Woody's Steak House

Cuisine: Steakhouse, Italian, Catering

Woody's Steak House is a Steakhouse, Italian, and Catering restaurant where most Menuism users came for fun with friends, paid between $10 and $25, and tipped more than 18%.

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"Great filet!"
"Wonderful aged beef, and the chocolate cake was just sinful :)"
"Steak was great! Employees are all friendly. Price is reasonable. Atmosphere was relaxing! Overall great experience"
"great food - love the live piano music"
"Large portions"
"The steak, and Sandra, of course!"
"Quick and pleasant service and the food was great."
"This use to be one of our favorite places to go for special occasions but now they have started adding gratuity to the bill no matter the size of your party, 25%. Apparently the Servers think highly of themselves. What happened to working for your tip? No"
"Too dark..."
"Try it"
  • 5/17/2017

    A Steakhouse food lover from IL tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 1/19/2017

    A Steakhouse chowhound from Hendersonville, TN tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    Great filet!
  • 10/06/2016

    Loris4 tried it, liked it, and rated it . Loris4 liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Wonderful aged beef, and the chocolate cake was just sinful :)
  • 7/29/2016

    A dining patron from Nashville, TN tried it.

  • 6/11/2016

    A dining patron from Madison, TN tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Steak was great! Employees are all friendly. Price is reasonable. Atmosphere was relaxing! Overall great experience
  • 5/27/2016

    Terriac tried it, liked it, and rated it . Terriac liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    great food - love the live piano music
  • 5/25/2016

    A diner from Goodlettsville, TN tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 2/13/2015

    A diner from Atlanta, GA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Large portions
  • 1/17/2015

    A Steakhouse food lover from Atlanta, GA tried it, liked it, and rated it . They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

  • 12/30/2014

    A Steakhouse chowhound from Atlanta, GA tried it and liked it. They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

ABabakian photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Wednesday Night

Filet Mignon two for one every wednesday night at Woody’s. Best steaks in Nashville.

Filet Mignon

Very Tender and Tasty.

darryn5 photo


 Hendersonville, TN


I came in two weekends ago with friends.I thought this was just your “run of the mill” steak house..was I wrong.These guys had the best chicken florentine I’ve ever eaten.I went in expecting steak,but I’m a sucker for special menus.It really gives me a chance to see what’s really goin on in the kitchen…Long story short,Fabulous.I will be coming back.Thanks guys.

Chicken Florentine

Loaded with spinach,mushrooms,and proscuitto ham in a creamy garlic sauce.mmmmmmmmmm.Amazing

SamSand photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Thanksgiving Night

I my new neighbors for a Thanksgiving night get together which was catered by Woody’s Steak House. It was wonderful the Prime Rib, Turkey, Butterscotch pie, Green Beans, Potatoes, everything. Woody and his wife even stoped by and learned they also just live down the street. They are the sweetest couple. We all love you guys and please keep it up.

Prime Rib

Prime Rib was perfect! So Tender. Loved IT.

cocacolagirl44 photo


 Springfield, TN

Great place to go!

The special on Wednesday night is the best!!! Also, try the twice baked potatoe. Make sure you visit the bar, best mixed drinks in NASHVILLE!



fred08 photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Catered Christmas Party

My wife works for a very large car dealership, and their christmas party was at Woody’s in Hendersonville, TN this year. We have been to several over the years but by far this one was the best. From the COCKTAIL HOUR all the way to dessert, it was great. But the story on the wall of the bar was my highlight of the night. The story of how the place started. A few of us were able to meet the owner at the end of the night and all he talked about was his grandfather and grandmother. And how they made this place what it is today. We will be back to support Woodys.


The ribeye was very tender and tasty!

Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms on my ribeye steak were wonderful

ABW52 photo


 Hendersonville, TN


Woody’s was wonderful to work with on my daughters wedding last weekend. Woody himself was just a gem, keep me calm the whole time and really made the weekend much easier. The food was just awesome, so was the staff. Woody’s Steak House has been around over seventy years and our family wants that to continue.

New York Strip

So Good!!!!!!!!


Huge and Good.

Crab Cake

Best Crab Cake I Have Ever Hade.

Dkb425 photo


 Nashville, TN

Outstanding steaks!!!

