Valentino's on the Green (CLOSED)

 201 10 Cross Island Pkwy
Bayside, NY


It hurts my stomach to even think about my experience at this fast food place posing as up scale restaurant. My fiancé and her family went there this Thursday night (a party of 4) and it was down hill from there. It started out with the menu’s being thrown at us and the server ran away. We had to flag him down to take our drink orders and to tell us the specials which he said so fast reading off his note pad. We all ordered appetizers which all came out at a staggered snail pace, which was just ok. My fiancé ordered a gorgonzola salads and it had a rubber band in it. She noticed it while she was mixing it around. We then had to flag our server down again and he basically just took the rubber band out and served it back to us. My fiancé just didn’t eat it and when the server took it away he looked embarrassed and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I told him we were not happy with the salad and to take it off the bill. He said no problem sir I understand. We then waited an hour for our main course actually 63 mins because my fiancé reminded me every minute that went by because we are not accustomed to having rubber bands in our salad. I wanted to ask the chef (who was prancing around the dinning room like as if he was the best thing since sliced bread) if the kitchen needed some help because we have been waiting an hour so far but I was with my fiancé’s family and I’m a guest of there’s and didn’t want to start any problems. When our main course finally came in a staggered cold fashion nobody asked us if we wanted fresh ground pepper or a refill of our drinks of any kind. So how was our main course?? My NY Strip steak was tough and cold, my fiancés Chicken Piccata was pink in the middle, and my future mother-in law had the Chicken Parm which she said it was microwaved and my future father in law had the Swordfish which he said was over cooked but probably the most editable thing we ate. The funny thing was that the chef never came over to our table because I think my future mother-in-law would have given him a reality check. Maybe he found out about the rubber band and was also embarrassed.

I don’t know about you but 3 star restaurants aren’t serving rubber bands in there salads. Nothing we ordered was cooked right and didn’t get to our table at the same time. . Does that say something? Why didn’t this place hire staff that has experience with cooking food to the right temperature and what is up with the middle of a chicken parm frozen??? My NY Strip tasted like the rubber band. Cooked chicken should not be pink and the best thing on the menu that we ordered was a swordfish that was over cooked. Maybe if the chef didn’t think he was Chef Ramsey and he was in the kitchen where he belongs then our food might have been cooked to perfection but I doubt it.

If you enjoy flagging down your server when you go out to dinner and for them to give you a blank look like you just mistook them for someone else then this is the place for you. I really felt this place didn’t hire anyone with prior upscale restaurant experience (this goes for everyone in the kitchen as well.) I felt like I was eating at the diner on Northern Blvd. On yeah we didn’t get water until he had to ask 2 different people 3 times for water. My mother-in-law said we probably could get it faster in a third world country. Which I thought was funny because she doesn’t say much. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The server did make an attempt to win us over and ask us for an after dinner drink and we all said yes, but never brought the complementary drinks as promised but instead the check. I was watching my future father-in-laws face and he wasn’t happy at all. He really did need a drink after that.

If you think this restaurant is OUTSTANDING you need your head examined. You know nothing about food or service and I feel bad for you because there are and were (Caffe on the Green) great restaurants that are better, lighter on the pocket, and the chef is in the kitchen cooking. I know this review was very negative and it was a negative experience for us all but if I could say one positive thing. The dishes were clean. Great job to the dishwasher. You should get a raise.

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