Peking Tokyo

 101 E Main St
Millville, NJ

A great alternative in Millville

Typically, you’d have to go to a larger city to find a sit-down restaurant of this caliber. Fortunately for us locals, we don’t have to go further than Millville.

Peking Toyko is nothing like those usual Chinese take-out restaurants you see all over offering the same old boring foods. This place has its own Sushi bar and a huuuuge list of of different sushi to go along with it. The Sushi is prepared when ordered. It’s professionally made right in front of you, fresh, and very, very good. If you’re into Sushi, then this is a place you need to go. The prices are quite reasonable compared to the big cities or chains.

They do serve the usual Chinese food you may be used to, but also offer Japanese and Thai foods as well. We’ve tried a couple of the signature specials you won’t find elsewhere and they were very delicious. I just wish they were on the menu all the time. The staff is very friendly and always seem to be attentive to what we need without asking.

Prices are quite reasonable for the quality of the food. I wish they had a lower-priced kids menu, though. But the portions are large enough to share. Overall, a wonderful place to go!

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