Malibu Grill

 106 N Walnut St
Bloomington, IN

Not Family Friendly - DO NOT EAT HERE

If you are a person with children DO NOT eat here.

I went in to pick up a meal Friday night with my infant daughter and was severely harassed by patrons of the bar. I had done nothing to instigate the attack, my daughter was peacefully sleeping in her stroller and I was patiently waiting for my order.

The wait staff did absolutely nothing to stop the constant harassment and after putting up with it for nearly twenty minutes and asking them nicely to stop their drunk and disorderly behavior and then ten minutes of trying to get the attention of an employee, I was able to get the manager involved.

Additionally, my small and simple order which I had called in twenty minutes in advance took over 45 minutes to be delivered to me from the time I arrived and when I got home with it, I discovered that it was cold, wet and unappetizing.

They advertise on the radio that children are welcome and thus, imply they are a family friendly establishment. This is false advertising seeing as how they permit their patrons to engage in harassing behavior with people with children.

My family and I, as well as all our friends and Indiana University colleagues will no longer be doing business with this establishment and we recommend you do not give this restaurant your business.

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