Reggio's Pizza

 140 W 87th St
Chicago, IL

A Bad Experience Made Worst by Bad Management

I ordered 2 large pizza’s (1 turkey sausage & onion which I order and buy in the grocery store all the time its my favorite) (1 large shrimp & onion) I had them delivered and paid 45.00. When I opened the shrimp it smelled and tasted delicious as usual but the turkey one had a funny smell which is super unusual. I put both pizza’s in the oven to keep warm till my family got home about 15 minutes later when I opened the oven the smell just blew out everywhere it smelled spoiled and it was the turkey. I tasted a small piece and it tasted funny but worse I could not get pass the smell. I called Reggio’s and told them my pizza had been in the oven for about 10 minutes and the smell was awful and concentrated that I am sure the sausage is spoiled. The girl on the phone was very polite she apologized said she needed to get her manager but she was sure it could be replaced was it a problem with both pizza’s? I told her no, the shrimp was perfect and the sausage smelled funny as soon as I opened the box I could smell it and the smell is very loud and overpowering.

The manager then got on the phone she said “No the sausage is not spoiled I been selling it all day with no complaints, and I just opened that box for you brand new so it is fine”. I told her that maybe some of it was left out on the counter or had been thawed and refrozen, really I can’t say what exactly happened to it but I can say it is not fine and it smells very loud and sour. I can’t eat it, and I won’t serve it to my family. The Manager then said she didn’t know what to tell me except she knows for a fact that the sausage isn’t spoiled. I told her I don’t want it because I believe it to be spoiled and worse, I just can’t stand the smell and what she said was " well you can bring it by and I will smell it if you want but since I know it isn’t bad there is nothing we will do about it, but like I said I will smell it for you if you want, but I will still tell you the same thing, it is not spoiled.

I told her it is too late for me to come by there and my husband just got in from work and he won’t want to drive over there so I will bring it by tomorrow and she said "I expect the whole pizza since it is supposed to be spoiled’ as if I am lying and would eat it anyway, or worse feed it to my kids and bring her a half of spoiled pizza. I told her one of the pizza’s is fine and I will just order another pizza from Italian Fiesta which I did and we ended up waiting another hour and a half and paying 30.00 extra dollars which I would not have had to spend. I regret ordering from Reggio’s they used to and in reality still do have some of the best tasting pizza and their service was always perfect. Right now, they have to be the only pizza place in town that if you have a problem they wont take the pizza back. I didn’t want a refund and my problem wasn’t with the more expensive shrimp pizza but the cheaper turkey pizza. I am very disappointed in Reggio’s and I will never order from them again. Tomorrow morning I am going to take the pizza to Jewels first and have the butcher check the sausage for me because I buy turkey all the time and I know when it smells bland cause there is not enough seasoning on it and I know when it has set out on the counter too long and begins to smell bad it is worse than ground beef and it spoils quicker than ground beef. After I have the butcher check the sausage out I am going to return it to Reggio’s. I don’t expect a refund or a replacement because I was told she would smell the pizza but that is all because she knows it isn’t bad. After I return the pizza I will never buy Reggio’s again not even at the grocery store and not because they made a mistake or one of their employees left the meat sitting on the counter too long, because I am sure this is not a normal mistake, but an Isolated one, a problem that is both unusual and rare, it is due to the poor handling of my complaint and the lack of care or concern, you are selling a food product touched by human hands the food could have been spoiled or worse yet tampered with and no company with so little concern or care for the food it puts out and for the customers who purchase that food could ever retain my business.

Thin Crust Pizza

The Shrimp pizza was incredibly good but the turkey sausage pizza was incredibly bad and that was because the turkey sausage smell spoiled and that spoiled the pizza

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  • 9/29/2016

    Amparo tried Reggio's Pizza in Chatham, liked it, and rated it . Amparo liked the food, didn't like the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Reggio's was one of my favorite pizza places until I had a bad experience there. I love the pizza there as well as their frozen pizza. They are one of the very few pizza places with turkey sausage.
    The service the manager is extremely rude and not willing to address customers concerns or problems. I think if they could monitor or retrain their management team the restaurant would be a 4-5 star place instead of the 1-2 star which is for the food.
    I ordered 2 large pizza's (1 turkey sausage & onion which I order and buy in the grocery store all the time its my favorite) (1 large shrimp & onion) I had them delivered and paid 45.00. When I opened the shrimp it smelled and tasted delicious as usual b

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