Cabo Cantina

 100 Main St
Newport Beach, CA

F management and one bartender whom if you not a regular and

F management and one bartender whom if you not a regular and start going their will treat you Unwelcome like his Name Alex,I started to go to this place after work and get beer or two after work to relax and then go home, well one bartender in particular NAMED ALEX got All Sissy fit cause I would not tip him due to his unfriendly attitude. so last night I went in for a beer, and the manager gives me an attitude. well turns out because I did not tip his nagging bartender Alex for Crappy service and attitude I was basically told by LENNY that why I don’t tip his bartenders, I told him if his bartender Treated me as a customer I would tip him. but I don’t. I tip the bartender thats been cool, and when I couldn’t tip him, the following week I tip him a 10 or 20, for being Customer friendly attitude. he usually works the week night shifts sun-wed. when I can, and when I can’t I get him on tips later. Also their waitress with shoulder length hair and tattoo’s served me, great waitress and I tiped her about 30-40 bucks, when I decided to drink their on a night off from work. She served me another time I went in and did not have a tip but I will tip you next time. Couple days later I went in she was working and Handed her 3 to 5 bucks and told her it’s the tip from the other day then she thanked me . I told LENNY why does he not ask his other bartenders if I tip them. I get a burger when at work and I leave a $1.00 to $1.50 when I have it and when I don"t I tip them later. Well LENNY tells me That even if I go in for one Beer he expects me to tip his bartenders. I responded that If I get good service then I will If I get crappy service like I did from ALEX then I don’t tip. Just like you go to a bar or restaurant and if the bartender and waitress provides you Crappy service you don’t tip them right?, plus their is no law saying I have to tip if I come in for a beer or two . LENNY’S Response well By law I can refuse service to you if you want to play that game and not let you in the bar. So as future customer deciding to go here you deiced on your own but thats is how new customers are treated unless you show up looking like you got over 2 mill in the bank, if you show up as middle class hardworking individual expect Crapy service. Everyone else that works their are pretty cool people.

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