690 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ 08108

That's Amore

Cuisine: Italian, Pasta, Fusion

That's Amore is a Italian, Pasta, and Fusion restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped more than 18%.

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"The food was good. Waiter was good however while we were having coffee the owner came over yo our table and asked us to leave. He was rude. No impressed Might not visit here again. "
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"We spent alot money on our meal and to be treated with disrespect."
  • 7/18/2014

    An Italian food lover from Ashburn, VA tried it and liked it. They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 11/29/2013

    An Italian food lover from Plainsboro, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 11/24/2013

    A dining patron from Monroe Township, NJ tried it, didn't like it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    The food was good. Waiter was good however while we were having coffee the owner came over yo our table and asked us to leave. He was rude. No impressed Might not visit here again.
    See previous
    We spent alot money on our meal and to be treated with disrespect.
  • 4/13/2013

    A diner from Albany, IN tried it and liked it.

ErinMcGeeFerrell photo


 Moorestown, NJ

Fabulous Brunch Location in South Jersey

My family took me for Brunch on my birthday to That’s Amore. We had children age 8 to adults age 65 at our table. Family raved over the sweet potato home fries and the Cream cheese French toast. I loved the Chocolate chip scones as well. Great environment, fast service, and wonderful hospitailty all around. Great SJ Brunch recommendation. My father-in-law..very picky, enjoyed the experience.

Cream Cheese French Toast

Cream Cheese French Toast. Wonderful!

wife_of_jeff photo


 Haddonfield, NJ

Don't Miss This Place!

Authentic Italian cuisine with some interesting twists. The “Sunday Gravy” entree brings back memories of Italian grandparents and hearty red sauces. Every salad and entree we tried was great; and all oversized (so good for sharing). Can’t wait to go back and try the “chef’s table” for an ultra reasonable $35 per person. Tonight’s salad special was unique — watermelon covered with mixed greens in a very light balsamic dressing, plus walnuts and goat cheese (just enough of the latter to provide interest, without overwhelming the rest of the salad). Fresh made fettucini was terrific; and risotto excellent.
Lots of good Italian food in Collingswood for sure, but this place stands out — reasonably priced, excellent service, wonderful chef. Get here as soon as you can, and be sure to make a reservation. . . .

Sunday Sauce

Wonderful red sauce, terrific fresh fettucini, and served with a separate bowl of meatballs, sausage, and pork. Yum! Way too much for one person to eat in one sitting (but should be great leftover!)
They don’t have this every night of the week, so get it when you can.

h2o photo


 Collingswood, NJ

Decent experience

I found the decor to be cozy and the service was great. My experience was just average, it was good but didn’t exceed what I’ve come to expect from Collingswood Italian BYOs. Now for the food… I loved loved loved my mixed green salad—large and delicious dressing. The dipping sauce that came with the bread was fabulous, like a thick tomato soup. Did miss the olive oil though. The spinach mashed potatoes that came with some of the entrees was delicious. My gnocchi was delicious too however I thought the portion was very small and I was charged $2 extra to swap out spaghetti. Prices were still lower than Nunzios or Villa Barone but unlike at those restaurants we didn’t have leftovers to take home!

Musa7437 photo


 Cherry Hill, NJ

Believe you me

I don’t write reviews! This place made me break my rule. The atmosphere there is unpretentious and low key but THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS! My wife and I decided to try someplace we hadn’t been before. I asked my smart phone to “find a restaurant near me” and “That’s Amore” was about the fourth restaurant whose reviews I read. It’s 1st three or four reviews were 3 out of 3 while the others had varying degrees of complaints. To make a long story short: The wait staff (one handsome male, one pretty female) was affable and engaging. The chef is gregarious and genuine. Did I mention THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS! I’ve never had better Spaghetti and Meatballs and my wife’s Salmon and salad was scrumptious. Mi amore for That’s Amore.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Superb. I dubbed it “The Maxwell House Spaghetti” because it was definitely “good to the last very drop!”


Not what I expected!

