Blue Fin Sushi Bar Fine Japanese Restaurant

 12450 Se 82nd Ave
Happy Valley, OR

Skip Bluefin sushi!

My boyfriend and I had a Groupon so were pretty psyched to try Bluefin, especially since they are right down the street from our place. The restaurant was dark and pretty sparse on décor but the service was friendly at first. We were seated at tiny table, but should have requested for a booth since there was plenty of available seating.
Our server was friendly and even let me make a substitution. However my boyfriend was not given a spoon with his soup. I ordered a salad and rather clumsily ate it with my chop sticks. When the server finally came back to check on us, my boyfriend’s soup was already cold. She very haughtily told us she would have to go wash a spoon since patrons rarely asked for them? She wasn’t very nice, but we were optimistic about our main courses since we had been waiting quite a while and there were only a few other diners there.
More disappointment arrived with the food. Our portions were skimpy to say the least. I ordered the Spider roll and was supposed to get 8 pieces. I only got 5 and had to ask for some ginger. My boyfriend ordered some combo, basically a tiny assortment of 4 different items, none of which had any seasoning or flavor.
We were ready to leave! The bill was only $23.95 so our Groupon left us with an out of pocket of $3.95 plus gratuities. When our snooty waitress finally came over to pick up the check she let us know they only accept cards for transactions over $10 !!! My boyfriend and I looked at each other stunned. Neither of us carries cash. At that point the waitress made a point of telling us they charge of whopping 50 cents for anything under. It was getting comical, then awkward as the waitress handed my card back to me and walked way? Since I always keep a $20 bill in my car I just ran out and got it.
When the waitress returned the check again she left a 1 dollar bill, 2 fives and five, yes that’s right FIVE pennies which went flying everywhere when I opened the book. Uh, was it something I said? I really felt like leaving her the dollar and pennies, but I’m a woman of principle, so I left her a generous $5 (over 20%) tip and decided to leave a poor review instead.
Just to re-cap:. The décor is boring. The service is slow and downright insulting. The portions are skimpy and the flavor is blan. Unless you like cheap food and bad service, I would avoid Bluefin

Spider roll

Blan :(

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