Cuban Pete's

 428 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ

The worst restaurant experience thus far!

I usually do not waste my time writing a review about a bad experience, i simply never return again. but this restaurant is by far the worst i have gone to!

I was a server for 4 years and i usually tend to understand when there are a few mistakes here and there, but this place was horrible on every aspect imaginable!!!

To begin, it was superbly unorganized the trash was being carried out in the front lobby where all the food was passing and where everyone was piled up on the stairs. They have extreme safety hazards by having people pile up along the stairs, and when others are trying to exit the building they cannot hold on to the side rails to hold themselves!!!

We finally sat down and it took the server about a good 15 minutes to get to our table. When the server got there he tells us they ran out of about 50% of their products, which was quite mind boggling. Nonetheless we decided to stay because we had waited long enough and decided it was not worth going elsewhere, we were way wrong!

The food finally arrived and none of the food was what we had ordered. Then the server comes and tells us that they ran out of more things and that was the reason why our plates didn’t come as we had asked. Need i remind you i was a server before? The servers duty is to inform the customer that something is out as soon as it is out! not wait until the food is coming out and just throw anything on their plate and expect them to want that!!!! are you kidding me?!!!

The food was alright, but quite honestly after all the events my appetite was the least of my problems, and considering the prices they have on these plates it is so not worth your buck.

The cherry on top was the ending of our evening…. both the manager and the owner are the most incompetent business personnel i have every come across! No wonder the servers are how they are! They are rude, they have an attitude they have ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SKILLS and quite honestly they have no clue how to manage a business!!!!

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