Filippo Famous Pizza

 336 George St
New Brunswick, NJ

Very tasty

I try not to write reviews on one visit, but when I still get here, it is unknown.
I am not at all a fan of pizza and do not order it anywhere. But I read about this place many times, which is very tasty, the best pizza in town. I also read articles, interviews, answers to reviews from the owners of the establishment at different times, and did not see that so much soul and personal participation was invested in some other pizzeria. In general, it became interesting to try.

The first time, Saturday night, I didn’t get there – everything is busy. On Saturday I needed essay help, and they didn’t get anywhere to eat. In the middle of the weekday we were more fortunate, although there were visitors too. Mostly ordered lunch.
The decor is quite pleasant. Fast food, but warm, welcoming. The format is universal – for a budget date, and for lunch, and in the evening to sit with a vinyl, and feed the child.

Over time, we were lucky, no more than 10 minutes. The staff is friendly and very very fast. And perhaps another wish – more photos of dishes with a signature. They couldn’t make a choice, they climbed on Instagram to see how pizzas looked, poked for a long time, Margarita is in the photo, but where she is not, it does not indicate which one. Or patronage, which are no longer there.

There are no questions about the kitchen.
In all pizzas, you can note a thin tasty dough, the edges are eaten with pleasure. There were no burnt places.

Juicy margarita with a decent amount of tomato and cheese. The “three cheeses” have the strongest aroma and taste of blue mold, juicy. The devil is very sharp, only for lovers. Competing with scorching Chinese dishes. Of course, I could eat it, but I preferred to remove the jalapeno circles to feel at least some taste. The pungency was without pepper. My husband chewed like that, then he looked for something to drink. )))
The size of the pizza is very good, one is just enough for a person if he is not very hungry. Her satiety is pleasant, light. We ate a third for two already purely out of interest, try another taste.

In general, I did not become a pizza lover, but the product is really very tasty and decent. Probably, I’ll be back, all the “non-classics” have not been tried yet.



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