Bonefish Grill

 18355 W Bluemound Rd
Brookfield, WI

No stars

I can’t give a star the meal was so bad but had to to post you can’t put no stars the resturant looks great very nice surroundings the drinks good, but the martini with the container made of ice then why would it have ice in it? Because there was hardly any drink in it? Nice gimmick, the staff doing each other’s hair in the bar area was entertaining, the two girls at the front desk spent more time walking up and down the resturant and giggling at the front desk, we were surprised when the voice from the kitchen started calling out food for the servers (very classy) the server offered to tell us about the specials I had forgotten my glasses so my husband left the table to get them (I can see how that would irritate the server) so she lost interest and decided not to bother to go through the specials and just asked if we knew what we wanted? Came back two or three times as she had already decided we were too much trouble. (Yes we have trouble deciding but we are paying the bill and her tip) we eat well at home and I mean fresh food, our appetizers were appalling my husband had the oysters rockafellla and found them to be ok , I can’t comment on mine because I left the famous bang bang shrimp, don’t see how raw eggs and oil emulsion (mayonnaise) would go with hot shrimp that were over cooked , our server seem to think that because we were taking our time over the menu she neede to point out with a pen what we needed and stood looking very annoyed (we are slow to choose ) the main meal came I had lollipop lamb chops with smashed yellow potatoes and balsamic vinegar reduction my favorite (lamb)
Burnt to a crisp and tough the waitress asked is the meal ok I said no the lamb is burnt and the potatoes? Very confused a small potatoes hit with a mallet hence (smashed) deep fried? Remember no moisture in this meal just the acid taste of the balsamic which was not good she took the food away and the chef agreed was burnt they were very good and I ordered another meal chicken with goats cheese spinach and tinned or jar artichoke and sugar snap peas oh dear the sugar snap peas were brown and the manager arrived she said she wAs sorry for the last meal and was everything ok I sAid the sugar snap peas are brown she said yes that is the way I cook them at home? Sorry this is basic cooking and I am not going into more detail about the second meal we had been given cards to go to this resturant as a gift and on paying the bill it was made clear by the server that we had not actuall paid for this meal but used a gift card she obviously had formed an opinion of us when we sat down and looked totally bored
I will send a copy of this review to the resturant owner I think they need a new chef and some training on how to get a better tip from your customer overall I can’t see how this place is so full?

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