This is indeed the best Steakhouse ever… Woody’s Steakhouse is not a chain restaurant but family owned for over 60 years. Steaks are still hand cut and the rolls, dressings and desserts are all made by the owner and staff. You also can’t beat their prices for the amount of food you get. I love steak night Wednesday…2 for 1 filet’s and you can’t beat the price. They also have music three nights a week; Wed, Fri and Sat. Great for date night or to just bring your family for an evening out… The staff does an outstanding job. My family loves it…

Filet Mignon

You can’t beat the filet… it is always cooked perfect and very tender…

babakian photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Loved It

My daughter and her husband have been trying to get us to go to Woodys for a long time now. But last week we finally got to go. it was good just like they had been telling us. when we go out it is usally downtown nashville but Woody’s is mush closer and better than those steakhouse in the big city. but the look of the place is what we liked the most. its like walking into one of those old civil war mansions in the movies. and when you go in the smell is incredable this place is great

Filet Mignon

very tender

B9W photo


 Hendersonville, TN


Woody’s Steak House is near our place and my roommate has been wanting to go. He has seen all the great feed back it gets. And there is a good reason, Woody’s is great. Upon arriving we were meet at the door with a big smile and sat right away now it was a tuesday night but they had several tables. We ordered a couple of drinks and scaned the menu. The waitress was right back with the drinks and we went ahead and ordered two steaks. Now the salads were so crisp and the dressing was awesome. But right before the main course hit the table our waitress brought us the best bread I have ever eaten. The ribeye is what my roommate got and that thing had so much flavor and it just melted in your mouth, now I had the strip and it was good but that ribeye was perfect. And the prices are great. Before we left I asked about the bread and the waitress which said she had been working at Woody’s for like fifteen years, told us that the owner and like fourth generation comes in every morning to make the bread. She also told us that Woody’s was about to be celebrating sixty somthing years in business. Can not wait to go back.

N.Y. Strip Steak

The N.Y. Strip Steak was very tender and had good flavor.


Maybe the best bread ever. And when you find out that the recipe gos back sixty years it tastes even better.


By far that was the best ribeye I have ever eaten. Top dog on the steaks.


Very crisp and fresh. Very Good.

LaneT photo


 Hendersonville, TN

happy hour lounge rocks

watched a little football tonight at Woody’s and had a great time. have been in the past but never sat in the bar. on my way home from work took a detour and ended up being at Woody’s for like four hours. had dinner maybe one of the best burgers ever. with this wicked good potato, awesome. the bartender gave me a little run down of the place and a history leason. Sandra was really nice and made very good drinks.

Steak Burger

Great Burger

NSH photo


 Bethpage, TN


I wanted to do something special for our 29 wedding anniversary! I was expecting a romantic evening with great food and atmosphere. What I got was bad service & worst food. We ordered fried mushrooms. They were great. You get a plate of the biggest fried mushrooms I have ever seen, but you get very little horseradish dipping sauce. It took me about 10 min to get our waitress. I asked for more dipping sauce. I never received it. My husband’s glass set empty for almost 20 minutes. The hostess finally came by and I asked her if she would get him some diet Pepsi. There was only two other tables when we got there. after we got our mushrooms 3 more tables were set. One of them got their appetizers & dinner before we got our dinner. About 10 minutes after they got their dinner my husband stopped the waitress and asked her what was taking so long? She said she would check. She brought our food out it was cold. The baked potato would not even melt the butter & was hard. The seafood was frozen not fresh. It had no flavor! You couldn’t eat the grouper at all. The crab cakes were not very good. The shrimp was just ok. The fries were greasy. My steak was good. We split it and the rolls were good. We ask for more rolls with our meal but never received them. I don’t mind paying higher prices for great food & service, but to pay over $56 for the meal we got here was robbery. I will never return to this restaurant again.

mix grill


acutegingerbaby photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Everything was excellent!!!

Well my girlfriend wanted to go somewhere new to eat last saturday, so driving towards rivergate from hendersonville we saw Woody’s on the right n decided to give it a try. Walking in the door, the employees were very friendly and knew what they were doin. We sat in the piano lounge and enjoyed some relaxing dinner music. We had thier crab cake appetizer, it was amazing!! It was served with a remulade sauce that only made the crab cakes better. We both had filet mignons, we ordered medium rare and the steaks were perfect, it was probally the best steak I ever ate! With food this good we couldnt turn down desserts when Carrie, the waitress, asked us. We shared one of Woody’s Specialty cheese cakes, it was a turtle cheese cake. We got a big slice of the turtle with carmel on top… looked like it was right outta a magazine, it even came with whip cream and a cherry, very impressive overall. Upon returning home, my girlfriend called her friend to tell her about her new favourite restaurant, n was suprised to hear from her friend that it was haunted !!!! Well, ghost or no ghost, Woody;s definatly knows what they are doin when it comes to cooking amazing food n we are looking forwards to coming back to Woody’s again.

