Zodiac Grill

 654 Center Point Way
Gaithersburg, MD

Not worth the price

You know I really try to like places, but Zodiac misses the mark. They claim to be a restaurant but they are really a bar & lounge and should be in the city, not a suburbs like the upscale Kentlands neighborhood.

The food has never been good and about the only thing my friends go there for is to have a drink, then go elsewhere for dinner. (or they come here after dinner to hang out). Too bad there has been so much trouble there. I can appreciate the owners wanting to have “a place for teens to hang out” for their teen nights, but they aren’t pulling teens from the Kentlands. There has been added vandalism in the neighborhood after their late night parties & the cops are always there. Not really a place where I want my teens to hang out.

My choice, if you want to have a “CLUB”, then go downtown, but don’t have it here in a mixed used community. The writing is on the wall. Fix the food, fix, the teen problems, redesign your marketing plan and help support the community to try and win them back. The community is not happy. Zodiac (formerly The Last Mango), needs helps or it’s going under…


Even with a wood fired oven, I just can’t do it and was disappointed. Sadly my friends have tried other items too and they don’t like anything either.

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