Love the restaurants decor, chef was very welcoming and wait staff pleasant.
A couple of things that did not bode well… When a customer leaves the wait staff a 40% tip don’t charge the customer $3 for a cup of coffee that was ordered after the bill was settled. Really stupid business move!
So stupid it might have cost the chef a customer.
Also, not to be confused with Sunday gravy we found the regular gravy to be a bit on the “Chef Boy R Dee” side.
What kind of cheese was in the salad? Very rubbery, no taste.
I think we will put That’s Amore on the back burner for now with the hopes that the standards improve to compete with the other restaurants in Collingswood.

annandmike photo


 Sewell, NJ

Best Italian Food!

Best italian food I have ever eaten out! My husband slipped and told the chef that they were the best meatballs he had ever eaten until he glanced back at me and saw my one eyebrow up and then added,“other than my wifes!” The food is incredible!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

My husband had the spaghetti and meatballs and I had the penne alla vodka. Also, we both had a classic caesar salad. Everything from begining to end was delicious. The chef/owner came out to talk to us and made us feel at home and appreciated. The service was top-notch and the food was even better!

dmg0318 photo


 Audubon, NJ

A must try BYOB!

My husband and I tried That’s Amore for the first time last night and loved it! The food was amazing and very reasonably priced. We had the goat cheese pillow that changes daily and the grilled ceasar salad for an appetizer and they were amazing and complimented our wine wonderfully. For an entree I had the eggplant rollatini, and it was the best eggplant I have ever tried. My husband and I love going out to dinner, especially to BYOB restaurants and have dined at all the other BYOBs in Collingswood. I have to say That’s Amore is my new favorite. I can’t wait to go back again for dinner, and book a reservation to bring my mom there for her birthday! I’d say if you love real Italian style cooking and food that tastes like your Italian grandma spent all day cooking, then go here!

soccerpup712 photo


 Voorhees, NJ

Delicious from Drinks to Dessert

Went here today for my birthday dinner and everything was perfect from the drinks to the service to the dessert! Started with 2 salads- Tuscany greens and a Caesar salad. Both were delicious, well portioned, and had fantastic dressings! That was a great sign from the start. When the waiter brought out the red sauce and bread- WOW. Bread was crusty on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. And the red sauce. Where do I even begin? I could not find a single flaw to that sauce. I could probably have just consumed that sauce plain, it was that delicious. Perfect consistency and ridiculously pleasing flavor. My company ordered the Sunday Gravy and Spaghetti and Meatballs, while I ordered their Jersey special Gnocchi with Baby Shrimp in pesto cream topped with bruschetta. Every single dish was delicious and everyone had leftovers, the portions were so so very generous! Being a birthday dinner, we couldn’t ditch dessert, so we ordered their Jersey blueberry cobbler and cannoli. THIS COBBLER MUST HAVE CAME FROM THE GODS. It was warm, rich but not too much, sweet, blueberry, and a ample portion accented by vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. We split that among us and the cannolis were very good, but not as stand out as the cobbler. And just to exemplify their service, they did a little celebration and brought me chocolate mousse with a candle in it for my birthday, complimentary, which was delicious. The hostess at the front is very friendly along with the owner who is constantly doing little tasks too, and as menitoned, our waiter was as friendly as it gets. It was our first time dining there and the food was delicious and the service made us feel so comfortable. Definitely coming back to That’s Amore and I highly recommend this restaurant.
P.S. The decor was very nice too! Casual but homey but stylish. Can you tell I’m a little hooked with this place? And that red sauce…

Spaghetti and Meatballs


ShockedPatron photo


 Haddon Township, NJ


I have heard a lot of wonderful things about this restaurant. I couldn’t wait to try it. To say that I was utterly disgusted with what transpired during my visit, is truly an understatement.

My mom and I ordered drinks (water and an iced tea) to start. The water came, but the iced tea was being made fresh, so I had to wait. The waitress came over to let us know that it would be a few minutes, and I told her that it was no big deal, and that I totally understood.

As my mother and I sat there, watching the other patrons getting the food and drinks that they ordered, we noticed that I still did not get my iced tea, bread, or our meals of spaghetti and meatballs! We waited 45 minutes, with nothing!

I was starting to get frustrated as I had to leave at 7 pm, for a presentation. The waitress came over and finally gave me my iced tea, which I couldn’t drink since I had to leave. I called her back over and explained to her that we had to leave and that at this point we could not stay and eat our meals that were not done yet. She said, she was so sorry and that she wished that she would have known that we were in a rush. I said, well we have been here for 45 minutes. She said that she believed our food was done. At that point, if the food was done, I would have had it wrapped to go, and paid. But she wasn’t quite sure and told us not to worry about it and apologized.

