Fargo's Steak House

 620 E State Highway 260
Payson, AZ

Horrible owner and manager (Debby)

Our server Jordan was amazing. Can’t say that for the owner as well as the manager Debby. My 16oz prime rib was messed up 3 times. Ordered medium rare. Plate came out with blood everywhere, half was cooked correctly and the other half was rare. They took it back and refired it. Came out well done. 3rd time it came out it was a super skinny piece and full of fat and gristle. I had Debbie come look at it and talked to her about it. She said that all 3 different cooks were what they considered medium rare. She even said the owner agreed with the cook on them. I’ve been ordering prime rib for 30 years medium rare, both of you are wrong. I asked to talk to the owner but she miraculously left the building at that exact moment. They made me pay for it anyways. My wife and I chose this place out of every place to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I don’t want to see the owners response to this. I’ve seen her other responses, condescending to say the least. Sad that you made it through the pandemic while others had to close down. I’ll post a picture of the prime rib I get from the casino tomorrow and show you how it’s supposed to be cooked.

The owner responded on Google and was a piece of work. Go read her response. She admitted the prime rib was cooked wrong but turns around and justifies it. I would never of expected an owner of a restaurant to have this attitude. Now I know why her manager is the same way. Reviews talk about the rude staff as well. They don’t have a good role model so I guess you couldn’t expect anything less. I’m glad Jordon is the exception. With spending $170 on alchohol, dinner and the tip you think the owner wouldn’t have such a bad attitude. I would advise you not to go here because the quality of food doesn’t justify the price you pay. I would go to the casino buffet for prime rib if I was you. There’s a McDonald’s right down the street I would recommend as well. BTW, the photo of the prime rib is from the casino we went to the next day. That’s what medium rare prime rib should look like. Didn’t cost me $33, take 3 shots to still get it wrong and taste AMAZING!

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