La Rocco's Pizzeria

 122 S El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA


OMG! It’s like I’ve had pizza for the 1st time! My beautiful wife brought home a box of leftover pizza from La Rocco’s last night. Inside were slices from five different pizzas and I tried em all. Best pizza I have ever had!!! And the crust!! OMG the crust is something I usually toss to my dogs but not this crust! I don’t know what’s in it but I’m pretty sure it’s addictive. Let me go on record as saying I am a professional in the food business, I am something of a gourmet food snob and married to an Italian (also in the food business) and she really knows how to cook. We both agree that La Rocco’s pizzas are head & shoulders above the crowd and put most other pizzas to shame. Warning! Try La Rocco’s Pizzeria once and you will not be able to enjoy pizza from anywhere else ever again. They are on a whole different level. Prepare to be wow’d!


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