Sorrento's Ristorante Italiano

 108 Antioch Dr
Elyria, OH

Sad excuse for a restaurant

We got 3 to-go meals – 2 chicken francaise and 2 grilled salmon. They were packaged very poorly in styrofoam containers and paper bags. EVERYTHING leaked and the bottom of the paper bag gave out. Further, my daughter is highly allergic to fish and was afraid to even eat her meal given the sauce from my salmon leaked all over everything else in the bag. The salmon was totally overcooked. Two bites and I threw it out. I had a side of angel air in a garlic and olive oil sauce and the garlic was very seriously BURNED. Couldn’t eat that either. Thought they couldn’t possibly ruin the chicken noodle soup only to find out they gave me Italian wedding. Making a bowl of cereal now. It would have been quicker and less upsetting to throw the $50 bill it cost me out the window and skip the visit.



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