1963 Pleasant Hill Rd
Duluth, GA


I want to start off by saying, 1) my first job was McDonalds so I know how easy it is, and 2)i still work in the resteraunt business. The first time to this mcdonalds the MANAGER didnt acknowledge me at all, walked off during my checkout without completing it or even saying one thing, and dont even get me started on the wait, there are timers for a reason. And the second, and nost definatly the last time i visted was horrific as well. Waited 20 minutes in the drivethrough, guy took my order and didnt say anything back, asked if he got that, said yes, and still no total. I pull up to the window ages later to find out he didnt even put it in!!!!!! Rude, no customer service, and didnt acknowledge the fact that he messed up, a quick “im sorry” never killed anyone. So long story short, horrible management, no concern to hurry, horribke customer service, and just overall i would give a -10 if possible. The rudest people i have ever in my life encountered.

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