Del Taco

 2091 Brierley Way
Sparks, NV

Never again!

As of tonight, I will NEVER return to this location. I would always go there after dropping my husband off at work, always ordered he same thing and always paid the same amount.

This evening, a new shift leader, explained it wasn’t him who was charging me, it was the register. I was expected to pay over a dollar more just for asking for corn tortillas instead of flour on my three chicken soft tacos. Gave me a line about Del Taco management cracking down.

Well, after leaving and proceeding to the Del Taco that is actually closer to my home. I ordered the exact same thing, and can you believe it? I wasn’t charged for my corn tortillas!

Not only did the Sparks location make my tacos, which I never paid for and just drove away, they lost a very loyal customer. My job is smack dab in the middle of two Del Tacos. I always recommended this one because of the customer service and cleanliness of the establishment. You can bet your keister they’re not going to be getting the business any more. With over 400 employees at work, I certainly hope it was worth it for them to try to charge me for something that was as ridiculous as corn tortillas.

And yet after all this, complaining about their inventory and having a hot shot at the register. I was told that they’re not replacing the tortilla, they’re minusing the flour and adding the corn, which is what I’m being charged for. I believe he said it was 39 cents, or there about. And let’s see they charge 49 cents for a full taco, hmmmmmmmmmmm

So long Sparks!

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