At that point, I said I would love to come back another time, and that we were sorry that we had to leave. I asked her how much the iced tea was so I could pay for it. She stated not to worry about it and that we could just go and apologized again.

As we got up to leave, the owner/chef came out with two dishes. He came right to us and asked, are these yours? I started to explain to him that we waited for 45 minutes and that if they were ours, we would have them to go and come back another time to sit and eat. He didn’t want to hear this. He told me to never come back and that he doesn’t waste food! I tried to explain to him that I wanted the food wrapped, and he wouldn’t listen.

I walked out of the store and called him, to not create a scene, He accused me of ‘stiffing’ the waitress. He said that I didn’t even pay for the drink(s)! I was shocked! I stated that his waitress told us not to worry about it! I offered to pay for an iced tea that I didn’t even drink! I would have never not paid for something that I used or ate!

This owner needs to act like a respectful human being. The worst part was, people knew me in this establishment. I didn’t want to argue and ruin other customer’s experiences.

He needs to learn how to talk to people and understand what is going on in his business at all times! RUDE RUDE RUDE!

With that said, good luck with your Italian Cuisine Restaurant, which happens to be amoung many other WONDERFUL italian cuisine dining establishments that would have never treated us this way. I think you need to go back to what your philosophy is….and follow it!

CMGiannace photo


 Brick, NJ

We LOVE That's Amore!

If you’ve never been to That’s Amore in Collingswood, NJ, you’re missing out. We recently traveled from Brick, NJ, (73 miles) for Sunday dinner and let me tell you, it was well worth the trip. The food was superb, the atmosphere welcoming and the overall experience was a rave.

Warm bread and tomato sauce are brought to the table for you to enjoy while perusing the eclectic menu. The Sunday ‘gravy’ was so good it was as if my Italian grandmother was in the kitchen rolling the meatballs and preparing the meal. It’s an authentic slow simmered gravy (or sauce to some) with meatballs, sausage and pork so tender it falls off the bone. If you’re Italian, you’ll know exactly what I mean. So delicious.

Our visit coincided with Macaroni and Cheese month so, of course, we had to try Alfredo’s award winning Mac n Cheese! You’ve got try it. There was even mac n cheese on the dessert menu. . . .really. Orzo pasta prepared in a creamy blend with dried cherries and white chocolate. It was so good, you’ll never eat rice pudding again. Don’t forget to try the pumpkin cannoli cream dessert . . . .a delightful blend of ricotta cheese, pumpkin and white chocolate served with delicate cookies. Unbelievably good.

It was our first visit to this restaurant but will definitely not be our last. We’ve already made plans to go back with friends for the Chef’s Table. My only regret is that we can’t eat there EVERY night. Honestly, the food was so good if we lived closer we would!

Jnlholly photo


 Collingswood, NJ

GREAT 1st Impression

We are new to the area and chose this restaurant mostly by word of mouth from neighbors.

Everything was fantastic! From the last minute reservation they accomidated to the delivery of the the check-GREAT service/food.

DEFINITLY will return.

MRH photo


 Sicklerville, NJ

Unexpected Delight!

This dining experience was off the charts. The servers were friendly and attentive and the food was scrumptious! The portions were very generous and perfect for sharing. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we tried the dessert. Mama Mia!

Chef's special

The veal scallopini was the best I EVER had with artichokes and red peppers. The ribs were succulent and HUGE. Go with what the waiters recommend. They really know the food there.

musicguy56 photo


 Philadelphia, PA

Wonderful Comfort Food

My wife and I decided to try That’s Amore for dinner after I enjoyed a great business lunch there earlier this week. A superb decision!

In spite of the fact that I really miss the coffee, ambience, and Friday evening live music at the Treehouse, a former resident of this space, I’m really glad that this establishment has settled in, and will absolutely become a vital player in the Collingswood scene.

Every element of a great dining experience is present and done well, from the decor, to the service to, of course, the food. The location on the corner of Haddon and Collings presents great views of the sidewalks, which on this Friday evening were busy with people. Our servers were attentive and extraordinarily knowledgable about menu items and specials. Portions are immense – our refrigerator is now stocked with food for a complete additional meal.

