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Mesa Grill

 2806 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NM

Celebrity, Food TV star, and Iron Chef Bobby...

Celebrity, Food TV star, and Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s restaurant on the oh so hot Las Vegas Strip. Bobby’s distinct Southwestern fare is a gourmet masterpiece at this eatery, and yes folks his food lives up to the TV hype and meets expectations. The various different tamales are made to perfection. Just the right texture and corny yummyness. The tiger shrimp tamale is amazing. The veal chop was done perfectly and is drizzled with a Ancho chili sauce that is simply divine. There’s a fire to the food served here that brings out the spiciness of the various chili based sauces, but its never so overwhelming that your grabbing for the water. Actually, its the strangest thing for your taste buds. There’s this initial heat, but it quickly subsides and your left to savor the food with all of its wonderful flavors. The only downside that is keeping this place from being a perfect 5 stars is the 16 spice chicken. The chicken was burned a little too much and one out of the two chicken filets was somewhat dry, but the sauce and overall flavor was amazing! If your tired of all the buffets and looking for something that is easier on the stomach and not that bad on the wallet, this place is definitely worth a try.


Emeril's Restaurant Orlando

 6000 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL

So overated, not worth the time, don’t even...

So overated, not worth the time, don’t even bother. The gumbo isn’t all that and the real South does it soooo much better, the entrees were ok but not worth the price, and the dessert…..OMG don’t even get me started. It was simply on the bad side of nasty. The bread pudding was just bad bad bad. For a high end restaurant, it seemed like all the waiters were high school kids? Well mannered of course, but still all the kids serving the grown ups food just looked out of place at a high end eatery.


Ruth's Chris Steak House

 7501 West Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL

Compared to other steakhouses in the nation...

Compared to other steakhouses in the nation this one was sucky to say the least. Perhaps it was an off day, but the steak just wasn’t up to high quality fare. Granted, it was better than your run of the mill steak at any old place but it lacks that something something, that wa wa wee wow, that OMFG can I have another!?…that ALL good steak joints have.

The filet was slightly overcooked and rather tough on the outside. Perhaps it was broiled for a little too long, but it was disappointing to bite down into a tough piece of stringy meat. There are better places for beef elsewhere….


Seasons 52

 7700 W Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL

This place is absolutely amazing! From the...

This place is absolutely amazing! From the complimentary valet to the neuvo chic decor this place is stunning to say the least. The food is centered around healthy cooking using ingredients available for that particular season of the year. The freshness of the food is incredible. Who knew that fresh veggies could taste so good? The menu prides itself on keeping everything below 480 calories. The cedar plank roasted Salmon was truly decadent in all its low sodium goodness. And the desserts served in sampler double shot glasses satisfies anyones sweet tooth. The selection is incredible, but try the pecan pie!!

This place is truly exceptional and brings new meaning to healthy gourmet, which is no longer an oxymoron at this place. The only downer is that this restaurant chain doesn’t exist on the West Coast.


NBC Seafood

 404 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA

MPK at its best. This place is regularly packed and ridic...

MPK at its best. This place is regularly packed and ridiculously packed on the weekends. Known for their great dim sum and fairly decent prices, NBC is what cheap/good chinese MPK food is all about. It is probably one of the most popular dim sum places in the real asian ghetto.

This MPK staple has been around for years, weathering the difficult and ultra competitive environment that is MPK. Only the best of the best survive in the asian culinary materpiece that is the MPK restuarant. MPKers are known for their discerning palates and many a restaurant has sucumbed to moving elsewhere or closure for serving less than stellar food.

The regular menu items at this place are great as well, and seafood items reign supreme.


House of Pies Restaurant

 6142 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX

Yuck cannot even begin to describe this house of nasty. P...

Yuck cannot even begin to describe this house of nasty. People should stay clear and Houstonians should avoid this place like a salad bar. The pies sucked and were no where near what they were hyped up to be. The regular diner food sucked as well. How hard is it to mess up breakfast? Well don’t worry folks, come to this place and you’ll find out.


The Remington

 1919 Briar Oaks Ln
Houston, TX

One of the pinnacles of uppercrust eateries, the remingto...

One of the pinnacles of uppercrust eateries, the remington embodies the essence of fine culinary fare. located in the prestigious St Regis Hotel, the remington offers a high class dining experience.

the crab cake appetizer is unique and comes with fried watercress and various other waterborn veggies and 3 different sauces drizzled like a fresh canvas over the lump of crab. and yes, the crab cake is good, not too mushy, not too bready, just crabby enough to let you know that it isn’t the fake stuff.

the duck sampler was exceptional and is prepared in 4 different ways using different cuts of meat, and each style was done to perfection. did i mention there was foie gras? And yes, it was done to perfection.

the dessert selection here is on par with restaurants of this caliber. the classic creme brulee is made with a twist at this location. it comes in a pastry shell and drizzled with a raspberry glaze. the creme is a lot less custardly than what can be found at most places. who cares about being like everyone else though, this thing was hella good.


Alexander the Great Greek

 3055 Sage Rd Ste 170
Houston, TX

A very good and authentic greek dining experience awaits ...

A very good and authentic greek dining experience awaits you at the alexander. it comes complete with a dance floor and loud greek families.

the appetizer of grape leaf wrapped something something with a meat on the side mixture was good good and good. the baked lamb shank with pasta was a little small and not the best shank i’ve ever had.

overall, the place was good but a less than stellar lamb shank and for that price….


Magnolia Bar & Grill

 6000 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX

Why is southern food so good? This cajun and creole eater...

Why is southern food so good? This cajun and creole eatery is known for its classic southern fare. The ettoufe was manifique and the the crawfish sample platter….i still blissfully dream of.

the fried catfish appetizer was ok, but nothing to write home about. the boiled crawfish isn’t up to par with other gulfcoast spots and they charge more for a bucket than most other places. this place is after all a semi-fancy eatery.

go with the crawfish sampler, you’ll like it, i guarantee or your money back


Goode Company Barbeque

 5109 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX

Texans know BBQ and this local favorite is consistently p...

Texans know BBQ and this local favorite is consistently packed. The ribs aren’t the best I’ve had in the area, but the brisket…o the brisket….folks, all y’all got to get your beehinds to this eatery quick now ya here.

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