Filet Mignon


onewhisper2 photo


 Madison, TN


years ago, this restaurant was fantastic. As of the last 2-3 years, the service and food have declined to a point that the side dishes are inedible and the staff is difficult to locate.

I’ve been twice in the last two years with the same result.

definitely one to skip

N.Y. Strip Steak

the server initially tried to deliver the incorrect order and tell me that a ribeye was a NY strip. My husband had the sirloin. Both were ordered medium rare and were served medium well. Side dishes had so much pepper in them that they were inedible.

julie20 photo


 Madison, TN

the best steak house in the world

i ate there saturday night and it was the best steak i’ve ever had in my whole life
everything is homemade from scratch nothing is bought in cans or anything
i also meet the owner Woody and i asked him questions about how they cook there steaks and if all sides were fresh or not…
he said, " no i don’t believe on spend money on can goods when you can save money and make everything from scratch and it taste alot better that way"
there cheesecakes are also homemade just like everything else and its really gooddd!!!
i will never go anywhere to get a steak but here
if you have never been here before (take it from a picky eater) you will love woodys steak and always go back
and the service was very good to no attitude or anything
even the bar tenders everyone there treats you like family its really a place everyone should go there (:

N.Y. Strip Steak

the strip is not dry or over moist it was just right and for my side i had the fresh green beans that they fry on the grill its really good
and you can have your steak how every you would like it no matter what

FW12 photo


 Hendersonville, TN

great place for a date

This is a great place for a date night..we really enjoyed our meals and then stayed 2 hrs listening to the piano player and having cheesecake and coffee…I have never liked chain restaurants, so tend to seek out the independants and this place does not disappoint..they make everything from scatch and the service was excellent as well..We will be going back soon…

Crab Cake

the Crab Cakes were so good..they actually use lump crab and make them from scratch which is a nice change from the deep fried faux crab chain restaurant version

Jason_S photo


 Nashville, TN

lies and false advertisement

My wife called Woody’s a few weeks back to find out when Mr. Mathew was playing the piano. Mr. Woody talked to her and specifically told her “Friday and Saturday”. We went that weekend and there wasn’t any music. My wife was then told he’d be playing the next Friday and Saturday. Another lie! If he’s not playing there, at the least don’t lie about it.

I’m wondering if Mr. Mathew even knows Mr. Woody is falsely using his name to bring in customers. We’ll never go to this lying, dirty restaurant again!

Prime Rib

The food is unsanitary and will make you sick. The restaurant is filthy and looks like a funeral home. But I’d still take my wife to see Mr. Mathew on the piano, which Mr. Woody continues to falsely advertise. This hole in the wall should be closed down fot false advertisement.

davidst12 photo


 Madison, TN

this place is a dump

dirty, high price, food is very bad, bad service
I would not eat there if it was free

rickyrv photo


 Ridgetop, TN

Do not recomend at all

food is ok but a bit high price

service is very bad
I live 20 miles from Woody’s
I called and asked if they had prime rib and was told they have plenty I said I am comming from 20 miles away they said no problem
I got there and was told they did not have any and I should of called and reserved some I sadi when I called I was not told I could reserve and she said next time call and reserve, I said there will not be a next time and she said “oh well”
no offer was made to make this up to me
then I emailed Woody’s and no one even answered.
I am done with Woody’s

er992 photo


 Hendersonville, TN

When did woody's get a piano bar

Have not been to Woody’s in a few years, went last night and they had a piano, and somone playing it. Crazy, but I loved it. My date had never eaten at woodys and she seemed to be impressed our steaks were good. She had a filet and I had the ribeye and it was just like I remembered. The wine list has improved, had the ageline pinot. Over all had a really good time love the piano.


I order ribeyes where ever I go, by far my favorite cut of cow. At woodys they have just about the best one to me, just coming in second place to mine I cook in the back yard.

woodys potato

That thang was huge. It was so stnking good.

Eims photo


 Hendersonville, TN

Great Bar

Meet my buddy Lane after work and watched some collage football in the bar at Woodys tonight. I realy like the place, and I came to a wedding dinner at Woodys a few years ago in their banquet room and the best I can remember it was great food. But I like the most is the bar and the bar-keep Sandra. she is awesome. And the food is just great every time. Most the time I get the frenchdip and I love that thing.

French Dip

One great sandwich.