Our selections included the Gorgonzola, Pear salad, and the Fried Rice with Mozzarella Cheese. In both cases, we probably could have ended our meal there, and been perfectly happy, both with quality and quantity. But no, we had to explore the menu. So we moved on to Tilapia Piccata and Sunday Sauce. Both outstanding and, especially with regard to “Sunday Sauce” enough food to feed both of us.

Overall an excellent experience, that we plan to repeat soon!

Genji photo


 Cherry Hill, NJ

Excellent Experience

Suggested to two friends from Scotland that we try That’s Amore for Sunday brunch, based on its colorful website, appealing menu, and enthusiastic reviews.

It was amore at Amore when we were greeted with warm and inviting decor, attractively set tables and a welcoming smile from Camille, one of the owners.

The brunch menu covered a good range of choices, the prix fix price was reasonable, and the service attentive and prompt. Every order included hash brown sweet potatoes, a new taste treat for all of us. Our meals ranged from eggs benedict to a cheese and mushroom omelette, and steak and eggs. The food was nicely presented, well prepared, warm, and delicious. My Scotch friends weren’t even disappointed that there was no haggis on the menu.:)

What a treat to find a previously unknown restaurant that exceeded our explorers’ expectations in every way. Would have given it 5 stars, but want to wait until I’ve given it a dinner drive. Even without my Terminator RayBans, I’ll be back!

What a treat to find a previously unknown restaurant that exceeded our explorers’ expectations in every way. Would have given it 5 stars, but want to wait until I’ve given it a dinner drive. Even without my Terminator RayBans, I’ll be back!

Eggs Benedict

Fresh toasted English muffin, real Canadian bacon, perfect poached eggs, and just-rght hollandaise.

jojoM photo


 Audubon, NJ

We had a great dinner at That's Amore. For...

We had a great dinner at That’s Amore. For appetizers we had fried calamari, t was very lightly battered—more like tempura—and dleicious and goat chees stuffed artichoke hearts. I had a pasta entree that easily was enough for dinner the next day. He had the Sunday Sauce. This dish consists of a huge dish of baked ziti accompanied by another huge dish with sausage, meatball and a slow cooked pork chop whose meat melted off the bone. The meal brought tears to his eyes. “It reminds me of sunday dinners my mom made.” Does it get any better than that?

scarlettb photo


 Cambridge, MA

A great location for dinner with friends.

That’s Amore has a fantastic menu (wish I could have tried the Chef’s Table – next time!) and a fabulous, convivial atmosphere. Fantastic menu + fabulous surroundings = fantabulous experience.

Tilapia special

Huge portion of tilapia in a mustard cream sauce, over a mascarpone-laced spinach. Delicious asparagus and mushroom risotto.

mrspete photo


 Mt Laurel, NJ

Innovative meets Comfort Food

Our “Birthday Club” has made the rounds of Collingswood restaurants. That’s Amore is definitely one worth repeating. We decided not to try the waiter recommended “chef’s sampler” due to dietary restrictions of one member ( we are a considerate bunch.) We ordered off the menu, choosing a variety of interesting appetizers and many gals choosing a “special” of talapia in a mustard sauce stuffed with marscapone cheese and spinach. They loved it and the portions were huge. Everyone brought home a doggie bag, and that is definitely not the norm. One lady got putanesca, and it was delivered in a trough size bowl !! She is a genuine Italian and she said it was authentic and delicious. I ordered Shrimp Scampi. Homemade pasta was topped with seven enormous butterflied shirmp. The sauce was very tasty and the shrimp cooked just right. I worry about under or over cooked, when ordering seafood…. not the case at That’s Amore. We were too full to order dessert ( also not the norm) so I will gladly look forward to another trip to try some sweets. The Chef greeting our party at the meal’s end and wished the Birthday Girl and our entire party a pleasant evening.

shrimp scampi

Italian comfort food. Delicious fresh shrimp. Not your “olive garden” variety !!!

