Jerusalem Pizza

 231 Raritan Ave
Highland Park, NJ

Endeavour to be Mediocre

This kosher Highland Park restaurant is a fixture on Raritan Ave., but according to my grandpa, a 65 year resident, it is crap. I got to experience the restaurant first-hand and it didn’t disappoint in the disappointing department. It’s sort of a cafeteria style restaurant, with a selection of traditionally Eastern European or Israeli selections plus pizza. The pizza is mediocre, skimpy on toppings and not fresh, and it just goes downhill from there. My falafel was tasteless (a far cry from the excellent falafel on the streets of Jerusalem), the fried fish was soggy (!), It was one of those rare unsatisfying meals. To boot, there’s almost nowhere to sit, the place is packed. I can only speculate about the patronage, but they must not have any tastebuds, and perhaps are also lacking the sensory inputs necessary to judge the texture of food. The guy running the place wasn’t nice either.

Falafel Sandwich

This was the worst falafel sandwich I have ever eaten. I didn’t end up violently ill, but it was like I was eating cardboard, there was no taste in the hummus, and nothing to season it with. Now I understand why there were wars fought over the spice trade.

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