The Glass Monkey

 5842 111 St NW
Edmonton, AB

Good food at good prices

Ate there with my partner a few weeks after operning. We had several of the small appetisers and then a main entre each. Bill came to $85 w/o tip, of which $32 was for a bottle of wine. So two can easily have dinner for $50 plus tip. Menu is not extensive, which I like for limiting choices. And it’s not fancy, or at least not fancy in description (as many restaurants are). They are trying to keep the place from being high end but still have an elemnt of class to it, and so far that was my impression. Food was very good, especially the portabella mushroom entre. The shaved salmon app was tiny and should have been a little bigger, in contrast the ricotta cheese app, while not big, was dense and filling. Small toasted bread they serve with the apps is tasty and perfect for dipping. Portions were rather small, but better that in my opinion the mounded plates of food that we don’t need. We were seated at a “tall” table and did not particularly like it – for a nice meal we’d like to sit at a regular height table and chair. We noticed other patrons waiting for a lower table as well even though tall tables were available, so they might think about getting rid of the tall stuff. Overall very good experience, good service (excessive actually, tons of people around but it was explained to me that it was cuz the place is new and they wanted all staff on hand to gain similar experience). Very good food at a very reasonable price. Recommened, and we will b back.
BTW: Note that the One Star negative review was posted well before the place even opened for business, so is clearly a bunch of bunk and should be removed from the website.

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