SIAM Orchid

 2259 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Simply gross!!!

What a Joke, it looks nice from outside but the chinese restaurant next to it that seems to be part of the same restaurant should be a giveaway. From the flies that were trying to land on the table upon getting there to the way the utensils were placed on the bare table this place quickly faded from our return to list. the food itself was bland with little to no flavor the fried thai rice and chicken was way below mall food court quality. The only thing that slightly gave it some taste was the grease. the chicken Skeewers were just disgusting and the Homemade Peanut dressing tasted like watered down peanut butter, I kid you not I had good thai food before and never this bad. the waiter when I asked if he had a different dressing to try to salvage the salad that had no dressing on just replied its the only one they had. you can still check this place out for yourself but don’t say you were not warned. while you are there take a glimpse into the spotless kitchen when the staff walks in and out the door at the far end. ( insert sarcasm for clean looking kitchen here). So save your hard earned money and find a better place to eat. I would not go back there even if it was free.

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