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I'm a food addict!

Hi there! I absolutely love food. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to work in the food industry, I would go to cooking school. lol I love eating out, especially at those places where dining is more about the experience than the meal.


Kikuya Japanese Restaurant

 8105 161st Ave Ne
Redmond, WA

Slurp worthy

Thank you Menuism! I would never have discovered this Japanese gem without you! I have now been there 3 times in the last week or so. Absolutely fantastic.

As previous reviews have stated, their bento box lunch special is definitely their best value. We’re talking (atleast the two times I’ve had it) chicken katsu, rice, tempura udon soup, sashimi (salmon and tuna, 2 each!), and salad. Absolutely delicious!!

I did break from the special once and have their yakisoba. They had oysters in their bento that day and I’m not a big fan (though I’m sure it’s as delicious as everything else IF you like oysters). Yakisoba is like comfort food to me. I grew up on stir fry. My love of Japanese food began with (probably very Americanized) yakisoba. Very very yummy. Still yummy when I had my leftovers for breakfast!!

So any of you who haven’t tried this place despite its ringing Menuism-user endorsement, let me tell you this. If you like Japanese food, GO. Period. Just go. You’ll thank us later.

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