Horsehead Bar-BQ

 99 W Broadway
Eugene, OR

3rd time NOT a charm

Just because you have someone deliver your food doesn’t mean it has to be so bad the neighbors dog won’t eat it. I ordered a burger and a bbq pulled pork sandwich, fried pickles, fried okra/mushroom, Mac/cheese, mashed potatoes/mushroom gravy. Didn’t get my bbq pork- ran out- what bbq place runs out of their specialty meat? I ended up getting a cheese burger. There was no sauce on either burger. The meat was so over cooked, seriously the neighbor’s dog wouldn’t eat it. The mashed potatoes were overloaded in garlic and that is just nasty with gravy. The Mac/cheese had so much grease it was swimming in it and no flavor what so ever. The fried okra was so over fried soaking them in ranch dressing didn’t even soften them. But on a bright side the fried pickles and mushrooms were fantastic.
I have given them too many chances. Just a tip: need to go an actual burger joint to learn how to cook a burger. So basically I spent $50 on mushroom and pickles!!

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