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Amazing Wok Chinese Restaurant

 1241 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd
Norcross, GA

extremely disappointed..

I’m extremely disappointed with this place and I will never order from this place again and plus this place is rude… Today I have ordered fried banana’s, sesame chicken with fried rice and extra sweet and sour sauce for both myself and my girlfriend… I also ordered sweet and sour chicken as well with fried rice for my friend and his girlfriend and the order came with us being hungry and ready to eat with order being $23.52 total… I opened up the bag and what did I see? I saw two trays and one was the fried banana on top and the second tray was sesame chicken and what do you know? There was no tray for the sweet and sour chicken and I called in to talk to them and the lady there kinda raised her voice little from getting annoyed or aggravated as well hung on me and before she did that she told me that the food was indeed in there and I kept telling her I don’t see it and and she said to me for me to call her back and before she hung up on me she kept insisting that it’s in there and that she packed it herself… She finally said call her back when I found it and then she went click and hung up… I finally found the sweet and sour chicken and it was in a rice container and it was a child’s portion size food for the price of regular adult portions sizes… The lady refused to resend the driver to fix the situation so it may be corrected… I didn’t feel like arguing and had to be as polite as possible and stick to what I had despite being ripped off and I’ll never eat their food again nor order from there again… A friend got me to order from there a while back and it was ok and doable and late as time went on I started to have issues and the food was cold, soggy, mediocre, no effort, no heart, no soul, and more of a eh this’ll pass… Places like that needs to go and if there’s no heart, soul, passion, energy, or anything like that… You know that it’s needs to be better or people will stop ordering from there… They have already lost a customer and I’ll never go back..

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