Cafe On The Common

 12 S Main St
Mansfield, MA

Yes, they use Cheese Wiz

I used to go here regularly on Sunday’s with my husband and we both loved it. Then came kids, and we did not go as much. In the last 9 years or so, it simply became too busy to have a nice breakfast on a Sunday morning with good service. Coffee didn’t get refilled, food was either overcooked or undercooked. There was never enough staff. So, we found another place to go to. I came with a few girlfriends the other day as they chose the venue. They did some renovations, nice hardwood floors instead of yucky industrial carpeting. I ordered one of the specials, a dish with potatoes, sausage, eggs, English muffin, and a variety of cheeses. The waitress said it was quite popular. When my meal came, I noticed, that one of the “variety” of cheeses was Cheese Wiz! Yes, the orange, fake, gross cheese food you dip your nachos in at the ball game or the movies. I was floored. It ruined the meal for me. The waitress never told me this fact. If she had, I would have never ordered it. How can any self respecting establishment use cheese wiz? BTW, the place was crazy busy, to the point of being unpleasant as they once again, did not have enough staff. The prices are very high. My friend ordered a fruit cup for her son and it was $5. Don’t come here if you want good service and quality food.

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