Waffle House

 2404 Main St
North Little Rock, AR

They need to close down this Waffle House !!

This is the poorest excuse for a Waffle House that I have ever seen. If the place was visited by the local health department they would be shut down, roaches have track meets there, floors are always dirty and the counters are filthy. Numerous tables were not cleared of dirty dishes and nobody working there really cared either. There was one waitress and the cook outside the front door smoking, the other cook we were told was drunk and didn’t feel like fixing our order, he ended up putting his head down on the counter after sitting down and fell asleep. After waiting 10 min. the waitress brought us our drinks and dirty silverware then went to the jukebox, using profanity as she selected her music selections. She then steps outside to smoke and talk to a customer that pulls up outside, forgetting to take our order. At this point I have just about had enough so me and my girlfriend get up and leave, nobody said anything about paying for the drinks that we ordered or nothing. As we were leaving we noticed that all of the staff must walk to work because there wasn’t another car in the lot that wasn’t occupied. I have been to numerous Waffle Houses in many other southern states and had wonderful meals and great service but here in North Little Rock, AR. on Main St. this Waffle House is the worst place that I have ever seen. I refuse to return to this establishment ever again and will inform anybody and everyone to steer clear of this place, unless they are wanting to die the next day from the filth and nastiness served in there.

354. Lipton Ice Tea

Do not eat at this place, really nasty, roaches, filth and I am not so sure that the cook or waitresses wash there hands properly after going outside to smoke. It only took us about 10 minutes and we knew we were not going to eat or drink anything served up here. They have cameras set up to observe what is going on in this place, why don’t they manage this place better.

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