAKE!! AND WE WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!!!! FIRST – we ordered online. Texas Roadhouse has a terrible online order program! 3/4ths of the time it doesn’t work! 3/4ths of the time it “tries to keep processing either order or payment (if you even get that far!)” until the hourglass is empty!! Tonight was no exception! However, just when I was about ready to give up & call our order in — to my complete surprise!!! Our order processed!! And we set out for our 41 mile trip to get dinner & bring it home to eat!! Being “country folk” we ordered 2 Country Fried Sirloin meals, chose “our gravy”, chose “extra gravy”, paid an extra $1.99 for “smother my steak” which was grilled onions & mushrooms…1 with onions only, 1 with “the smother” of both onions & mushrooms. We both ordered “mashed potatoes with butter & cream gravy” and green beans. We also ordered a Cactus Blossom. It came with “fresh baked bread” of which there were 8 rolls for 2 people with only 2 “cinnamon/butters” for the rolls. (Not sure about you but one of those small “to go” “cinnamon butters” only does 1 roll….? SO what were we to put on the other 6 rolls? Obviously NOTHING!!! & so they ended up in the trash – they were also undercooked & very gummy!!!….SO…WE should EACH have gotten “gravy on the Country Fried Sirloin (which was so tough we didn’t eat much of it)”, EXTRA GRAVY, & “gravy for the mashed potatoes”….RIGHT??….that should have been 3 gravies each in to go containers for a TOTAL OF 6 to go containers of gravy……SMH….NOPE!!! …. Now being “country folk”, my spouse is a “meat & potatoes” man, & we had put in a 12 hr “work day.”……Our order had the 2 “Country Fried Sirloin”s each in a separate container neither of which had “SMOTHERED GRAVY ON IT”…NOR DID THEY HAVE THESMOTHERED CONDIMENTS” OF 2 SAUTEED ONIONS & 1 SAUTEED MUSHROOM EITHER ON THE MEAT NOR IN SEPARATE to go containers….the 2 “to go containers of green beans” were BARELY HALF FULL & mostly the "cooking liquid…. the 2 “containers of mashed potatoes with butter & gravy” had the 2 butters on the side, and 2 containers of gravy…..HOWEVER upon removing the lids – both mashed potatoes were BARELY HALF FULL….both containers of gravy were BARELY HALF FULL …..there were 2 other “to go containers” that each were BARELY HALF FULL of EXTRA GRAVY…….2 “to go containers” put together made 1 container of TEXAS ROADHOUSE’S “NORMAL SERVINGS”!!!…..NEEDLESS TO SAY, I put the TWO 1/2 full containers of green beans together in 1 container, I put the TWO 1/2 full containers of mashed potatoes together in one container, DID NOT MENTION THAT WE DID NOT RECEIVE THE SAUTEED ONIONS NOR MUSHROOMS, …..AND SERVED “MY MEAT & POTATOES SPOUSE” his Country Fried Sirloin with ALL THE MASHED POTATOES, ALL THE GREEN BEANS & ALL THE GRAVY….1 gravy for “SMOTHERING THE COUNTRY FRIED SIRLOIN” and 1 gravy for his mashed potatoes…….He sat down and started to eat…..WHAT DID I HAVE TO EAT??…… SMH….. I tried to eat the “TOUGH COUNTRY FRIED SIRLOIN”….WITH NO “SMOTHERED SAUTEED ONIONS”…..WITH NO “SMOTHERED SAUTEED MUSHROOMS”….THAT WE PAID AN EXTRA $3.98 + tax for…..WITH NO “SMOTHERED GRAVY”……WITH NO MASHED POTATOES WITH BUTTER & GRAVY…..WITH NO GREEN BEANS…..WITH NO EXTRA GRAVY THAT WAS ORDERED FOR EACH OF US……..HORRIFIED, my spouse asked if I was ok….I replied with a “white lie” that “I guessed I wasn’t as hungry as I thought.”…….and I hate to be crude, but less than 30 minutes after eating maybe 1/3 of the Country Fried Sirloin TOTALLY PLAIN…..I had “gut issues” and had explosive diarrhea!!!…. SO MAKES ONE WONDER WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THECOOK? …… TEXAS ROADHOUSE, TOPEKA, KS IS NOT PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING PER GOVERNOR’s STATE MANDATES!!!!! (and yes I know who and how to report it!! and YES!! after our experience “from hell” you bet that’s the first thing that’s happening Monday morning!!!…..Customers waiting to “dine in” are congregated outside with very little seating. MANY DID NOT HAVE FACE MASKS ON!!! MOST WERE NOT PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING BUT INSTEAD WERE ACTUALLY SITTING OR STANDING WITH SHOULDERS TOUCHING OR WITHIN 6" OF EACH OTHER’S FACE!!!…….It wasn’t ANY BETTER INSIDE!!!!….Employees at the front counter were wearing face masks, several without their hair pulled back or in a hair net (which I believe are standard Department of Health requirements!!, they were “ALL CRUNCHING INTO A VERY SMALL SPACE AND CRUNCHING INTO EACH OTHER.”!!!…. I walked around to see the dining room….. THERE WAS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING BEING PRACTICED AND OF COURSE EVERYONE AT THE TABLE HAS TO REMOVE THEIR MASKS TO EAT!!!! (which our way of thinking VIOLATES THE GOVERNOR’S MANDATORY WEARING OF FACE MASKS IN PUBLIC OR WHERE YOU WILL BE LESS THAN 6 FEET FROM ANOTHER PERSON!!!!……IF THE ORDER MANDATES FACE MASKS AT ALL TIMES IN THE PUBLIC THEN THAT SHOULDSELF-SHUT DOWN DINE IN SEATING”!!!!….but CAN’T FIX STUPID!!! AND OBVIOUSLY CAN’T QUARANTINE OR ISOLATE STUPID EITHER!!!…….AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY….KANSAS HAS GONE FROM BEING A SHINING EXAMPLE DURING COVID 19 to BEING SHAMEFULLY PROHIBITED FROM THE ENTIRE STATE OF NEW YORK – which at one time early on was a nightmare for anyone kept abreast of the news!!! AND FROM THE CITY OF CHICAGOSPECIFICALLY!!! ……BOY AM I PROUD TO BE A KANSAN TODAY!!…..WTF (Wear The Facemask!!! STUPID!!)…… CUSTOMERS WERE NOT SEATED WITH TABLES 6 FEET APART!! THEY WERE BACK TO BACK OR RIGHT ACROSS FROM EACH OTHER!!

Country Fried Sirloin

TOUGH!! TOUGH!! … and orderd “SMOTHERED” for $1.99 extra per meal(sauteed onions & Mushroom) with GRAVY ……AND GOT NON OF IT!!!

American Tex-mex Traditional
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