NJFoodLover photo


 Cherry Hill, NJ

Restaurant Week

This week, I patronized That’s Amore with my sister and a girlfriend for Collingswood’s Restaurant Week. Driving by this restaurant, I thought it looked adorable from the outside, and upon stepping into That’s Amore, I felt that the atmosphere was perfect right down to the flowers that they had on each table. The attractiveness of this restaurant didn’t end with its appearance however. The staff was friendly and willing to please, and the food was absolutely delicious. I had 4 courses to choose, and went with the Butternut Squash and Apple Chowder, the Arancini di Riso (a lightly fried rice ball stuffed with mozzarella cheese and served with classic red sauce), the Penne with Pistachio Cream and Chicken, and the Chocolate Chip and Coconut Bread Pudding with Oreo Crumble. Each was unique and quite tasty. I also had the opportunity to sample the Fried Pizza, the Penne in Pesto Cream with Shrimp, and the Chocolate Brownie Mousse. Each of those selections were equally satisfying. I highly recommend this Collingswood eatery!

laughlindi photo


 Collingswood, NJ

Enjoyable every time

Consistent. Tasty food and great service. Great place to enjoy food and conversation.

johnm6 photo


 Brooklyn, NY

Superb Dining Experience

Came back to Collngswood with my partner and roommate, from New York City, to visit my mother. We decided on That’s Amore because they took our reservation without a problem and we were promptly and politely seated by Facundo (sp). We were introduced to our server, bus girl and host, and were told the appetizers within minutes. Everything was delicious. Coming from New York, where the world is literally our oyster, this place shocked us all. The chicken, the fish, the steak, the sauce, the service—honestly, I havent written this kind of review on yelp EVER. Well done!

tae7 photo


 Marlboro, NJ


i recently visited thats amore and was lucky enough to sit outside on such a nice evening. the staff was wonderful! they were attentive without being annoying. the food was out of this world! we started with a wonderful salad with huge chunks of feta, muscles which were HUGE, and snacked on the delicisous crusty yet soft warm bread with yummy sauce. my entree was delicious… gorganzola pene with shrimp and spinach, and my husband had sweet potato gnocci with spinach cream. everything was so good we even had dessert… tiramisu which was decadent. the portions are huge and well worth the price. the food was fresh and prepared perfectly by alfredo the chef who came out on several occasions to check on us! amazing!! we will be regulars!

goodfoodism photo


 Moorestown, NJ

Well Worth the Trip!

A friend of mine, who knows good food and dines out often, joined me for a dinner at That’s Amore. She was thrilled that I introduced her to this gem in Collingswood. The room decor is very inviting and reminded me of nights spent in restaurants in Tuscany. The menu covers just about any Italian specialty you are craving. One warning is to go to That’s Amore hungry, since the portions are vast!

We started with mixed green salads with goat cheese, walnuts and dried cranberries. Everything was very fresh, and the dressing had great flavor without overpowering the salad. Our next course was the tilapia on a bed of chopped spinach. This was not any ordinary spinach, though. It was seasoned to perfection and mixed with cheese, herbs and bread crumbs. Combined with the lemon sauce on the fish, the tastes were out of this world! This was served with a side of risotto, which was an excellent complement to the fish.

By the time the dessert menu came we had boxed half of our entrees and still couldn’t eat another morsel. Pity, since the dessert menu had some very tempting combinations. A fresh cup of pressed coffee completed our memorable meal. For a pleasant evening out, in a BYOB restaurant that won’t break the bank, That’s Amore was love at first sight for me!

chef's table

On another visit my family had the Chef’s Table. This is well worth the experience with a group pf people! It’s a great way to try a bit of everything on the menu. The food just kept coming and everything was delicious.

cazadorpole photo


 West Deptford, NJ

A most pleasant surprise

Last night several friends and I gathered to share our recent travel experiences and wandered into Collingswood and, on a whim, stopped in That’s Amore. We had eaten there before under a different ownership but once we were seated and discovered things had change we decided to give it a try. What a great decision! FIrst of all the aroma’s that fill the place really get the juices flowing. After looking at a nice menu we decided to go for a 9 course family style meal called the Grand Chef.($25 a head). Crusty bread to start with an exquisite marinara (we had to have seconds – a mistake). The courses were each delicious, and some a little unusual, but be cautioned. Pace yourself! not only were the courses delicious, they were large. Salads (3), a polenta parmigiana, rice balls in sauce, baby artichokes in gravy, 2 pastas and cannolis for desert. The components apparently change from day to day depending on what the specials are and ingredients at hand.,There is a larger version that includes fish and meat entrees as well as an expanded desert course. I can’t imagine eating that one, but a table next to us ordered it and they had nice grins on their faces. So food is an A+,and the serving staff was extremely friendly, helpful and good natured. I read some negative comments about the chef. Perhaps he was having a bad pasta day. We spoke with him for about 20 mintes at the conclusion of the meal and he was great, and even shared some of his recipes with us. Obviously we were quite pleased with the experience and it is defitely on our repeat list.

