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BD's Mongolian Grill

 5001 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH

I love this place.

I love this place. Since I am a super picky eater, choosing my own ingredients is hard to beat. My rating would be 5 stars, IF, IF, they always didn’t want to overcook everything. My advise to avoid this? Tip the cook, and when you do it, say, “Do me a favor, and when I tell you to, take it right off!”. They will probably argue with you, but they almost always do it. Overcooking is a common complaint. A bonus from this is the occasional tantrum as I saw a 50 year old man have one day when they overcooked the hell out of his bowl and he practically cried. His family stayed and he ended up leaving. Best show during a meal I’ve seen in a long time.

Shrimp, brown rice, veggies, bacon, ham, soy sauce.

I usually make 2 bowls, one with brown and one with white rice. Other than that, the “formula” is the same.

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