Hunan Heritage

 7869 Heritage Dr
Annandale, VA

Unfortunate waste of time and money

8-16-2010 I ordered delivery tonight, and I am so very disappointed. First, we waited over an hour—it’s a 10 minute drive. Then one of our dishes wasn’t delivered; the hot & sour soup was bland; the mooshi pork was burned; the General Tso’s chicken was done with sweet & sour sauce. When the Garlic Shrimp finally arrived, it was done with the same sauce as the General Tso’s, only watered down, and the shrimp had been breaded. Additionally, a menu from New China was in the bag. I’m sorry to say, but I think both of these formerly decent restaurants are on their way down. Sad.

Moo Shi Pork

Tasted burned; very little pork. $8

General Tsos Chicken *

Chicken was cooked okay, but the sauce was thick, sweet and bland. I think it was bottled sweet & sour sauce, but it was just sweet.

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

The shrimp were of decent size and not overcooked. However, shrimp had not been well-cleaned, still had that black vein down the back. Additionally, their version of garlic sauce is just bland and sweet, and red, like bottled sweet & sour. No garlic to it.

Hot & Sour Soup *

Made with sliced soft tofu, few shreds of some vegetable and a few bits of mushroom. Broth totally bland—no depth, no hot, no sour.

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