Peking Chinese Restaurant

 500 E Railroad Ave
Wasilla, AK


The absolute worst Chinese food in the USA!
Not only is the food horrible ( be sure to have lasix and a stomach pump handy) but they don’t mind insulting you while you wait for your food, all the while, gladly taking your money. They claim they don’t understand english but know how to degrade you to your face while waiting for your food. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, it’s not a good idea to eat here.
Wonton soup has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the world except anything to do with wontons, all the vegetables obviously sitting all day and over cooked, beef ( I’m sure it wasn’t anything that came from a cow) gummy, rice undercooked and flavorless ( they must have scraped it off the kitchen floor)
I wouldn’t dare to think of what I could have possible ingested… no doubt in my mind it was road kill. The entree reminded me of watching open heart surgery. Stale and dried up egg rolls should have been served days ago. Watered down hot (extremely mild) mustard covered the taste slightly, but not even a dead moose could disguise it completely. My advise… save yourself a colonoscopy.

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