fun31 photo


 Collingswood, NJ

good food,, great servers, not so friendly owners

i have been there a few times. the food is good, the servers are GREAT!! how ever i was not impressed by the owners attitude to his staff. i happen to be in ears shot of the owner and the way he talks to his servers is WRONG!!! 2 times now i have seen how the waiters get treated and its not very nice. aside from that, the decor was beautiful,food was good. i just wish the owners knew how to treat their employes because good workers are hard to find!!!!!!

shrimp scampi

great dinner! nice size. salad was great desserts good!!

Karmalu photo


 Collingswood, NJ


My husband and I ate at That’s Amore a couple of weeks ago. Everything was fantastic, the food, the service, the small details were all covered, and I would absolutely go back. That said, I do hope they find the funding (if that’s the issue?) to fix the front windows, as it was not as warm in there as I would imagine it could be and believe the cardboard may be deterring people from giving this gem a try.

Chicken wrapped crab

This was a special that evening and it was delicious!

russfordyce photo


 Burlington, NJ

The Name Say's It All

What a treat. We dined at That’s Amore in Collingswood last night and ordered the “Chef’s Table” which was delicious. 9 course dinner, hand selected, including salad, cold and hot appetizers, pasta and meat courses and home made desserts. Every item seemingly better than the next and plenty to take home. One of chef’s pasta dishes was amazing – butternut squash! All of us agreed that the best part of the experience was that we would never had ordered any of those dishes independently, yet all of them were fantastic. When you go (not if), the Chef’s Table is the only thing to order! (Side note: we watched diners line up across the street and stand in the cold/rain for an hour for a meal at a Collingswood institution that was no doubt inferior.)

chef's table

Each dish was unique and delicious.

sorrow photo


 Phila, PA

loved it

I really enjoyed the food and the setting it was relaxing. That’s Amore was romantic enough for me and my partner. The dining experience was fabulous the dishes where just right …… See you soon

ItalianBoy photo


 Collingswood, NJ

A Refreshing Dining Experience!

My friends and I wanted to try a new local restaurant, so we took a chance on “That’s Amore.” We were NOT disappointed. Immediately, we were struck by the warm, relaxing ambiance with good old-fashioned Italian music softly playing in the background. Then within seconds, we were greeted and accommodated by perhaps the friendliest staff I’ve ever met, and all of them help to wait on you, from lighting the candles at your table, to checking with the chef regarding your questions about the dishes, to making you feel right at home and ensuring you enjoy your meal. All of our food was cooked and seasoned to the delight of our taste buds. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a warm, relaxing, and delicious dining experience—especially for those who enjoy Italian cuisine.

Tomkat713 photo


 Collingswood, NJ


1. Great menu selection with excellent/interesting specials (Goat Cheese Pillow & soup of the day/Butternut Squash Apple were delicious!)
2. Sensible portions
3. Fantastic service! Our waiter was so nice. Owner checked on us at the end of the meal which was a very cool touch.
4. Pasta dishes were so tasty! Homemade pasta. Sauces full of flavor!
5. The decor was beautiful. I love the art work and candles lit but, lighting way too bright :-( Wish they could dim the lights. Found ourselves not wanting to stay for dessert because it wasn’t romantic enough. Such a cute table by the fireplace but, felt like there was a spot light above. Soft music would have been nice too.

cjd015 photo


 Collingswood, NJ

Great Find!

I wandered into this restaurant for lunch one day by chance and it has been one my favorites ever since! It’s an Italian restaurant, but all the dishes are bit of a unique twist off typical Italian cousin. It also has a great intimate atmosphere and the servers are genuinely friendly; probably one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back!

