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Mesa Grill

 2806 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NM

Celebrity, Food TV star, and Iron Chef Bobby...

Celebrity, Food TV star, and Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s restaurant on the oh so hot Las Vegas Strip. Bobby’s distinct Southwestern fare is a gourmet masterpiece at this eatery, and yes folks his food lives up to the TV hype and meets expectations. The various different tamales are made to perfection. Just the right texture and corny yummyness. The tiger shrimp tamale is amazing. The veal chop was done perfectly and is drizzled with a Ancho chili sauce that is simply divine. There’s a fire to the food served here that brings out the spiciness of the various chili based sauces, but its never so overwhelming that your grabbing for the water. Actually, its the strangest thing for your taste buds. There’s this initial heat, but it quickly subsides and your left to savor the food with all of its wonderful flavors. The only downside that is keeping this place from being a perfect 5 stars is the 16 spice chicken. The chicken was burned a little too much and one out of the two chicken filets was somewhat dry, but the sauce and overall flavor was amazing! If your tired of all the buffets and looking for something that is easier on the stomach and not that bad on the wallet, this place is definitely worth a try.

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