Fresh Cut Fries

I love Fresh Cut French Fries.

camman photo


 Hendersonville, TN


Go quiet often to Woody’s with guys I work with, the place is old fashion we love that about it. But the bar maiden is the high-light I love seeing Sandra she is the best hands down bartender ever. She treats really well makes sure our food is correct make good drinks and keeps em coming. Tonight I had what I get alot og nights the mushroom-swiss burger it is soooooooooo good. Woody’s prices are outstanding. and we talk about how we would stay downtown after work and go to oun of those bar but it too dangerous and Sandras smoking hot.

Mushroom&Swiss Burger

Has to be just about my favorite burger on the planet.

Fresh Cut Fries

I have always loved a place that take the time to cut fries fresh.

MadisonbrnNbrd photo


 Madison, TN

Just Plain Horrible

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste you time and money on this hole in the wall joint! Went here for an anniversary dinner. Upon entering it is just mediocre. Nothing at all fancy about it. Tables are crammed into each room, and for such an expensive place, I did not enjoy hearing everyone around me’s conversations. The menu is small, boring and pricey. It just so happened to be on a night when they were running a special. So to save us some extra cash we opted for the special. Upon visiting the bathrooms, I was so disgusted! They are total filthy and unacceptable, and are in no means handicap accessible. I was immediately disappointed when the food arrived, as my steak was supposed to be done medium, and was obviously well done. I showed the waitress and she agreed and sent it back. 20 minutes later, after my husband had already finished his meal, they brought me another, to which to my dismay, again was done very well done. At this point I was aggravated and flagged the waitress over again and explained how unacceptable this was and asked to speak to someone in charge. She was very nice and apologetic and said she would go and get the owner. 2 minutes later out walks a young man in shorts and a t-shirt. I said to him “you’re the manager?” and he remarked, “No, I am the owner.” I could not believe how unprofessional his attire was. I again explained to him my dis-satisfaction with my experience, and asked how he could make it right. He simply told me there was nothing that he could do, and began to tell me how much money he had already lost due to cooking 2 separate steaks for me(why is this my problem that his cooks do not know how to properly cook a steak). I then tell him that I don’t care about his problems, and that those were not mine. He adamantly refused to do anything for me, even after I told him I would prefer no steak at all and to simply take it off of my ticket. I then reminded him how influential word of mouth is, but he again refused and walked away. When the waitress returned, I explained to her the situation and she was extremely sorry and said that he should have given us our whole meal on the house. At that point asked for our check, paid and left. This place should be closed down for the condition of the bathrooms alone. I would hate to see what the kitchen looks like!

Filet Mignon

Way over cooked on 2 seperate times it was sent back to be re-prepared.

WCFY photo


 Nashville, TN

disaster in sheep's clothing

Finally, got a group of friends together to go to Woody’s and I was so embarrassed that this was MY choice of the venue. It was a disaster from the get go. Plugged toilet and freezing cold in the Ladies Room. Total lack of attentiveness at arrival. Waiting forever on each drink order, horrible and even way less than fresh food! The waitress kept apologizing, but did nothing to rectify the situation. The owner was walking around to all the tables,but totally ignored us and our displeasure. We were comped some “homemeade” cheesecake that was still frozen thru, and a tall piece of dry choc. cake. At the end another waitress came and was so nice and helpful. She did say this was “a bad night”. Also, “please try us, again,” and handed us a coupon that was ripped out of a preprinted coupon book.

Orange Roughy Stuffefd w/ crab

This was foul, but at least not spoiled like the grouper 2 of my guests had. It was they premade thingy w/ a 1 in. square of breadstuffing that had no taste of crabmeat..tasted more like wet saw dust. The broc. side was a 1/2 of a whole head of broc. It was delicious, though looked unappealing. The salad was “white” iceburg w/ a radish slice and ital. drsg. wh/ was no more than cheap oil, vinegar and black pepper.

November 15, 2015

I am not fond of recommending restaurants but this one is an exception! They did a perfect service when we went here so I am leaving them a review.
December 28, 2012

I am always amazed at the people who write reviews. They are usually only the people who want to complain, and are usually from outside the area who have relocated here. It is pretty dumb in my opinion to order, eat then try to use a…
October 11, 2012

Great service, delicious foods at reasonable prices. Good for any occasion. My favorite restaurant ever!

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woodyssteakhouse, the Owner, says:

Woody’s is a full service, sit-down restaurant, complete with table cloths, an upscale menu, and on Wednesday nights, a pianist playing quiet dinner music. While every night is unique at here at Woody’s, Wednesday nights are special. On Wednesdays, a 43-year tradition continues with the “Two for one Filet” special.” We have customers who have been coming here for years. Our wait staff has a combined 61 years here: they know people by name when they come in, they know their kids’ names…we are invested in this community.

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