Chef's special

I had the chefs pasta special one evening for dinner and it was delicious! I cannot remember the name, but it had chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and a white wine sauce. Absolutely perfect!

fitman photo


 Las Vegas, NV

If you don't LOVE this place....you don't know food

Let’s talk food….Great Dishes-Great Taste-Great Portions

Let’s talk service…Sweet servers..Sweet owners…always making you happy….never missing a beat

Let’s talk price….beyond reasonable…so much food for the price…
you CAN NOT leave hungry and still take some home for grandma
I would pay much more and still be happy.

Let’s talk a new restaurant….for only being open 6-7 weeks they are doing a wonderful job for there new customers. There are always things to be work out for any new business and this team is
over coming it very well. With there smiles and great attitude they
will be very successful

We loved it and can’t wait to go back

Loui- G

Bike photo


 Cinnaminson, NJ

Limited Dinner Menu, RUDE Host/Owner, Excellent Food

Sat. evening at 7, tried to get reservations, were told that they didn’t take them & you don’t need, should be a short wait. Get to front door, no hostess stand. A woman comes across the floor, we tell her a party of four. She says, just a few minutes. We see a few open tables so we believe her. A party of 4 arrives 5 minutes later, they are seated (we were told special friends who were given a reservation). I then ask again, how long is the wait a few minutes or 30 minutes. She says more likely 20 mins. I ask if I can give our names, “No, we don’t take names, just stand outside where I can see so I don’t forget about you”. I swear to God that is what she said. One party in our group is not really irate and doesn’t want to eat here at all, we calm her down. Meanwhile, a group of 4 who also arrived after us, is seated. They requested the “chef’s table”. It is just another table in the restaurant, not any closer to the chef. My irate friend walks away, I go after and our husbands stay behind just in case a miracle occurs and we are seated. As my friend and I are scoping out other restaurants for wait time (30 minutes has now passed), My husband calls my cell and we have a table. Our waiter was excellent (Kyle, I think) and the food was delicious. The menu is very limited, no steak, pork, lamb or veal. We find out that the rude hostess is actually the owner. Amazing!!!! How long does she think she will be in business treating customers this way? If you can get past the front door, you may end up enjoying your food and your evening. We will never return.

lpaetow photo


 Shamong, NJ

New Restaurant You Have To Try

This place is great-delicious Italian Food, Great service and a cozy location in the center of town. Prices are amazing-not quite sure how they keep the prices so reasonable for the quality. Can’t wait to go back to try the Chef’s Table -other customers were raving about it!! You will want to order a large sample of the appetizers but don’t forget to save room for dessert-everything just amazing. Our waitor was always there when we needed someone but not obtrusive-just a wonderful place to share a meal with friends.

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 Shamong, NJ


What a wonderful night. First of all, That’s Amore is that Restaurant in Collingswood that is the focal point as you drive down Haddon Ave. When you are inside the restaurant the colors and the feeling are so warm and welcoming, you just want to sit back and relax with friends. The food… AMAZING. I am still thinking about the rice balls… wonderful… the sauces are so delicious and have such a homemade freshness about them. The Staff was wonderful and the hostess and chef are just people you want to get to know. Great for a family meal, or a night out with friends. I can’t wait until I have had the chance to try EVERYTHING on the menu!

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 Collingswood, NJ

Great new Italian BYO in Collingswood

I’ve had two wonderful experiences at That’s Amore and am looking forward to many more!

The food is delicious… huge portions and good prices. I highly recommend the eggplant rollatini! Yummm… and the baked ziti that comes along side the entrees is amazing. The atmosphere inside is warm and cozy, and the owners, servers, and kitchen staff are all friendly and accomodating.

My advice: next time you find yourself waiting outside for a table at Il Fiore, head across the street for a fantastic meal at That’s Amore instead. You won’t be disappointed!

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 Haddonfield, NJ

O M Gosh!

Hubby & I went with our dearest friends this past Saturday night, we are all FOODIES
We all agreed on the Chef’s Table. Priced reasonably @ $35 a head, it was a stunning feast!
Each dish was prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients.
The Chef’s table is a great choice if you think you’ve seen it all at the local eateries. The courses were a delightful surprise, very authentice also.
The service was efficient and yet, not overbearing.
My favorite was the Gnocci with Bolognese… geez… does it get any better…??
I cannot wait to go back, maybe I’ll do lunch, or brunch. Or both.
BTW-yes you can dine here if you are watching your “caloric in-take”. Not alot of fillers on this table…!
PS- Did I mention the deserts ROCKED!!

