1250 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL

Sushi pretty good-- Marred by communication issues

The first time I ordered delivery from this place, I was pleased enough. Sushi was above average. Not phenomenal, but above average. So I attempted to place another delivery order a week later. The first three minutes were spent attempting to communicate my phone number to the girl on the phone. She kept repeating the numbers back to me incorrectly so we kept starting over. After 7 or 8 tries she got it. The next 2 minutes were spent on my address. I had to repeat that 3 times before she said it back to me correctly. Then came the order of the items I wanted. One would think that the employees would be familiar enough with their own menu. However, the girl could not even understand the names of the rolls I was trying to order. After several failed attempts, I just said forget it, and hung up and ordered elsewhere.
It’s a shame, because the food is actually pretty good.

La Bella

I rated it average because the first time I got it, it was above average, but the second time I tried to order it, the employee couldn’t understand the name of what I was ordering and I gave up. So I never actually received it the second time around.

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