According to McDonald’s, there is no official secret menu; however, the website does tease, “We have no secret menu – or do we?”

McDonald’s does indeed have a secret menu, one that clever customers created on their own.

Secret Menu Item #1: The McKinley Mac

The McKinley Mac is a big step up from the Big Mac because it has two quarter-pound patties instead of the usual 1.6-ounce patties. To order this big fella, just ask for a Big Mac with quarter-pound patties.

The name McKinley comes from the highest peak in North America – Mt. McKinley. But after you eat this sandwich, you probably won’t be climbing any mountains.McKinley Mac

Secret Menu Item #2: McCheese Fries

McCheese Fries take the already wonderful McDonald’s French fries to a new level.

Ask a staff member to melt cheese on top, or simply ask for extra cheese on your burger and pile it on top of the fries yourself.McCheese Fries

Secret Menu Item #3: The Mc10:35

One of the best secret menu items, the 10:35 is also the hardest to get. Because it’s part breakfast, part regular menu item, you can only order this sandwich during a very small window of time—usually between 10:30 am-11:00 am.

To create the 10:35, order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin, then put your McDouble patties and cheese on the Egg McMuffin.Mc1035

Secret Menu Item #4: The Land, Sea, and Air Burger

This delicious mouthful is another combo burger that you assemble yourself. The sandwich consists of a hamburger (land), a Filet-O-Fish (sea), and a McChicken Sandwich (air).Land Sea Air Burger

Secret Menu Item #5: The McCrepe

Another do-it-yourself combination, you’ll need to order a hotcake or two, a yogurt parfait, and granola. Just top the hotcake with the yogurt, syrup, granola and fixings and fold in half. You’ll feel like you’re in France in no time.McCrepe

Secret Menu Item #6: The Neapolitan Shake

Everyone loves a McDonald’s Shake smothered in creamy whipped topping. The only problem is deciding which flavor – vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Why choose? Just ask the staff to put a little of each flavor in your cup.Neapolitan Shake

Secret Menu Item #7: The Pie McFlurry

Rather than add Oreos or M&Ms to your McFlurry try pie.

Order a pie and drop it into your McFlurry to enjoy hot apple or cherry pie with ice cream.

On your next visit to McDonald’s try your hand at creating some new secret menu items. Order a few items and mix and match. Then come back and let us know your favorites.

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