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Brooklyn Wok Shop

 10th St
Brooklyn, NY

A, B, C, it's easy as 1, 2,

I found out about The Brooklyn Wok Shop from the all too awsome people who hand out menus at the Bedford L stop. The menu looked good as usual for this neighborhood. And we finnaly made it there just two weeks after they opened. It’s a nice, clean, new restauraunt on a sleepy little street between Driggs and Bedford. The staff is helpful and well dressed in their Wok Shop shirts, cool :) A long row of tables lines one side and a row of bar tables on the other with like a thousand soup bowls screwed to the walls. Order your food at the far end, get your number, and they bring your food out as it is done.
We had only been there five minutes and they sent out an order of chicken wings because my fried squid was taking so long. WTH? OK, I’ll take that. The food was great, and when the fried squid came out, it was the best dessert I’ve ever had. :) Great food, beer on tap, and right around the corner from my house, win, win, win…

Roast Pork Bun

These were good, but I’ve been spoiled by the pork buns at M Noodle Shop on Metropolitan. I was used to pork buns that were meat inside of steamed bread, but these are meat and sauce wrapped in a flour pancake. But in the end, the preparation doesn’t effect the flavor. And after a google image search, these aren’t as uncommon as I thought. I still missed the big plume of steam that comes out of a pork bun, but these were good.

Salt and Pepper Squid

This was fantastic. Rarely in America do we get good squid. I’ve had awesome squid on every inhabitable continent but this one. These are cut into strips instead of the common ring, and breaded and lightly fried until crisp. They curl up like little pork rinds, and they are searved with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. But I being a saltaholic loved the salt on the breading.

Fried Chicken Wings

Outstanding they were. I took these home with me, and ate them cold out of the refrigerator. Six legs fried then tossed in a cinnimon soy glaze, yum. Even cold they were great, and not messy at all.

Beef Short Rib Soup w/egg noodles

One of those “Less is more” kind of dishes. Broth, beef, noodles, bok choy. That’s it. But they were all amazing, and yes, “Down to the last drop.” The beef was tender and tasty, the noodles were fresh, and the broth was too much for that little spoon, so I picked up the bowl and chugged it. This was a great dish, but a little pricey. (and I’m comparing the price to Saint’s Alp on Bedford which has huge bowls of build your own soup for $5.)

Shiu Mai

Ok, we’ve all had Shiu Mai, and 99.9% of the time it is great. And so are these. AND they are rather big, like a couple ounces each big.

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