Original Buffalo Wings Restaurant

hole in the wall chicken wings

I saw this place while driving to the classy san carlos downtown area. This is place is on the *other side* of the train tracks...

Rick's Rather Rich Ice Cream

For pure ice cream, this is the best

If you like crazy sundaes with cool toppings, or all sorts of neat dips, ice cream cakes etc. there are other, better places...

We really liked this place - lots and lots of variety, even if the prices were a little steep. Food was worth it.

Via Tribunali

Delicious thin pizza!

I LOVE Via Tribunali. They have great thin-style pizza which is very quickly baked in their brick oven (it's fun to watch them...

Red Fin (CLOSED)

Delicious food!

I've been here a few times and have always been super pleased with the food. This restaurant is part of the Hotel Max and so not..

LA Burrita

la burrita

I give La Burrita 3 stars because it is just an average burrito place. Nothing sticks out that is truly remarkable or...

I wasn't sure if I should rate this place 4 or five stars. This restuarant has great Italian food, but the important aspect of...

Bette's Oceanview Diner

Pancake lover's bruncher

A cute place in Berkeley's bougie 4th street area, this place has always been busy when I go mid-mornings. This 50s style diner...

This is among my favorite brunch places in the city. It's in Washington Sq in North Beach, and it's a cute place where you wait...

La Note

Favorite Berkeley Brunch place

I love this place. From the huge bowls of mocha to the cute french decor to the little bowls of jam on each table. This is my...

Crepes a Go Go

Creps a Go Go

Whenever I am in Berkeley I want to go here! There is something for everyone on the menu. If you want to keep it simple, you...


high quality Vietnamese cuisine

I really love the atmosphere of this restaurant. The inside is simple, yet relaxing and cozy. Most vietnamese restaurants are...


fun, Hawaiian style Belltown sushi

The decor of this restaurant is fun. They've got it decorated Hawaiian style. There menu also has the Hawaiian twist, offering...


Best burgers at a chain!

Chili's is another chain restaurant that can be relied upon for great quality and flavor. Most people love their fajitas and I...

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Reliable quality and flavor!

We've been eating at Red Robin for over twenty years. They opened one in Boulder when we were in college and we used to love to...

Jose O'Sheas

Loyal Customer

I have been eating at Jose O'shea's for over twenty years and I still enjoy it every time I go. My favorite dish is what used...

Luigi's Bent Noodle

Great value!

We really enjoy eating at Luigi's, especially when we're tired of the chain restaurants. They have reasonably priced and...

Cafe mon ami

I recommend Cafe de France

I enjoy Cafe de France for reasonably priced and good French food. I grew up eating many of the dishes they serve, so it's my...

Flagstaff House Restaurant

Fantastic experience!

We went to the Flagstaff House to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We had not been there since we got engaged over 20...

Cafe Iberico

Cafe Iberico

Great sangria! Try the white sangria, just be careful, it goes down very fast!

Erwin An American Cafe

good breakfast

This is a nice place for a family breakfast; however, it doesn't open until 10:30 on Sundays. I've forgotten this twice and...

Pasqual's on Monroe

Great Southwest in the Midwest

Pasqual's has the best tortilla chips, margaritas and burritos in the area. I love the laid back atmosphere...you order at the...

Cafe Iberico

Best Tapas in Chicago

Cafe Iberico is the best place in Chicago for tapas and the prices are terrific. Start off with a pitcher of red sangria and...

State Street Brats

Famous for Brats!

Wisconsin is famous for brats and State Street Brats is one of the best places to give them a try. The Red Brat is the most...

The Wiener's Circle

Wieners with Attitude

Best for late night drunk food...expect the counter service to give you an ear-full!

Tap House Grill

over 160 beers on tap

Regular food is probably overpriced, I would just go here for drinks or for their happy hour when they have cheap appetizers....

Alki Bakery - Retail Outlet

great sandwiches for a quick bite

Located in the industrial part of Seattle, this is a nice little find for lunch spots. Their sandwiches are very good, with a...

Marinepolis Sushi Land

sushi on the go

Their sushi is ok, but that's why it's pretty cheap. It's fun to go occasionally though for the conveyor belt sushi novelty....

Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn

best Indian food in Seattle

I would put this somewhere in my top 5 restaurants in all of the Seattle area. I loveee this place. I've never had everything I...

Buca di Beppo

overrated, but good for large groups

Everyone seems to love this place, but I really think it is a bit overrated. The plus is you get huge portions and there's...



Taiko is a good Japanese place to eat at in Irvine. They do a great job of providing a Japanese-like atmosphere. The portions...

Peking Restaurant

A Place People Need to Know About

Peking Restaurant (or Little Beijing, as I like to call it) is the tastiest Chinese food anywhere. A small restaurant hidden in...

Roberto's Taco Shop

Late Night Food

Roberto's is a mainstay for UCSD students since it is open 24 hours. This doesn't mean its the highest quality though. The...

La Note

mmm... La Note

I've never been a big fan of bacon, but after ordering the cote est at La Note, my whole take on bacon changed. Ever since, I...

El Torito Mexican Restaurant

i don't think el torito likes me

I have had a couple bad experiences with El Torito. The first time I went, there was a fly in one of my sauces, which was...

The Wiener's Circle

A Chicago Staple

I recommend ordering the Chocolate Milkshake. I like mine extra thick with lots of shake.

Smart Alec's offers burgers, sandwiches, salad, and healthy fries. The burgers are okay, but there is definitely better. The...

Marie Callender's


Offering a large varity of foods and especially pies, Marie Callender's is nice place to eat. I wouldn't rate all the dishes as...

Pat & Oscar's

Pat & Oscars

Pat & Oscar's is a very casual restaurant. It offers a different experience in that you wait in line to order at a cashier and...

Mimi's Cafe

mimi's cafe

This restaurant has fairly standard food, though it slants towards French dishes. It has a good variety of dishes, of which...

LA Paloma Burritos

Excellent California style Mexican food

Excellent California style Mexican food


yummy fancy mexican

this is probably the one of the more upscale mexican restaurants i've been to in chicago. the service can be a little spotty,...

Tapioca Express

great tapioca

i love a good boba drink, and tapioca express has some of the best ole fashioned milk tea & tapioca - really hits the spot. it...

Sweetheart Cafe

best boba in berkeley

love the boba here! tea is sweet, and the boba are cooked just right. heavenly.


tasty sushi in south loop

i also live next to this sushi place! it's a clean, trendy, tasty sushi house that is moderately priced and offers a variety of...

Sweetheart Cafe

great tapioca pearls

Their honey soaked tapioca pearls are the best in the bay! (1) Strawberry w/ Pearl: This is my all time favorite tapioca pearl...


romantic, excellent service, impeccable dishes

service is friendly, professional, but not snooty like some places can be. the food is well-prepared and tasty. the only con is...

The Apartment Bistro

classy restaurant bar

This place has a good feel to it. Very friendly, not like some other places on 1st ave and great food. The duck is incredible...

I Love Sushi

Best Sushi place for a date

Great restaurant. A little more expensive than other sushi places, but always good quality and its a great place to bring a...

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop

Great food AND great presentation

I was really impressed at how nicely presented the dishes were. Everything came in ornate bowls, bamboo containers,...

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