134 W Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte, NC

Terrible Service from Cherese

Received terrible service from the rude, sarcastic, unprofessional Cherese. When I gave her my order, she didn’t write anything down. When she brought me the wrong order, and I told her it wasn’t what I ordered, she argued me down, telling me it was what I ordered. She was so defensive and argumentative. When I asked for her name, she refused to tell me. She told me she didn’t care about me or any of the other customers and she would soon be gone. When I asked for a manager, she said she was the manager and walked away. She told me to take my attitude and get out. I happily left the food on the table and walked out. The food is always fresh, hot and delicious, but the service given to customers by the morning crew is below standard. Now the night crew is 100% better. The morning crew is usually focusing on their personal needs not the needs of the customers.

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  • 1/13/2020

    2020 tried IHOP in York Road.

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2020 reviewed IHOP
2020 reviewed IHOP