Grandma's Table

 1700 Douglas Rd
Montgomery, IL

This will be the last visit to eat at Grandmas table 1700 Do

Two other visits proved we should not have gone back. Just a heads up, my reference diner was Grandmas Sally’s in Naperville Illinois. This was a real diner that always knew how to get everything right. So to begin, the table and chair were full of previous customer’s crumbs. Gross! The waitress brings you a nice selection of bread, but it is always a little stale. The waitress was friendly. The food is not good. Let me explain. My Mom got a Broasted chicken dish that was OK. The side was peas. To my surprise, they were canned peas. What restaurant uses canned peas in 2019? Her soup was chicken rice. I looked closely as my Mom was eating it. I saw ONE piece of chicken and ONE small piece of a vegetable in the whole large bowl! The rest was high salt and cheap corn starch to thicken. My wife had a hamburger with no sides. The burger toppings (I hate to even call them that) included a limp (full of bug holes) piece of lettuce and one slice of pale, non-ripe tomato – what you would normally throw out. They looked like the previous customers toppings from three days ago, I kid you not! I had a veggie hobo skillet. I pulled out SIX HUGE broccoli stem sections. These are the type of stem you cut off and throw out, not the stem below the flower of the broccoli, the stem all the way at the base where you trim and throw out. The mushrooms were CANNED! My advice is stay away from the restaurant. There are other diners nearby that are much better value and quality.

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  • 8/11/2019

    4krobert tried China Garden, liked it, and rated it . 4krobert liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    One of the few Chinese restaurants were the food is actually good!

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