Pearl's Korean BBQ

 4211 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI

Served Old, Hard Rice

4/26/2011 – I was craving a barbeque beef plate and since I was in the Kahala area, decided to order from Pearl’s. First of all, their side selections are very limited. They didn’t have the egg omlet that I usually get at the Pearl’s in Manoa. The barbeque beef really wasn’t very tasty, but I was way too hungry and overlooked the fact that taste was just not there. My white rice was old, old, old!!!!!!!!! You know when rice has been sitting out for days and the rice grain is really hard and dried out. Couldn’t eat it and it was stuck to my teeth!!!!!!! They must have mixed the old rice with some new one. You know, it really ruins a meal, when you’re eating old rice!!!!!!!!! And paying $8.16 for a mini plate, that’s totally inexcusable!!!! I am never going back to the Kahala location as I am tremendously disappointed in the quality of the food.

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