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A Gotta Get…
A never ending array of delightful dishes. It was almost embarassing how much moaning with gastronomical pleasure was coming from our table…..
Included is salads, appetizers,entrees, deserts.
Don’t forget this is a BYOB!

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 Moorestown, NJ

Fantastic New Collingswood Restaurant

Tonight my friends and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner at this new chic, fun Italian restaurant…the food was AMAZING and the prices so reasonable – thought there was amistake on our bill! Owner came over offered free Sangria – the food was really unbelievable and the service and ambiance outstanding. we had the CHEF"s TABLE where there is no menu, they just keep bringing on the food until you say “STOP!” So much fun – can’t wait to go back!

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see above

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 Woodlynne, NJ


I took the girlfriend here on Friday night. Place is pretty small, NOT fat guy friendly, that’s FOR SURE. I got stuck in a corner by the fireplace, which I was wedged between an unused table that was behind me, that of course I couldn’t move. Of course being as big as I am, I got the same old nasty looks from people in Collingswood because of my size.

We ordered. Our server was nice. The Pomme Fritas were good (the white truffle oil MAKES that dish), girlfriend got Gnocchi Alfredo, and it also had Parmesan Or Reggiano ( I don’t know which) shavings, which was nice. I got this stuffed flounder dish that came with Risotto since it was “seafood month” The flounder was good, minus the hard, crunchy plate dressing that got into it. I moved that out of the way it was tasty. I got to the Risotto, which had WAYY to much lemon in it. I alerted the server to this. We had mini cannolis for dessert. Standard cannoli’s, nothing special, but still tasty.

I got the bill; my dinner was still full price. I asked why, I was told it was because I didn’t alert them until after it was too late to replace it… well… let’s analyze this…

I got my dish, I immediately dove into the flounder part, since I was hungry. I was still eating the flounder and I had not touched the Risotto yet when the server came by and asked if everything was ok, and it was at that point, after I finished the flounder, I tried the risotto, and I found out it was pretty bad. Server comes back after the GF is done her dish and I am disgusted with mine and this is when I tell her.


The server had told me the owner was willing to negotiate by letting me take home a half order on cannoli’s or a side of pasta or sauce or something… at that point I was too disgusted to even think about it, since the owner had the AUDACITY to make me pay for something that I couldn’t even EAT.

I didn’t alert the server to how the meal was consumed or the timing issues I stated above, because at this point I knew it would do no good, since by her responses from the owner, I could already tell what mind set he was in.

I am by no long stretch a picky eater or the overly critiquing type, as I know what it’s like to work in food service and I have prepared peoples food on a daily basis, but come on… regardless of when you are notified if the food is bad, I shouldn’t have to pay for it if even YOU couldn’t stomach it… It seriously had like 4 table spoons too much of lemon juice in it… it was so acidic it could have degrease an engine.

This place COULD be great, but a few strings need to be tied down… and in a town like Collingswood, a single review could, knock a place over….

I hope this place gets its act together. This review STAYS.

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 Haddonfield, NJ

Stay Away From This Place!

My husband and I recently went to That’s Amore with another couple and were immediately unsure what the experience would be like when we walked in and the front window was taped over with cardboard because it had recently been smashed out. We were seated by the smashed out window and the door, on an extremely cold night, and because the door did not work properly, were cold through most of the meal.

Then there was the meal.

The salad, a pear Gorgonzola special was good. Very large. Our dinner companions ordered mussels in white wine sauce, which were overcooked and strangely colored and we informed the waiter. My entree was a diner special, which had been described as tilapia in lemon butter sauce. What was presented was tilapia (I think) smothered in capers, breaded and soaking on cold sauce. I sent it back and the chief came out and yelled at me for returning two items to the kitchen.

Another entree at the table was fettuccine Alfredo. Although it was homemade pasta, it was very doughy and had a strange taste. We’ve since found out our dinner companions were sick after leaving the restaurant.

Save your time and money and go anywhere else.

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