Manna Dew

 54 Main St
Millerton, NY

Obnoxious chef thinks he's cooking at Michelin restaurant

…except they would have better service. Have eaten here since they opened – for 15 years, in the good times and lean times, about 1x/month with family and friends. Ordered the duck breast, as per usual. Asked for a temp slightly more done than medium rare (can’t eat rare duck – it’s blue in the middle & disgusting) – have always ordered it this way. Waitress tells me she’ll “ask the chef if that’s ok.” She comes back minutes later and tells me he’ll only cook it medium rare. I explain again I can’t eat duck that’s raw in the middle, and to please explain that I’ve eaten it this way in this restaurant every time I’ve come (which, I’m sure, pre-dates whenever he arrived). I’ve not asked for it well-done or even medium, just slightly more done than medium rare. She returns, tells me, no he won’t do it – the “duck will get tough.” I again state that this would be my problem not his, and this is the way I like it. Third time, nope, he won’t do it. Chef “suggests I order something else.” I ask for manager. We go through this again, and I explain they’re about to lose a long-time customer over the chef not understanding that I’m the customer, and a long-time one at that. She goes in, comes back, and no go. We cancelled the $60 bottle of wine and $200 worth of other food, and left. We’ll not return, which makes me sad, as we’ve had many nice memories here, but I have no tolerance or patience for a chef who treats a customer like a pariah for ordering food they way she likes it (all this over a 3-5 degree temp difference – ridiculous). I appreciate a good chef, but let’s not get crazy – Millerton is not Paris, and frankly, in Paris, I would have gotten what I asked for.

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