Rose Tree Cottage

 801 S Pasadena Ave
Pasadena, CA


Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, the coo coo store: don’t even push the door. Save your time and your money.

I placed an order for a Barbour jacket on September 14th, and paid it in full: 437.00 dollars.
I never got it. I waited more than 3 months. I called the store several times, they always told me that the jacket was on its way.
Well, on December 20th, after waiting more than 3 months, it was still not arrived. So, I called them and ask for a refund. They told me they will refund me right away, and they asked for my card number for the credit.
At the beginning of January, I checked my statement, the refund was not done. I called the store. They were sorry. Again, I asked for the refund to be done. On January 8th, I checked my statement, and the refund was still not done! I called the store again, they were sorry, they forgot. The owner of the store told me she will do it right away.
Guess then what happened. I checked my on-line statement, and I realized that she did a Debit of 437.00 dollars instead of a credit. I called the store again on January 8th to alert them on the mistake, and the owner told me that she will make the modification, canceling the debit and doing the refund.
On my on-line statement, on January 9th, there was neither a refund, nor a cancelation of the charges. I called the store, and the owner told me that it will take between 15 and 30 days for the refund, and between 3 to 15 days for the cancelation of the mistaken debit.
Ins’t it insane?
As of January 10th, nothing appears on my statement. The owner of the shop faxed me a copy of the receipts (cancelation and refund) as a proof, and I am suppose to wait now that it shows up on my statement.
What kind of store is this? Is the 2d debit transaction a deliberate fraudulent use of my card?
As a conclusion, my advice is: don’t even push the door of the Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, a coo coo store! Save your time and your money.


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