Tandoori Fresh

 1500 Adams Ave Ste 100a
Costa Mesa, CA

Extremely bad restaurant

Yaks!!! . In my experience of many years this is the worst restaurant in terms of food and the attitude of the management. First let me talk about the attitude which is critically important in America to run any business. I think the management should take a course on the customer first attitude. The management is extremely rude with the customers. I read other online reviews regarding their crappy attitude and I cannot agree more.

We ordered the Naan (bread) and it was full off clay powder. I almost felt like I am chewing clay instead of naan. . When we informed the management, they rudely rejected my feedback saying this is how naan is supposed to taste. On top of this they nickle and dime for every small things. The fresh word does not suite in the name of this restaurant as the food is not always fresh at all. They also lie saying this is Indian food but in reality it is only Pakistani restaurant.

Please do not waste your hard earned money on this crappy restaurant. This restaurant deserves 0 stars but unfortunately I do not have any choice.

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